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Centro Universitário Vila Velha
Vila Velha, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The UVV began building this success story in April 1975 when it created the Educational Society of the Holy Spirit (Headquarters), which sponsors the institution. The initiative was the educator of great prestige in the academic community of Espirito Santo, Professor Aly Silva, a former professor of Ufes, leader of the process of federalization of Ufes and former director of the School of Economic Sciences - an institution that preceded the Federal University of Espirito Santo .

On April 12, 1976, the institution was authorized to operate by the Federal Council of Education. The decree of authorization to operate is No. 77421 of 12 April 1976 and was published in the Official Gazette on April 13, 1976 .

The largest of the Holy Spirit University Center became reality through the action of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who in early 2001, signed a decree that transformed the UVV in University Center, an intermediate step on the way to university status.

Currently, the UVV University Center is the largest of the Holy Spirit. It offers 50 undergraduate courses (four of them specific training, eleven technology and 35 degree), plus more than 30 courses offered in their programs of graduate Lato Sensu and four master's degrees - in Animal Science, Ecology, Ecosystems, and Pharmaceutical Sciences Social Sciences. The four campuses , Boa Vista (Vila Velha), Nossa Senhora da Penha (Vila Velha), Praia da Costa (Vila Velha) and if it is approved in the southern state - spend more than 600 teachers and more than 12 000 students who have the latest features in their fields, qualified teachers and a bold educational policy.

The UVV has the largest library of the particular state, which is more modern, after the expansion of its facilities seeking a comfort to the academic community. The library is completely computerized, with consultation and online loan renewal of its collection which has approximately 117 000 volumes. The collection also has a section for rare books.
It's still the best performing institution Espirito Santo in the history of the sport having won the Brazilian university in Sao Paulo, the title of South American and twice champion, in the state title twice champion of Brazilian university football field. The UVV is also octacampeă of the Holy Spirit University Games (Junes).

Another important achievement was the creation of the Center for gymnastic activities coordinated by Professor Monica Queiroz, chosen by the Brazilian Confederation of Gymnastics to train the whole Brazilian team rhythmic gymnastics. In Central Works UVV project which promotes rhythmic gymnastics training in this sport for free to the community. The project revealed UVV talents as Olympic athlete Tayanna Mantovanelli, medalist in the Pan American Games in Dominican Republic. Another revelation is athlete Ana Paula Ribeiro, Brazilian tetracampeă rhythmic gymnastics.

The pioneering spirit is a trademark of VUV, which was the first institution to offer master's capixaba institutional areas of Law and Administration, and the first to offer undergraduate courses in Marketing, International Relations, Animal Science, Speech, Nutrition, Fashion, Petroleum Engineering , Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, among others.

It was also the first free and open selection process is the only player outside the United States, the project teletransporting U.S. government through partnership with the University of Charleston, West Virginia. The UVV is still the first private higher institution in the state accredited by CNPq.


Humanities and Social Sciences
International Relations

Engineering an Applied Sciences
Architecture and Urbanism
Computer Science
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical and Material Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Production Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Information Systems (Computers)

Health and Agriculture
Biological Science
Physical Education
Veterinary medicine
Animal Science

Short-Term Courses
Fashion Design (3-years)
Product Design (2.5 years)
Esthetics (3-years)
Gastronomy (2.5 years)
Environmental Management (2.5 years)
Private Security Management (2.5 years)
Port Management (2.5 years)
Logistics (2.5 years)
Oil and Gas (3-year)
Labor security (3-year)
Business and Events Communication (2-years)
Photography (2-years)
Sales Management (2-years)
Business Management (2-years)
Human Resources (2-years)

Postgraduate Courses

Biological, Health and Land Sciences
Neuropsychology and Cognitive Rehabilitation (18 months)
Functional Food and Nutrition (18 months)
Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy (18 months)
Residency in Veterinary Medicine (12 months)
Conservation and Restoration of Coastal Marine Environments (18 months)

Engineering and Technological Sciences
Software Engineering (18 months)

Humanities and Social Sciences
Telejournalism (18 months)
MBA in Project Management (18 months)
MBA in Entrepreneur Management and Business (18 months)
MBA in Marketing (18 months)
MBA in Oil and Gas (18 months)
MBA in Integrated Communication and New Medias (18 months)
MBA in Personnel Management: Competences and Diversities (18 months)
MBA in Logistics and International Trade (18 months)

Tax Law and Fiscal Policy (18 months)
Environmental Law and Urban Policy (18 months)
Criminal Policy and Public Security (18 months)

Master Degree Programs
Animal Science(Area: Animal Health and Production)
Ecosystem Ecology (Area: Environment)
Pharmaceutical Sciences(Area: Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Social Science(Area: Political Sociology)

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