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Centro Universitario Toledo
Araçatuba, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The futuristic vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Antonio Eufrásio Toledo resulted in 1966 in Toledo creation of the Institution of Education, in Araçatuba. Today, transformed into a University Center Toledo, fulfills the dream of its founder, guiding their actions on training of professional quality, allied to technological and social transformation.

The vocation to revolutionize Eufrásio Antonio became a pioneer of higher education in Interior Paulista, which leveraged education in the region, hitherto restricted to only some Brazilian capitals.

The consolidation of values and initiatives UniToledo occurred over the years, always following the technological and social needs and market and region of Araçatuba. Entrepreneurs like Toledo Mauricio Leite and Antonio Afonso de Toledo left outstanding contributions in the development and progress of UniToledo, now administered by the Rector and restructured Bruno Toledo.

Aiming for the formation of a critical awareness of citizenship to design and contribute to the development of a more just society, based on the design of welfare and social inclusion, UniToledo builds his story through the enhancement of human and supply of skilled and prepared to solve the problems of society in the 21st century.

Anthony was Eufrásio Toledo: the vocation to make dreams come true
Convinced of his dream of the opportunity to do it, Anthony came to Eufrásio Interior Paulista. By knowing Bauru, started in 1950, activities in higher education, creating the Toledo Education Institution. Then his ideal has spread to other cities through the creation of several campuses in Lins, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Botucatu, Sao Manuel, Presidente Prudente, Chairman Wenceslas, Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, Loanhead (PR) and Cianorte (PR).

In 1966, the vocation also materialized in Araçatuba, installing the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters, which offered courses in Arts, Sciences, Education and Social Studies, and Geography and History, from 1988. The Law School received in 1971, the authorization to operate.

More than a dream, Eufrásio Toledo has real quality of education in the interior. The brainchild of pioneering figures for each institution are held and guided by today's actions UniToledo.

It was Mauricio Toledo: the consolidation of values and perspectives
To consolidate the work of his father, Anthony Eufrásio Toledo, Professor Mauricio Leite de Toledo arrived in 1975 and Araçatuba. Keeping the visionary character of the family, led the work of Maurice UniToledo as pedagogical director, in the period 1976 to 1993 and director general of the International College of Toledo, Araçatuba between 1993 and 2004.

Ahead of the Association of Education Rondon, unified entity maintains the Faculties of Araçatuba, began studying Business Administration, Accounting and Physical Education.

Actively participated in two great transformations of UniToledo: the union of the various colleges in Toledo, Araçatuba Integrated College in 1999 and elevation of the Institution University Center Toledo in 2004.

Following the development of the city and for excellence in teaching, the UniToledo expanded its academic activities with the creation of Extension of Free Legal Aid, Junior Company, Center for Legal Practice, Council for Research and Extension, and the project Teaching Qualification.

With the same commitment that led to his public career as a councilor in Bauru (1964-1968) and congressman (1971-1975), Mauritius has provided the growth and consolidation of UniToledo in Araçatuba and region.

It was Alfonso Toledo: the application of visionary initiatives, manufacturing and growth
Antonio Afonso de Toledo consolidated innovation in the history of the University Center Toledo. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at UNB (University of Brasilia) and a postgraduate degree in Total Quality Management and Reengineering and Curriculum in Higher Education by UniToledo Alfonso bet on modernity and technological advancement of the institution.

The first step to great innovation was the internet. First, Afonso established a consultation service of notes via computer for students of the institution. However, it was also: UniToledo became the service provider to the global network of computers. The Company acquired the franchise provider Nutecnet, who belonged to the gaucho Nutec Informática.

The Nutecnet generated after the ZAZ, later bought by Terra Networks. The passion for journalism led Afonso producing news content for virtual cities of ZAZ. He was one who was born in the Interior Design Agency, the first virtual news agency of the Interior Paulista. The initiative resulted in several awards UniToledo and projection of the Institution on the national stage of new technologies.

Alfonso Toledo was a managing director UniToledo until December 7, 2000, when he died at age 48. The bold and visionary style ensured the expansion of UniToledo in providing quality education coupled with technological innovation.

Postgraduate: the certainty of a qualified professional development and contemporary
At the rate of evolution of higher education in Interior Paulista, UniToledo now has the Integrated Centre for Postgraduate Studies. Following the same model of quality education coupled with technological innovation and the enhancement of human beings, to nurture professionals UniToledo Araçatuba region and postgraduate courses that insert, update and revolutionize several areas of knowledge.

Today, post-graduate work UniToledo to specialize in labor and the Araçatuba region, contributing directly to the socioeconomic development of the Interior Paulista.

With proven results based on success stories of its students, graduate UniToledo sum of the positive results that return on knowledge and professional growth for students.

Master of Law: Innovation in training teachers of the legal department in the Interior Paulista
Aiming to provide scientific training to research professor of law and improve the quality of teaching and scientific production in the legal area of the country, offers UniToledo since March 15, 2006, the Master of Law.

Concentrated in the area of adjudication in a democratic state, the Master of UniToledo nurture two lines of research: judicial protection of Individual Rights and judicial protection of social rights, Diffuse and Collective.

Qualified teachers, differentiated infrastructure, technological resources and collections are updated some of the advantages of the Master in Law UniToledo.

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