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Centro Universitário Radial
São Paulo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Why choose Estacio?
There are so many reasons to choose Estacio that the best thing is to talk about each one. Look:

TRADITION IN SCHOOL: more than 40 years graduating students and preparing them for market. The oldest graduate course offered by Estacio is the law. No wonder that the No. 1 OAB-RJ, Kelly Douglas, is a student graduated in law from Estacio. Today they are offered more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate and distance learning modalities, and more than 200,000 students are studying.

NEW MODEL OF EDUCATION: developed by a team of scholars of the highest competence, the teaching model of Estacio guarantee the quality of the subjects of the courses. The student does the course, with the same content and learning materials in any educational institution of Estacio. So the student has the convenience, even to change their institution within the Estacio, with total use of their studies.

FREE * DIDACTIC AND LIBRARY: Estacio presents the students with the book chapters that will be used throughout the course, allowing them a great savings in the purchase of books. The material is delivered to your home, by mail at no additional cost. Moreover, it offers a virtual library where you can read textbooks on the Internet, using resources for annotation throughout your reading.

* See through the link courses eligible Courseware.

EMPLOYABILITY: through a board of internships and jobs, are offered over 30,000 job openings per year for students from all over Brazil. The Estacio has a web-based system by which companies registering their vacancies and the students look for job opportunities. It is a true guarantee of employability for students interested in getting an internship or change jobs.

TEACHER QUALITY: The faculty is composed Estacio, mostly by master teachers and doctors. They are professionals with market experience, which enriches the learning experience and better prepares students for the challenges he will face.

SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCING: Estacio offers a scholarship of 20% for students who attended high school from public purse and maturity of 25% to 50% for students over 30 years of age *, as values the experience of lives of their students. Also, offers grants of 20% to 50% for students who already graduated and will attend a second .* The graduate student may request a Estacio university funding for their studies through the University Credit FIES ** or ***. Itaú Learn more.

* Refer to the chosen unit availability and the percentage discount applicable maturity of scholarship and grant the second degree.
** More information on the link
*** More information via the link

DISTANCE LEARNING: besides the option of the student taking the course in person, he can choose an undergraduate or postgraduate distance. This teaching method allows the student to attend classes via the Internet, through an innovative methodology, and enjoy the convenience of not having to move or face the traffic, and with the same degree and quality of courses. This way, students can simply go to your pole (its unit of distance education) to make their assessments.

VIRTUAL CAMPUS STUDENT: Students of Estacio consult notes, access the virtual library, make academic requirements, consult the frequency of classes, all in an environment with login and password, created especially for the student.

COLLECTION SYSTEM FOR CREDITS: Students pay only for claims that he attend each semester.

LOCATION: There is always a Estacio near your home or your work. After all, over 75 units in 16 states in the country!

Important part of the history of education in Brazil, Estacio contributes to the growth of individuals and the country's sustainable development, creating and disseminating knowledge citizens. There are over 200 000 students every day, write the story of their lives supported by the institution, preparing for the labor market and building a better future.

One of the largest and most qualified group of higher education in Latin America, Estacio is controlled by the founding partners and by funds managed by GP Investments. With a history that began in 1970, the group now has educational universities, medical centers and universities, distributed in 76 facilities in 16 states of Brazil and Latin America.

The organization offers courses and distance learning - undergraduate traditional and technological - in the areas of Exact Sciences, Biological and Humanities, MBA, Post-graduation courses, five Masters and three PhD, evaluated by the MEC / CAPES with high quality concepts .

The group is a partner in international institutions like the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (Hotel Management in Switzerland), Alain Ducasse Formation (Gastronomy in France), University of Coimbra (Law in Portugal), University of North Carolina at Greensboro and The Walt Disney World Company (Tourism in the U.S.), among others.

Providing access to quality education for different segments of the population, creating strong and enduring bonds with our students and contributing to the scientific, technological, cultural and social fabric of our communities, always with ethical commitment and social responsibility.

Focus on student - The student is our reason for being. We work for your personal, professional and social.

People - People are our biggest capital. We value high performance, teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of urgency, ability to perform, flexibility and integrity:
"People teaching people"

Meritocracy - We provide opportunities for people to grow at a speed commensurate with their talents, efforts and results, without any restriction or favor.

Quality - Pursuing excellence in service delivery.

Focus on results - act as "owners," putting passion in what we do, taking the right decisions in order to ensure continuity and growth of the company.

Innovation - We anticipate the unknown, being bold and flexible in seeking permanent opportunity for the perpetuation of the business.

Simplicity - Be simple enough to be agile.

Ethics - have credibility for being real, transparent and respectful in all relations. Will not be tolerated any slippage affecting the code of ethics and conduct of the company.

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