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Centro Universitário Moura Lacerda
Ribeirão Preto, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Our Mission:
Teaching Teaching Excellence, within the principles of indivisibility of teaching, research and extension, with emphasis on development of basic scientific research, extending its services to the community, concerned with local and regional reality.

The founder, Dr. Oscar de Moura Lacerda.

Professor Dr. Oscar de Moura Lacerda was born on August 11, 1902 in the town of Angatuba, son of Raul Galvan and Ana Lacerda de Moura Lacerda Conception. At 4 years of age, was living with his grandfather, Professor Mariano Antonio Galvão de Moura Lacerda. At age 12, after the death of his grandfather, he began working as a telegrapher. At 18 he came to work in Ribeirao Preto. Four years later, completed the course in Accounting. It was at this time he began teaching at the School of Commerce. He graduated in dentistry and even law. Later received a doctorate in economics. On May 23, 1923, he founded the School of Commerce Ruy Barbosa. In 1932 he created the Course of Administration and Finance. In 1935 he founded the Gym Ribeirao Preto in 1937, with the high school, was named college Moura Lacerda.

In 1968, he founded the School of Civil Engineering and in 1970, Professor Dr. Oscar created the School of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirao Preto and Faculty of Economics, solidifying Institution Moura Lacerda. Married in 1926 with Josephine de Souza Lacerda, Dr. Oscar was also justice of the peace and alderman. He chaired the Commercial Football Club, the Symphony Orchestra, the Society Friend of the Poor Children's Home and St. Anthony.

Accumulated more than 200 titles, including the Distinguished Citizen of the Journal of Ribeirão Preto.Fundador Mail Ribeirão Preto, directed the Daily News. The Journal and The Evening Journal America. Father of Ines de Souza Lacerda, Ilka de Moura Lacerda and Oscar Luiz de Moura Lacerda, passed into eternity on February 23, 1979.

Our History:

Recognized nationally for academic training that offers its students by qualified faculty and modern technology, the institution Moura Lacerda makes history in education in this country.
Its origin dates back to 1923 when the School of Commerce was born Rui Barbosa, created with the goal at the time of being a school to train people capable of confronting the reality of local trade. On July 1, 1923, shall be called the Commercial Institute of Ribeirao Preto.
On April 9, 1927, Oscar de Moura Lacerda, who already was a member of the faculty and staff at the school since its foundation, took the helm, became its owner on January 8, 1928. On 1 May 1932 with the creation of the Course of Administration and Finance, the Commercial Institute of Ribeirão Preto was named to the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Ribeirao Preto - installing the second course of Economics of the country and the first state São Paulo. Out of the initial shyness Rua Amador Bueno for installations of Barão do Amazonas, where he remained until 1929, when he went to Rua Duque de Caxias.

A pioneer in the internalization Higher Education, the Office of Commercial Ribeirão Preto created in 1932, the course of Administration and Finance and the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Ribeirao Preto, installing the second course of Economics of the country and first in the State of São Paulo.

In 1972, moved its headquarters to the building on Rua Padre Euclides, now with the designation of Institution Moura Lacerda, when it began expanding its facilities with the buildings of the University Campus (Unit II), architectural design by Oscar Niemeyer.
In 1978 it acquired the Faculty of Physical Education in Jaboticabal, where they have built the facilities of Unit III of Jaboticabal Campus, opened in 1983.
In retrospect, the institution has evolved so Moura Lacerda:
1923 - Commercial Institute of Ribeirao Preto;
1932 - Degree in Administration and Finance;
1932 - Faculty of Economic Sciences of Ribeirao Preto;
1935 - Gym Ribeirão Preto;
1937 - College Moura Lacerda;
1967 - Polytechnic Institute of Ribeirao Preto;
1968 - Faculty of Civil Engineering;
1970 - Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirão Preto;
1978 - Physical Education School of Jaboticabal;
1981 - School of Architecture and Urbanism of Ribeirao Preto.
In 1992, in recognition procedure for processing at the University, was installed on the Transition Regime, which created the institution's School Units Moura Lacerda.
In 1997, all the work of decades was recognized with the Presidential Decree that has accredited the University Center Moura Lacerda.
In 2004, through Ordinance 1879, of 28/06/2004, published in the Official Gazette, 29/06/2004, was to reapply for a period of 10 years, the Centro Universitario Moura Lacerda, validated once again the actions of this institution for education of national education. That same year, was recommended by CAPES and the National Council of Education, through the CNE / CSE No 314/2004, the Graduate Program in Education - PPGE, Master's level.

During his 86 years of existence, the institution has been serving the communities in which it is inserted, forming working professionals through its three units:

The institution maintains Moura Lacerda, currently:
In higher educational institutions:
- Undergraduate courses in various subject areas;
- Sequential courses;
- Higher education courses in technology.

In the post-graduate courses:
- Post-graduate Sensu Lato (specialization), and 9 of them are in progress.
- Course of post-graduate studies (Masters) in Education.

The Coordination of Extension and Community Affairs:
- Offers various courses of extension and improvement, and a Coordinator of Community Affairs extremely active.

It also offers basic education in the College Moura Lacerda, installed in each of its units of Higher Education:
- Early Childhood Education;
- Elementary School;
- High School;
- Course of Professional Education Electronics Technician;
- Course in Vocational Technical Education in Chemistry.
- Course of Post-Professional Education Electronics Technician Control and Automation

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