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Centro Universitário de Barra Mansa
Barra Mansa, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

In 1961, the President of the Student Union Barramansense, Féres Osrraia Nader, then searched the directors of the corporation Barramansense Education and Culture (Sabeco) to bring together Barra Mansa to law school.

Given the incapacity of the Sabeco be a commercial company, on October 12, 1961, the group of pioneers formed by Féres Osrraia Nader, Haroldo Carvalho Cruz, Guilherme de Carvalho Cruz, Leandro Alvaro Chaves, Pedro Monteiro Chaves (1st president of SOBEU) among others, created the SOBEU - Barramansense Society of Higher Education.

After five years of intensive efforts by federal permission to bring higher education to the region and having received a negative of the Federal Council of Education, SOBEU obtained on July 20, 1966, by resorting expertly drafted by Professor Harold Carvalho Cruz ( then president of SOBEU), assent to the authorization for the operation of the Law Faculty of Barra Mansa - the first of the Interior, State of Rio de Janeiro.

The SOBEU already with the granting of the dependencies in nighttime, the Baron Group School of Aiuruoca and thanks to the goodwill of its director Mrs. Jandyra Reis de Oliveira, began its studies of the 1st class in law school. With permission, the Ministry required the construction of own building and land was acquired the Bruno family, where they began work on the seat. The transfer to the seat itself was held on August 6, 1967. They were later created the Administration courses, Philosophy, Sciences and Letters, Communication and Nursing.

The opinion of the Director Joshua Montelo the appeal of our late Rector opened the door to the internalization of higher education in the Brazilian who needed them and asked without success. This fact has triggered a spectacular and pioneering new process in the southern state - a race to higher education. All this because some young idealists dared to dream the impossible dream of bringing to the interior of the state higher education quality and fought with determination against all the difficulties that presented themselves in that distant and troubled 60's. With that realized the dream of thousands of young people and adults who wanted to develop, to parents who could not afford to send their children to the capital; of teachers and administrators who would rather work in higher education here, along with their families. A dream that contributed to the development of the entire South Fluminense, shaking it, turning it, because education and culture change people, organizations, cities, countries, world-changing.

One can therefore say that the creation of the Law Faculty of Barra Mansa lit a flame whose effects began to be felt in the following year in various parts of Rio, and of course the country. Stimulated by sight, by courage and persistence of this group of Barra Mansa who won the race in favor of higher education within the state, other groups in other cities (with lawsuits in the pipeline or not) moved quickly, taking advantage of the previous granted Barra Mansa.

It is fair to remember at this moment, the collaboration also given for six figures, with the top five are no longer among us: Dr. Ayres de Azevedo, now patron of the Library of UBM, the President and Judge of the Court Dr . Penna Ary Fontenelle, Colonel Professor Dr. Jayme Dantas, Dean of the Faculty of Military Academy of Agulhas Negras, former Mayor Mr. John Chiesse son, Dr. Joseph Régnier Amarante, in which the battle of the corridor was full of MEC under his command and also a former mayor, Prof. Moacyr Chiesse Arthur. Without them the dream would not be possible.

The powerful little seed planted by the group that created the SOBEU became later on Colleges of Barra Mansa, and once again with the brand's pioneering spirit in 1997 became the 1st University Center in the state, as we know it the UBM. Their Accreditation as UBM - Barra Mansa University Center was approved by the Board of Higher Education of the National Education Council (ESC Opinion No. 707/97 of 12.2.1997).

Over these 48 years of founding, the institution experienced an impressive growth and now has 29 undergraduate courses including three technology courses, courses and 33 graduate programs broad-sense and 70 programs and extension projects and community action - expressive signs of how the UBM has been fulfilling its social responsibility. Also noteworthy are the many laboratories and clinics that cater to courses and community laboratories dedicated to the Center for Distance Education - NEAD and the creation of Hemlock Drive, opened in 2000 near Volta Redonda.

In 2003, UBM was the first institution of Interior, State of Rio de Janeiro to win a Triple MB concept in the evaluation of MEC. The concept was achieved in the categories Didactic Educational Organization, facilities and faculty.

In 2004, with the loss of the President of the sponsor - Professor Harold Carvalho Cruz, his wife Mrs. Antonietta Valiante Ceres Cross took his place in the sponsor, provided Counselor Secretary and is now represented by his sons Harold Jr. and Antoinette Cruz Carvalho Cruz Leijoto.

Currently Professor Guilherme de Carvalho Cruz is the Provost and Academic Pro-Rector, Dr. Leandro Alvaro Chaves, Pro-Chancellor and Dr Community Féres Osrraia Nader, pro-rector of the Administrative UBM.

In 2007, SOBEU also became the sponsor of the Educational Center Barra Mansa, which offers the Early Childhood Education and Vocational High School, starting to use the name of fantasy COLLEGE APPLICATION UBM.

It was a long walk made by the institution until the conquest of Accreditation, but all the efforts of its leaders made those early goals were expanding to fit the growth and transformation of the institution itself Maintained, UBM - Barra Mansa University Center today a large tree that bears the fruit that is expected of him. The fact of having been appointed as a University Center for Presidential Decree on December 23, 1997 (DOU 12/24/1997) took the UBM to redirect your Institutional Educational Project - PPI and its Institutional Development Plan - PDI, in order to focus on teaching excellence as a major function to be obtained by the qualifications of its faculty and the conditions of academic work offered to the school community.

In your ideal vision of society and man, the UBM demonstrated, especially in the last two decades, a clear interest in contributing to a harmonious relationship between man and the environment, mediated by education. In the ethical-political benchmarks that have inspired the work in this direction, for example, in undergraduate and graduate lato-sensu UBM, especially in the areas of Health and Human Sciences, can be found clear signs of an anthro- ethics that tries to lead man to assume the mission of anthropological millennium.

Register themselves, therefore, in ethical and political frameworks of UBM on the promotion, development and dissemination of knowledge was the knowledge and basic scientific research and technology, promotion of culture in its many manifestations and contribution in technical and scientific development and social development. All this reflects the commitment of UBM for the recovery of the human person, understood as a being in relationship with society and with his peers, which search, according to regional needs and complaints, brotherhood and solidarity, and the formation of solid citizens and committed with human
development and social welfare.

Institutional Mission
Preparing professionals for success and committed to social welfare.

Future Vision
The UBM moves towards being an institution recognized for the excellence of its teaching, research and extension. To that end, seeks strategic alliances with national and foreign organizations, primarily invests in the training of talents and is within the context of its business lines and by using advanced teaching tools that guarantee the formation of highly competitive and entrepreneurs, provision of education continuously updated and an attractive and competitive capacity in their businesses, differentiated from their peers, either in providing products and services and in seeking alternative funding sources, both in solving the problems of technological and social development of the society it serves.

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