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Instituto Manchester Paulista de Ensino Superior
Sorocaba, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Veris College is a center of excellence in higher education that concentrates its focus on quality and competitiveness of their professional courses, combining technology and infrastructure devoted to learning, highly qualified faculty, innovative teaching methodologies and content aligned with market needs work.

Thus, we open paths to create real opportunities for people who want to evolve and conquer their space, because we understand that people make is to transform them profoundly and decisively, creating bridges that knowledge can flow and result in professional and personal achievements.
The institution is outstanding in the areas of Humanities, Exact and Biological Sciences, offering undergraduate courses, Postgraduate Studies and Training and accumulates a result of this study demonstrated differential in Brazilian education, keeping the concepts maximum ratings of the Ministry of Education and the highest grades in ENADE 2006. In all, with about 10,000 students spread across eight campuses in the cities of Sao Paulo, Campinas, Sorocaba and São José dos Campos.

Promoting quality education is a real commitment on Veris Colleges, synthesized in practice by the competent use of technology, encouraging exchange of experiences in academia, the methodological choices and the adoption of relevant content, aligned with market needs.
A consequence of this is highlighted by the institution achieved in major magazines and publications of the segment, such as Revista Você S / A (ranking of MBAs, being among the best colleges in Brazil), Veja Magazine (reference as one of ten institutions with the best courses country) and Student's Guide (the only private college in Brazil benchmark for quality in undergraduate short), which cited the 2009 edition as differential investment in facilities and laboratories for practical classes, strong support for inclusion of students in marketing and partnerships with renowned companies in the technology area.

The Veris Colleges, along with Ibmec (Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Distrito Federal), includes the Group Ibmec Educacional, whose prestige, tradition and professionalism give further credibility to the institution, and dynamism and flexibility. One example is that, in a bold initiative in 2009 after an extensive branding project, the group opted for unification of brands IBTA, Uirapuru, IMAP and Metrocamp who built important trajectories in the educational sector, strengthening and enhancing further the institution . The transition to the new brands should occur by 2011, providing the public become acquainted with them gradually.
The result of the work aimed at preserving the values of institutions like the IBTA College, founded in São Paulo in 2001 with the goal of being a center of excellence in higher education in technology, management and administration, the Metrocamp, which started in the same period operations in Campinas, offering undergraduate, graduate and extension; and Uirapuru in Sorocaba, which expanded its operations in the same year for higher education, offering graduate and undergraduate degree. Also in Sorocaba (IMAP Paulista Manchester Institute of Higher Education), created in 1999 by the Group (OSE Sorocabana Education Organization), there is supported by more than eighty years of industry experience.

More than a speech on Veris Colleges directs the quality of teaching in practice, the actions to educate citizens and professionals to meet the demands of the labor market, creating opportunities to exercise a leading role in developing their careers To own country and make it accessible to a growing number of people, the organization also provides funding mechanisms that enable the entry and stay of students in college. In addition to paving the way, we turn them into reality.

Educate and train citizens and professionals to meet the demands required for the country, creating value and contributing to the personal and professional growth of our students and education in Brazil.

Being recognized as the best business group in the higher education sector in Brazil.
Meritocracy, transparency, ethics, generate results and social responsibility.

The Veris encourages schools to include education and training, conducting and supporting social projects and initiatives related to education, safety, sports, digital inclusion and technological training for people with special needs.
Meet some of the recent projects developed by Veris Colleges:

- TCC Professional
Aiming to encourage social responsibility, the design of CBT Professional IBTA Veris offers students of Internet Systems for the possibility of working with a real client, participating in all phases of a project to create a website, always oriented the faculty of the institution, enriching their curricula and acquiring professional experience even before graduation.
TCC Professional existed for more than four years and has received eight nonprofits, including Ameo (Association of Bone Marrow), SAT (Association of Friends Taiaçupeba) and Pro-Morato. Recently, we presented two papers produced for the Department of Social Integration (DIS), an organization that helps underprivileged children in South St. Paul, and for Bachiana Foundation, an NGO headed by conductor João Carlos Martins and promotes classical music as form of social inclusion.

- Citizen Police Award IV - Instituto Sou da Paz
The Citizen Police Award was created by Instituto Sou da Paz in 2003 with the primary purpose of publicly recognizing police practices successful in solving a problem of public safety, always guided by respect for the law.
They can join the military police, civil and scientific-technical city of Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Santos, Sao Jose dos Campos and region, Campinas and region. A committee, comprising experts in public safety and police from other states, analyzes, and chooses the more efficient actions. The public can also choose your favorite stock, voting via the Internet. Winners receive public recognition and a $ 6 full scholarships or training technologist at Veris IBTA.

In its first three editions, the project has awarded 150 police from 39 cities in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. In 2009 there were 139 participating municipalities. Besides Veris IBTA, are partners of Prix Citizen Police in Sao Paulo Secretariat of Public Security, the Civil Police, Military and Technical Scientific and Nossa Caixa.
- Institute Very Special
The Veris IBTA Access supports the project, designed by Very Special Institute, which trains people with physical and sensory disabilities to the labor market in the area of Technology.
- Integration Center (School Company)
The Veris IBTA has partnerships with CIEE and acts as a facilitator of professional training, promoting and disseminating lectures available apprenticeship positions in companies for the students of Technology.
- Socially Responsible Institution
The Veris Colleges, Sorocaba unit, received the label "higher education institution Socially Responsible", 2009, the Brazilian Association of the Maintainers of Higher Education (ABMES). The title sure that college is committed to education and society. Certification of "Socially Responsible IES" came through the recognition of actions performed during the year for students of Pedagogy and Physical Education Veris in Sorocaba.
In 2008, the Veris unit Colleges in Campinas has also been honored with this recognition, according to the participation of PROMETRO (current PROVERE) activities conducted by ABMES.

- Institute of Sport
The Veris Colleges, Campinas unit maintains the Institute of Sports, a center of study, research and teaching practices related to sports, nonprofit, and aims to provide students and the community with a structured space for sports and professional development . The organization also promotes and offers assistance to sports projects and quality of life of associations, clubs and similar entities, in addition to encouraging and supporting social responsibility projects.
- Partnership Veris and Mc Donald's
Aiming to open paths, creating real opportunities for people who want to evolve and conquer new territory with autonomy, Veris Colleges has partnered with McDonald's franchises in Campinas and Sorocaba to offer scholarships to employees of the network in these cities. The agreement, signed in early 2010, provides discounts of 40 to 50% in any of the undergraduate courses offered by the institution.

- Project Formare
The College also supports the Veris Formare Project, which offers courses in vocational education for young low-income families aged 16 to 18 years, provided the service of Iochpe. Within this partnership, born in 2007, Veris has developed educational booklets for the project, assigned spaces on its campus Paulista for training courses for engineers Formare Schools, developed teaching materials to support educators and donated scholarships for courses College Graduation for young graduates of the project. In all, eight scholarships per year, and two per semester in each of the campuses of the institution (Sao Paulo, Campinas, Sorocaba and São José dos Campos).

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