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Instituto de Ensino Superior de Bauru
Bauru, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


The Community College of Bauru Ltda., Founded in 1999, is the Contracting Support of the Community College of Bauru - IESB -. It is a Civil Society be educational, technical and cultural, which aims to higher education.

His career in higher education began in 2001 when they obtained certification for operation and deployment authorization for the Faculty of Education, through Ordinance No. 1822 MEC,, 15/08/2001, published in the Gazette on 17.8.2001, B with the concept, offering 150 vacancies TOTAL annual, at night, and later recognized by MEC Ordinance No. 608 of 13/09/2006, published in the Gazette of 15/09/2006. Subsequently, the IESB has formulated new programs of courses that involved the authorization of Accounting Course, authorized by Ordinance No. 2239 MEC of 15/10/2001, published in the Gazette on 16.10.2001, with the concept B, offering 40 TOTAL annual vacancies, at night, and recognized by MEC Ordinance No. 481 of 16/08/2006, published in the Gazette on 17/08/2006.

The institution has expanded the options and walked, and still not measure efforts in 2001, was authorized to implement the Course Administration with specialization in Foreign Trade, through Ordinance No. 2254 MEC of 18/10/2001, published in the Gazette on 19 / 10/2001, with the concept B, offering 120 seats TOTAL annually during the night and recognized by MEC Ordinance No. 481 of 16/08/2006, published in the Gazette on 17/08 / 2006. That same year, is permitted Course Design MEC through Ordinance No. 2839 of 13.12.2001, published in the Gazette on 17 / 12 / 2001, the concept B, offering 80 places per year TOTAL, at night, are recognized as MEC Ordinance No. 481 of 16/08 / 2006, published in the Gazette on 17/08/2006. Later, more precisely in 2004, obtained permission to operate the Course of Business with emphasis in Business Administration, as SCMs Ordinance No. 2597 of August 24, 2004, published in the Official Gazette, 26/08/2004, with 200 vacancies TOTAL annual nocturnal and Law Course, Bachelor, authorized under Ordinance No. 2777 MEC of 06/09/2004, published in THE U. of 10/09/2004, with 100 vacancies TOTAL annual nighttime.

Experience and desire to expand its operations makes the leaders broaden the framework of courses offered. Thus, in 2002, obtain accreditation from a more sustained, the School of Technology provides - FATEP - initially with the Degree of Technology in Financial Management, authorized by Ordinance No. 3600 MEC,, 19/12/2002, published in the Gazette on 12.20.2002, with grade B, offering 150 vacancies TOTAL annual, at night, and recognized by MEC Ordinance No. 3722 of 21.10.2005, published in the Gazette on 24/10/2005. The efforts do not stop and in 2003, get authorization for deployment of Technology Degree in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, through Ordinance No. 2804 MEC from 07/10/2003, published in the Gazette on 08/10 / 2003, with the concept, with 200 vacancies TOTAL annual nighttime and MEC recognized by Ordinance No. 3722 of 21/10/2005, published in the Gazette on 24/10/2005 and the Course of Technology in Retail Marketing, authorized by MEC Ordinance No. 3337 of 11.13.2003, published in the Gazette on 11.16.2005, with grade A, with 200 jobs and total annual MEC also recognized by Ordinance No. 3722 of 21/10/2005.

The dream can not stop and the leaders sow new ground in the year 2008, obtain approval of two new courses: the Course of Literature (bachelor, Portuguese and English language and its literature) through Ordinance MEC n 774, of 07/11/2008, published in the Gazette on 10/11/2008, with 200 total annual openings and the Course of International Relations (BA) through Ordinance No. 1106 MEC from 19/12/2008, published in the Gazette on 22/12 / 2008, with annual totals 150 places.

With a privileged location, adequate facilities, structured courses and great potential for expansion, the IESB has become one of the most renowned institutions in the region.

Soon, the IESB will achieve the status of University Center becoming above all in reference to the training of social leaders, people mark the society as competent and ethical professionals.


"Providing a forum for continuous learning where students, teachers and employees of the institution could improve permanently, the ability to troubleshoot and generate positive outcomes in different contexts and situations from the perspective of building a just and democratic society, in protecting the quality of life. "


IESB has the following objectives:

Create, install and maintain schools in all grades and degrees and other educational promotions, to raise the level of learning aluando, in general, especially of Bauru and citizens of the region, enabling them to seek placement in labor market, in an honest and competent;
Provide assistance to public agencies, parastatals and private entities in the sense that education is a right for everyone, depending on the educational principle enshrined in the Constitution of our country;
Develop extension activities and research community through courses and special services;
Contribute to the strengthening of solidarity in the community;
Conduct research to form a student body critical with respect to technological and social problems in Brazil, and providing useful services to society.

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