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Faculdades Integradas Fafibe
Bebedouro, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Our Mission

Given the complex relationships in contemporary higher education institution and assumes rethinks the classical ideal that defines its primary function: production, criticism and dissemination of knowledge. Thus, the Institution of Higher Education the transmission of culture, scientific research, education of new men of science and culture, the teaching professions, and finally the provision of services to society through the development of activities called extension .

Thus, we establish the mission of this institution of higher education:

"The Mission Integrated Colleges Fafibe as an institution of higher education is to educate, produce and disseminate the universal knowledge, contribute to human development, committing themselves to social justice, democracy and citizenship."

Our History

Learn a little history of Integrated Schools Fafibe!

Fafibe, 40 years of tradition!

From the foundation to today, the main events that marked the life of the Maintainer and Faculties were:

- Authorization of Nutrition Course by Ordinance No. 356, MEC 07/04/2010.

- Recognition of Law Course by Ordinance No. 223 of 18.02.2009, in the DOU of 19/02/2009.

- Recognition of Psychology Course by Ordinance No. 1136 of 07.29.2009 in Gazette of 30/07/2009.

- Renewal of Recognition of Bachelor of Physical Education Course by Ordinance No. 807 of 12/11/2008, published in Gazette of 14/11/2008.

- Renewal of Recognition of Physical Therapy Course by Ordinance No. 807 of 12/11/2008, published in Gazette of 14/11/2008.

- Recognition of Information Systems Course by Ordinance No. 1060 of 12/12/2008, published in Gazette of 15/12/2008.

- Renewal of Recognition of Nursing Course by Ordinance No. 1180 of 23.12.2008, published in Gazette of 26/12/2008.

- Inauguration of the Center for Legal Practice "Dr. Teresa Arruda Alvim Wambier "on 27/03/2007.

- Opening of the Clinic of Applied Psychology Fafibe on 14/11/2007.

- Authorization for operation of the Course of Arts Degree, major in Portuguese and Spanish and their degrees with annual totals 120 places in day and night shifts by Ordinance No. 892 of 13.11.2006 published in Gazette of 16/11 / 2006, p. 19.

- Recognition of the Course of Physical Education Degree with 100 students per year, on the night shift by Ordinance No. 1087 published in Gazette of 14/12/2006 to 19/12/2006, pp. 34 and 35.

- Renewed for a period of five years, the recognition of mathematics courses, graduate, with 180 (one hundred and eighty) total annual vacancies, at night, MEC by Ordinance No. 802 March 11, 2005, published in the Official Gazette Union on March 14, 2005.

- Recognition for a period of five years, the course of Physiotherapy, Bachelor's, with 120 (one hundred and twenty) seats total per year to the day shift, through Portaria MEC No. 2242 of June 23, 2005, published in Official Gazette on June 27, 2005.

- Recognition of the course Nursing, Bachelor's, taught by Fafibe Integrated College, and undergraduate, taught within the School of Education, the same institution, with 150 (one hundred and fifty) total annual vacancies in the day shift, through Portaria MEC No. 3731 of October 24, 2005, published in the Official Gazette on October 25, 2005.

- Authorization for operation of Law Course by Ordinance No. MEC 118, 12/01/2004.

- Authorization for the operation of the course of Information Systems, Bachelor's, MEC by Ordinance No. 710 of March 18, 2004, published in the Official Gazette on March 19, 2004.

- Authorization for the operation of the course of Biological Sciences, bachelor, MEC by Ordinance No. 777 of March 24, 2004, published in the Official Gazette on March 26, 2004.

- Inauguration of Physiotherapy Clinic Fafibe on 09/08/2004.

- Authorization for the operation of a Psychology degree, baccalaureate, MEC by Ordinance No. 2989 of September 23, 2004, published in the Official Gazette on September 27, 2004.

- Recognition of courses in Management, BA with emphasis in Business Management. Recognition of the course of Accountancy, BS.

- Implementation of course of physiotherapy. Transformation by integration of Colleges and Fafibe FANORP Fafibe in Integrated Colleges. Accreditation of the Institute of Education Trough - ISEB. Authorization of the courses: Physical Education - Degree and Normal Superior. Recognition of the Course of Physical Education - Bachelor. Request new courses in progress at MEC: Law, Information Systems, Psychology and Life Sciences - Bachelor.

- Implementation of the courses of Biological Sciences and Nursing. Continued improvement activities of infrastructure.

- Accreditation FANORP, to house the physical education courses and future courses of Nursing and Physiotherapy. Are deployed three new courses: Management and Accounting, in Fafibe, and Physical Education in FANORP. Nursing and Physiotherapy, (with projects approved and are awaiting authorization for deployment).

- Give the continuation of the reform in physical infrastructure, with the construction of new learning environments.

- Expand to dependencies with academic reform and construction of new classrooms and laboratories.

- Start wide process of stimulation and academic qualification of teachers. It is established plan targets for improvement and reform of undergraduate teaching of Fafibe.

- Develops an intense process of refurbishing laboratories are inaugurating the Computer Laboratory. At once they are deployed four courses Postgraduate, level of expertise.

- At a meeting of Dec. 21, was elected and sworn in the new board. It begins a major reconstruction of the physical area. In agreement with the International Athletic Association, are recovered all its dependencies for running a sports training center.

- The course in Social Studies, via plenificação, is transformed into a Full Degree in History.

- By Federal Decree No. 73,946 is a recognized education institution, with all its courses.

- On 03 May, the anniversary of the city of Trough, begin the educational activities, with the inaugural lecture delivered by the Rector of USP, Professor. Dr. Miguel Reale, with the participation of mayors, officials and the Community.

- It created the Department of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Trough, with courses in Social Sciences, General Studies; Letras Mathematics and Pedagogy.

- The Mayor, Dr. Hercules Pereira Hortal, meets with city officials and members of Bebedouro Organization Barao de Maua, Ribeirao Preto, to define the profile of the Faculty and its courses. To that end, founded the Association of Education and Culture North Paulista, are drawn by its statutes and elected the first board.

- On April 2 is released the cornerstone of creating a school of higher education that will meet the demand of young and Trough Region.

Undergraduate Courses

With the experience of four decades in education, higher education Fafibe offers innovative, providing students with broad theoretical and practical training through distinctive curricula. Always attentive to the needs of the labor market, the direction remains the headquarters curriculum aligned to new technologies, which provide technical support to teachers and students.

Courses recognized by the MEC and competent bodies to ensure the student a certificate Fafibe recommended in the labor market, as well as the experience of professional practice, whether through internships or for acting in extension programs offered throughout the course.

The Integrated College Fafibe are currently 14 undergraduate courses, all tested by the Ministry of Education and recognized or authorized operation, serving with honor all legal requirements, and receiving high quality concepts.

Trained teachers, classroom dynamics, well-equipped laboratories, libraries, law center, auditorium, sports center, gym, dance room, clinical psychology and physiotherapy comprise the infrastructure that creates the best conditions for learning and welfare of the academic community.

The courses offered cover the areas of Applied Sciences, Life Sciences and Health Education, Technology and Science.

Courses: Administration, Biological Sciences (Bachelors Degree), Accounting, Law, Physical Education (Bachelors Degree) Nursing, Physiotherapy, Letters (port / English), Literature (Port / Spanish), Pedagogy, Psychology and Information Systems .

And for 2011, will begin courses in nutrition and SECRETARIAT.

- Administration
- Biological Sciences - BS
- Biological Sciences - Degree
- Accounting
- Graphic Design (new)
- Law
- Physical Education - Bachelor
- Physical Education - Degree
- Nursing - Undergraduate
- Nursing - Undergraduate
- Physiotherapy
- Literature - Portuguese - English and its literature
- Literature - Portuguese - Spanish and its literature
- Nutrition (new)
- Pedagogy
- Sugarcane Production (new)
- Psychology
- Secretariat (new)
- Information Systems

Graduate Courses

The accelerated evolution of production processes requires, nowadays, a professional who is in constant update. Thinking about it Fafibe offers a range of postgraduate courses to encourage continuing education of its students and professionals.

Post-graduation lato sensu, offered by FAFIBE enables a differentiated professional performance through continuous improvement and study, comply in all respects with the competitive labor market and the globalized world today.

Considering the regional peculiarities, the designs of the future specialist career, giving you skills and abilities that are reversed in a differential facilitator at the time of entering the labor market, or even in search of better wages.

Courses with open enrollment:

- Systems Development for Web
- MBA Health Management
- Business Management MBA
- MBA in Marketing

Courses in Progress:

- Custom Training Science in Health Promotion
- Controlling and Finance
- Agribusiness Management: Citrus and Sugar Cane Industry
- MBA in Personnel Management
- Banking and Corporate

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