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Faculdades Integradas de Ourinhos
Ourinhos, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Institutional History - WIRE
The Educational Foundation "Miguel Mofarrej" is a private company, nonprofit, for the expansion and improvement of education in the region and country. It was established as the entity in a Meeting held on December 29, 1970.
His public deed of incorporation was passed on February 11, 1971 Notary of the 1st Ourimbah, Book 81, pgs. 175v/180. Registered in the Registry of Property and attachments, county of Ourimbah, SP The Paper No 02, Registration of Legal Entities, pages 87/88.
Its bylaws were reworded by the Extraordinary General Meeting of 31/10/1974, 10/03/1975, 19/07/1975 and 17/04/1976 ordinary, were duly approved by the Public Prosecutor of the District of Ourimbah, published in DOE, of 05.08.1976, page 45, note with serial number 212, pgs. 87/88 The book quoted in paragraph 02.


Recognized by the Municipal Public Utility Law No. 1207 of 08/03/1971;
Recognized by the State Public Utility Decree No. 20484 of 07/02/1983, published in DOE from 08/02/1983;
Registered in the National Council of Social Service on 04/06/1976, 211.265/76 process;
Recognized Federal Public Utility by Decree No. 91904 of 12/11/1985.
Received on October 9, 1972, as a donation, all the assets of the Interstate Association of Education and Culture (ASSIEC) - Maintainer of the Faculty of Business Administration Ourinhos, authorized by Decree No. 66.585/70.

Decree No. 71075 of 12/09/1972, we authorized the operation of the College of Letters and Science Ourinhos, with courses in:

Lyrics - Bachelor of 1st degree - Specialization in Portuguese and English;
Geography - Full Degree;
Biological Sciences - Full Degree;
Science - Bachelor of Grade 1;
Design and Plastic - Full Degree.
He made his first entrance exam in September 1972.

In compliance with Law of Education, was performed processing in Biology courses Full and Sciences - Graduate of a degree in Science course - BSc 1st degree and Plena with specialization in Biology and Design course and Plastic course Arts Education - Graduate of a degree, Full Qualification in Design and Visual Arts, whose approval was given on 15.8.1977, by Decree No. 80.155/77, in the form of recognition.
Plenificação Course of Arts - Bachelor of 1st degree Course of Literature - Full Degree - Qualification in Portuguese and English, by Ordinance No. 439, of 29/07/1987 and Recognized by Decree No. 201 of 20 / 04/1989.

By Opinion No. 274/81, of 10/03/1981, the two schools so structured in a unique setting: Integrated Colleges of Ourimbah.


1988 - Accounting - approved by Decree No. 97023, 27/10/1988; Recognized by Decree No. 155/93 of 01.27.1993.

2001 - Management - Enabling Trade, authorized by Ordinance No. 2656, of 07/12/2001; Recognized by Decree No. 3944 of 14/11/2005.

2001 - Administration - Specialization in Marketing, authorized by Ordinance No. 2656, of 07/12/2001; Recognized by Decree No. 3944 of 14/11/2005.

2001 - Administration - Specialization in Public Administration, authorized by Ordinance No. 2656, of 07/12/2001; Recognized by Decree No. 3944 of 14/11/2005.

2001 - Administration - Specialization in Hospitality Management, authorized by Ordinance No. 2656, of 07/12/2001; Recognized by Decree No. 3944 of 14/11/2005.

2001 - Tourism (Bachelor), authorized by Ordinance No. 2655, of 07/12/2001; Recognized by Decree No. 3943 of 14/11/2005.

2001 - Information Systems (Bachelor), authorized by Ordinance No. 2887 of 14/12/2001; Recognized by Decree No. 3945 of 14/11/2005.

2002 - Law (BS), authorized by Ordinance No. 086 of 16/01/2002; assessed for Recognition assent on 18 and 19/04/2005.

2004 - Nursing, authorized by Ordinance No. 3984 of 06.12.2004, with amendments by Ordinance No. 3826 of 08/11/2005.

2004 - Biological Sciences, authorized by Ordinance No. 3985 of 06/12/2004.

2005 - Veterinary Medicine, authorized by Ordinance No. 639 of 01/03/2005.

2005 - Architecture and Urbanism, authorized by Ordinance No. 640 of 01/03/2005.

2005 - Normale Superieure - Early Childhood Education, authorized by Ordinance No. 2133 of 16/06/2005.

2005 - Normal Superior - Years of primary school, authorized by Ordinance No. 2133 of 16/06/2005.

2005 - Agronomy, authorized by Ordinance No. 3916 of 14/11/2005.

2006 - Psychology, authorized by Ordinance No. 788 of 24/03/2006.

The Integrated Colleges of Ourinhos offer their pupils an education with excellence, able to develop them in their entirety as citizens and professionals, able to act with effectiveness, efficiency in the society of today and tomorrow. This training will be developed through activities that enable the innovative creative exercise, the ability and insight, honesty of principles, uprightness of character and responsibility.
The professional will be formed from the study of basic sciences and pre-vocational year, in addition to professional experience in related area or through supervised internships. For training, technology and marketing will be used as levers to facilitate and promote quality.

The teacher will fit the role of stimulating challenging their students from the constructive dialogue and partnership achieved, both factors of human development, social and cultural. It will require discipline and seriousness of their students, keeping them fraternal relations based on mutual understanding and understanding of individual differences that characterize the personality of each one, and shall encourage the development of knowledge, which will be adapting to the conditions that worked pedagogically have to learn.


Dr. Roque Quagliato
President of the Educational Foundation "Miguel Mofarrej"
Because we believe in education, we dedicate much of our time voluntarily to administer the Educational Foundation "Miguel Mofarrej" keeper of the Faculty of Integrated Ourinhos and San Antonio College-Objective. Witnessed in recent years, a climate of growth in the College - 11% increase in student numbers, despite the fierce competition that exists in the industry - and in WIRE - 36% increase due to the new options (Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine , Nursing, Superior, Psychology) and, especially, the quality of education that is practiced in our schools. Most significant was the demand of students in most courses and traditional, especially in Accounting, Business Administration, Law, Biology, Arts Education and Information Systems.
To accommodate this large contingent of students, we are completing the construction of Central Classes III to 2250 m2, which has also an auditorium for 250 people and a Library with 500m2 with panoramic view to the garden which in future will be the Hall of Arts, plus 11 more spacious classrooms for students of Architecture / Urban Design and Art Education. We started the Center classes IV, for the study of law with 2000m2 and, in addition to 17 classrooms, amphitheater will have hearings (moot), registry, halls of research for teachers.

Dr. Ferrari Nildo
Vice-President of the Educational Foundation "Miguel Mofarrej"
We are planning the construction of the Veterinary Hospital in the second half, with 1554 m2. Is laboratories of anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgery rooms for small and large animals, RX, pharmacy, consultation rooms, an amphitheater and other facilities. Will be deployed simultaneously Farm School for experiments with sheep, pigs, horses, cattle and dairy and all facilities required for the courses of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine. Then, the laboratories will be constructed Architecture - Models, Environmental Comfort, Warehouse, music room - with air theater with acoustic shell, and finally the Central Clinic of classes V of Nursing and Psychology.
Given an old claims the DCE will build in the second half, the sports field and a soccer field and a Swiss sports field.
Finally I would remind you that the FIO is the town of Ourimbah. We believe that our development is anchored in part in the University because it is a sustained growth in education and culture.

Sponsors of the meeting of the Education Foundation "Miguel Mofarrej


The Integrated Colleges of Ourimbah has 17 undergraduate courses in several areas.

Business Administration

Public Administration


Architecture and Urbanism

Life Sciences



Arts Education - Visual Arts




Languages: Portuguese / English

Veterinary Medicine



Information Systems

U.A.T.I. Open University of Third Age


The Integrated Colleges of Ourinhos have the most modern laboratories in the Region.

Life Sciences

Laboratory of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Laboratory Analysis of Soils
Anatomy Laboratory
Laboratory of Applied Biology

Nursing Lab
Anatomy Laboratory

Computer Laboratory (Computer-Generation)
Architecture and Urbanism

Laboratory Landscaping
Laboratory of Environmental Comfort
Laboratory Models
Image Lab
Materials Laboratory

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