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Faculdades de Campinas
Campinas, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The world of work has become extremely competitive and selective:

1. Pro Elite Century 21 is overqualified for the old professional elite of the twentieth century.

2. In the area of Humanities, technical training has extended far and sophisticated, the overall picture has become decisive and the domain and language of digital tools has become essential.

3. The super professional must have a high degree of development, two kinds of PERSONAL QUALITIES. On one hand, cognitive qualities: intelligence sophisticated expressed especially in the ability to think and solve practical problems and intellectual autonomy. On the other hand, behavioral qualities: initiative, leadership and ability to work as a team.

4. In the Area of Humanities Graduation Teaching Excellence of the major centers of the world has modernized itself, adjusting to the rapid and profound changes of recent years. The Project is FACAMP adjusted to new times.

When a university exceeds a certain size, the quality of education falls. It is not difficult to understand why. Good teachers are scarce. It is impossible to coordinate and an undergraduate course that receives 300, 400 or 500 new students every year, and has a total of 1,200, 1,500 or 2,500 students. The student becomes a number. The Board can not know what goes into each course. The sheer bureaucratic commitment to excellence.

For FACAMP, limiting the number of courses, limited spaces, small classes are prerequisites to the formation of Elite Professionals.

The FOUNDERS of FACAMP have over 30 years of recognized experience in the field of humanities. This is the first reason our undergraduate courses are concentrated in this area. The Founders meet the demands of labor markets and the professional profile of the 21st century. They know the courses of the main centers of excellence in education in developed countries. They are capable of designing curricula and programs snizados with the requirements of the job market. They are able to recruit and coordinate a corps of teachers of the highest quality.

The second reason why the undergraduate courses are concentrated in the area of humanities is also easy to understand.

Each of undergraduate programs have interfaces with the other. A top school is reinforced at the same time strengthens the other courses of excellence.

Elite Professionals to form, the undergraduate courses of FACAMP are supported by eight pillars.

:: Excellent Teachers

:: Personalized Education

:: Full Time Required to Complete Training

:: Full Training

:: Humanist Values

:: Demanding Rating

:: Academic Living

:: Campus Infrastructure Estruruta Truth and Ponta

For you know why the Teaching Excellence FACAMP is structured so it is important to know our view on relations between Labour Market and the University.

Excellent Teachers

The Rector Zeferino Vaz, creator of UNICAMP, rightly said that quality education is done in the first place with excellent teachers, excellent teachers with second and third place also with excellent teachers.

He was right: Director Qualified and Experienced and Highly Trained Teachers are the foundation of Teaching Excellence.

The founders of FACAMP have over 30 years experience in the deployment and management excellence courses.

2. Trained teachers.
The faculty is titrated FACAMP, experienced and motivated. All have professional reputation and are connected to the labor market. And what is important: in FACAMP only teaches those who have a vocation, who loves to teach.

Custom Education

Classrooms crowded with 70, 80 and even more than 100 students, teachers teaching with microphone inaccessible, without knowing their students, undergraduate courses with a total of 1,200, 1,500, 2,500 students; coordinators who do not know your teachers and students course, total lack of contact with the leaders. Mass education is not so elite professionals.

In FACAMP each student is a person, not a number. Elite education means: small classes, limited places in each undergraduate course, close contact between students, teachers, coordinators and directors.

Full Time Required to Complete Training

There are 15, 20, undergraduate full-time were not needed to form elite professionals. Today is different: the professional elite in the 21st Century is overqualified, you must know more and master more complex skills.

All undergraduate courses are offered FACAMP of full-time to ensure complete formation of the student, ensuring their personal development and success in the workplace.

Complete Training

Undergraduate courses part-time with outdated curricula and full of gaps, with programs and aged outdated bibliographies are the right way for the inability to undertake their own business, for incompetence in the conduct of business services for families, unemployment, underemployment for or the routine use and badly paid.

FACAMP to complete the training in the field of humanities is to say:

There have been these last 15, 20 years a true REVOLUTION OF KNOWLEDGE. The existing techniques have become and have become more complex. Emergence of new areas of knowledge and a plethora of new techniques.

OVERVIEW. THE REVOLUTION OF KNOWLEDGE demands of the new professional area of humanities field of the joints between the various professional techniques. He must also know and be able to analyze the business environment, economic, social, political and cultural world and Brazil.

LANGUAGES. Well dominate the English language and English is more an imposition of the knowledge revolution. The FACAMP was the first institution of higher education to be introduced in all courses at least three semesters of six semesters of Portuguese and English. For the course of International Relations is also the obligatory Spanish course. For all the students are offered as elective courses: Spanish, French and Mandarin. This is another innovation from FACAMP.

FIELD OF DIGITAL TOOLS. In the undergraduate courses the student learns to master all the digital tools necessary for its activity profissional.Veja examples for each of the professions.


Cognitive qualities. The cognitive qualities of super professional, 21st Century, especially the intellectual autonomy and the ability to think and solve practical problems, are developed in all disciplines of undergraduate programs. Some of the innovations of FACAMP deserve special mention:

1) In all academic disciplines for the practical research and case studies;

2) Subjects of Logic and Philosophy Workshops train the student to read and interpret complex texts; train the student to read and interpret complex texts;

3) The systematic study of major contemporary problems in economic, social, political and cultural rights, trains students in the analysis of concrete situations developing a "sense of reality."

The Professional Practice and Qualifying Stage are trademarks of FACAMP.


Behavioral qualities. Modern teaching methods developed during the course of behavioral super professional qualities of the 21st Century: initiative, leadership and teamwork.

Humanist values

The period of college is a pivotal moment in the lives of young people. It is the entryway to the world of work. During this stage of life that the person signing consolidates its values and social commitments humans.

FACAMP to educate not only form super-professional. Educating is also transmit values. An institution of excellence to ensure the personal development of each of its students.

The values are FACAMP humanistic values of work and the pursuit of professional excellence, honesty, loyalty, respect for others, solidarity, social responsibility, citizenship, the pursuit of a fairer, more humane.

Demanding Rating

Life is demanding. The FACAMP is very demanding life. The student should seriously consider seeking continued personal growth and professional excellence.

In contrast, FACAMP supports its students to overcome all sorts of difficulties. In FACAMP, each student is a person, not a number.

Coexistence Academic

Outside of the classroom interaction between students, teachers, engineers and direction close relationships, encourages the young, expanding horizons.

Living assiduously with fellow professionals who are also elite build friendships for life. Establishing relationships that are fundamental to the development of professional life.

All this is possible only in a small institution, with teaching full time and has a nice campus which favors closer ties between people.

Truth and Campus Infrastructure Estruruta Rush

In FACAMP, the campus infrastructure and education are set out its mission: Build Professional Elite.

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