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Faculdade Santa Izildinha
São Paulo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Institution of Education Santa Izildinha aims to contribute to the formation of a man capable of becoming, of being responsible for their own destiny, which is carried out a project that reflects the decision-making self-determination, the consequence of which propel the action, the freedom, transparency, to bring forward for the development of new ideas to chart the political, social and economic impacts of modern society and technology.

A man who loves life, nature and the next, which is able to communicate and act individually and collectively to promote the development of man. To develop, although, behavior and attitude of cooperation, mutual respect, common goals and interest in critical evaluation, essential to the exercise of citizenship.

The teaching-learning process will be through continued dialogue and collective construction in a partnership school and community, with its theoretical foundation based on the conception of the dynamic approach of constructive knowledge, in which contents are to be developed into concepts (facts , principles), procedural (actions) and attitudinal (values, norms, attitudes), aimed at developing cognitive, physical, emotional, interpersonal, and social inclusion, ethics and aesthetics of the student. That is, he has the competence to know how, extending his reading of world order and that it interferes with reality.


1954 - Founding of Santa Izildinha School, located at Av Mateo Bei, 1582, with classes from 1st to 4th grade. Maintainer: Reggi Aparecida de Oliveira;

1974 - Emergence of Externato PATVAL, teaching courses in early childhood education, the current address Mimas Street No. 99, near the former headquarters in the Garden Bárbara.Mantenedora Santa Maria Therezinha Formariz Pelizzari;
1976 - The headquarters of Av: Mateo Bei merges with the headquarters of the Street Mimas, expanding its facilities and providing more resources didactic teaching to their students;

1979 - Start of School (former 1st grade, 5th to 8th grade gym);

1988 - Course Start Free Dance;

1989 - Top High School (former 2nd grade - 1st to 3rd grade of high school);

1990 - Installation of the first computer lab;

1993 - Start of Course Technician Data Processing, High School (equivalent to two former high school coach);

1993 - Installation of the second computer lab;

1994 - Start of Course Technical Advertising, High School (equivalent to two former high school coach);

1994 - Start of Course Teaching, High School (equivalent to the old 2nd degree in teacher education for kindergarten and elementary);

1995 - Top of the Technical Course in Business Administration, High School (equivalent to two former high school coach);

1996 - Installation of two new computer labs;

1996 - Installing the Photo Studio of Advertising;

1996 - Top Project Dance School;

1996 - Expansion of the Dance Department, becoming in ESI Dancers;

1997 - Top of the Technical Course of Clinical Pathology, School (equivalent to two former high school coach);

1997 - Installation of the first Laboratory of Clinical Pathology;

1997 - Expansion of the Sports Department, with the official creation of the DESI;

1997 - Installation of Advertising Creative Room, with a laboratory for developing and enlarging black and white;

1998 - Start of Semester Modular in the areas of Business Administration, Clinical Pathology, Data Processing, and Advertising;

1998 - Installation of two new laboratories of Clinical Pathology;

1998 - The Department of Ballet Arts and establishes itself in the Champion Dance Festival of Joinville / SC with the choreography of Footloose;

1998 - Establishment of partnership with a company of National Financial Protection Insurance;

1998 - Establishment of partnership with clinical psychology, psychology and speech therapy;

1998 - Partnership with School Volleyball Coach of the NCB and five championship team Nestle Milk, Sergio;

2000 - Restoration of the Technical Education Profissional.Cursos date and in tune with the labor market;

2000 - Project Creation Every Story is a tale, with the objective of assisting poor students of schools free State, Municipal and Community;

2000 - Creation of the Adult Education Project, where the school provides free a group of 50 students, with the goal of literacy them and improve self esteem in them;

2000 - Implementation of the System Brazil People Education;

2001 - Creation of the Faculty Izildinha Santa, the first in the region with Pedagogy Courses: Specialization in School Administration and Supervision;

2002 - Establishment of Accounting Technicians course and Tourism - Middle Level;

2005 - Creation of the agency related to the experimental course in Tourism;

2006 - Deployment of new Colleges: Business Administration, with majors in: Business Administration and Marketing Management and Arts (BA and BS);

2006 - Development and creation of Radio Blue Note, by students and teachers of the Course of Advertising;
2007 - Deployment Course in Aesthetic and Technical
Creating New College Courses: History, Geography, Mathematics and Information Systems;

2008 - Installation of Laboratory Course of Tourism;

2008 - Creation and development of practical ecological space projects, chess, music and reading;
2009 - Expansion of the Department of Sports, Sports & Cia creating better and for further development of the physical activities of the institution;

2009 - Installation of the Laboratory of Mathematics;

2009 - Operation First Class Graduate of the FIES, in Educational Psychology.

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