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Faculdade Moraes Júnior
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Educating the human being created in God's image, for the informed and critical citizenship and dignity, preparing them for life, thus contributing to the development of self and society, through teaching and scientific activities cultural, sporting, social, ethical and spiritual.

Being recognized as the Business School of Excellence in Rio de Janeiro, the breadth and quality academic-scientific-spiritual and the social relevance and community development in their actions.


In personal conduct, dignity, character, integrity and spirit mackenzista;
Interpersonal relationships: loyalty, mutual respect, understanding, honesty and humility;
In the exercise of professional activity: ethics, competence, creativity, discipline, dedication and willingness to volunteer;
In the decision process: search for consensus, justice, truth, equality of opportunity for all;
In the relationship between the collective bodies, units and departments, cooperation, team spirit, professionalism and proper communication;
relationship with other institutions: accountability, independence and transparency;
And in all circumstances, act with love, which is the bond of perfection.


On September 20, 1916, was inaugurated the BRAZILIAN INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTING, with temporary headquarters at the Association of Employees in Trade, at Rua Gonçalves Dias, 42, 2nd floor, to bringing together bookkeepers and accountants, to raise them cultural level and improve them to exercise professional.

Is indispensable, as in the '20s, the professional preparation for the academic field of scientific and technological resources, the IBC, aimed at ending the entitlement to empiricism in accounting activity, founded in 1926, the Technical-Commercial School. In 1932, work began on the second floor of the building on Rua da Carioca, 52, with courses Propedęutico, Technical Books and Guard Perito Contador. The Union of Accountants of Rio de Janeiro, created on October 16, 1934, became the entity maintains the Technical-Commercial School.

Joăo Ferreira de Moraes Jr., a founder of IBC, craved the joint sequential accounting technician course with the current average level of higher grade, but was unsuccessful. The creation of the School of Accounting and Actuarial Sciences under the Statute of the Union of Accountants of Rio de Janeiro remained on paper until April 25, 1964, when, precisely on the Day of the Accountant, the Pindar Professor José Machado Alves Sobrinho, imbued with the same ideal and tenacity de Moraes Jr., realized his dream of accountants, opening and installing the School of Accounting and Administration IBC, after having passed, instead of IBC, to bear the name of the leader of the accountants - Moraes Junior, in honor of the made in interests of accountants arising from their campaigns, including the recognition and regulation of the profession, the regulation of secondary and higher education in accounting, the standardization of professional inspection, the project of creation of the Federal Council of Accounting and Accounting Councils (Law No. 9295 of 27.04.1946).

Moraes Junior College began its academic activities and didactic teaching on April 25, 1964, with undergraduate degree in Accounting, authorized by the Federal Executive Decree No. 55909 of April 12, 1965.

The operation of the undergraduate degree in Business Administration began in 1968, and the opinion of No. 07/1968 of 30/01/1968, approved by the Federal Council of Education and published by Documenta Magazine No 80, page 42, due to regulatory the profession of Technician in Administration by Law No. 4769 of September 9, 1965.

On the basis of full and regular operation of the undergraduate courses in Accounting and Business Administration, established by the terms of the assessment visit the spot of the coaches in educational issues from the Regional Ministry of Education and Culture - MEC in Rio de Janeiro, the school Moraes Junior was officially accredited to operate by the Federal Executive Order No. 66406 of April 2, 1970 (Official Gazette of April 3, 1970, section 1, page 01).

Some noteworthy points in the deployment of undergraduate courses in Accounting and Business Administration.
1. Since 1964, continuous operation of the School of Accounting and Administrative Moraes Junior, currently Moraes Junior College.

Authorization of Federal Council of Education in 1964, for operation of the course of Accountancy.
Authorization of Federal Council of Education in 1968 for operating the course of administration, and the College's first private institution of higher education to implement this course soon after its establishment and regulation of their curriculum by the Federal Council of Education.
Covenants of the Brazilian Institute of Accounting - IBC with the Company Integration Center - School - CIEE and with a large number of prestigious private and public organizations, to carry out supervised training (the training field has now been open equally to all four courses by JR COLLEGE MORAES).

On December 22, 1992, decrees by the President and countersigned by the Minister of Education and Sport, with the assent of the then Federal Council of Education on December 2, 1992, the proposition made by President of IBC, authorize MORAES JUNIOR COLLEGE working also with the degree courses in Law and Economics.

On September 18, 1996, opened the Center for Legal Practice MORAES JUNIOR COLLEGE, which provides its students of law the opportunity to stage and offers free services to needy community advocacy.

Investments were made, beginning in 1999, the infrastructure and faculty MORAES JUNIOR COLLEGE, as well as post installation XXIII Call of the Special Court for the improvement of range of their undergraduate courses.

The current Rules MORAES JUNIOR COLLEGE, appropriately adjusted to BDL, was approved by Ordinance in 1133, to April 8, 2005.

The 1250 four vacancies in undergraduate courses offered annually to the student community of Rio de Janeiro (750 for Accounting Course, 300 for the Course Directors, 120 for Law Course and 80 for the Course of Economic Sciences) show the excellent service to the National Education with the formation of elite professionals for senior positions in public or private sectors.

In August 2005 the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute partnered with the Brazilian Institute of Accounting. Thus, the IBC now has as a member of the most renowned institutions of the country, which keeps the Presbyterian University Mackenzie, headquartered in Sao Paulo, respected for the excellence and tradition in offering courses.

The aim of the association was to aggregate, for both institutions, educational and cultural values. Importantly, the association of the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute for Brazilian Accounting Institute has failed to remove the autonomy of teaching Moraes Junior College, assured of its internal regulations and decisions of their collegiate bodies, thus maintaining the latter, the graduation and certification of their courses.

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