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Faculdade Euclides da Cunha
Sao Jose do Rio Pardo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


..... The Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature of Sao Jose do Rio Pardo was created by the Municipal Law No. 415 of 04.27.1964, with final authorization for operation by the opinion of 201/66 State Board of Education . As described by the newspaper Gazeta Rio Pardo (August 22, 1965) was the creation of the institution:

[...] The result of collective effort of people across the river pardense City Hall, City Hall, the Authorities of cultural entities, educational establishments, through the people at last, gathered around an ideal, and with a enthusiasm as revealed in a few occasions, he threw himself to the struggle, which sometimes leaves completely victorious and rewarded.

..... In 1966 and started its activities since then is maintained as an autonomous government agency, establishing himself through those years as a higher education institution dedicated primarily to teacher training.

..... It is a legal entity under public law, with headquarters in Sao Jose do Rio Pardo. Currently your legal support is working on the following legislation:

Creation and Installation - (Opinion, Law and Order) - Municipal Law No. 415 of 27/4/64
Authorization for Operation: - Opinion No. 201, 21/3/66, State Decree No. 46,243 of 6/5/66

Recognition: - EEC Opinion No. 353, 21/12/70 - Federal Decree 68,308 of 2/3/71

Request for Reaccreditation FFCL of Sao Jose do Rio Pardo, for five years. Ordinance-GP 201/03 EEC on 23/05/2003, published in DOE on 24/05/2003.

Institute of Education Euclides da Cunha, Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature of Sao Jose do Rio Pardo - accredited through Ordinance EEC / GP 147/2004, of 14/09/2004, published in DOE on 15/09/2004.

..... Throughout its long history, there was a transformation of courses, some of them split and adaptation to changing guidelines and bases for Education.

..... So, shorter degree courses such as Fine Arts and Sciences, gave way to full degree in the same areas of interest such as Design and Plastic (now Arts), Mathematics and Sciences.

..... In 2001, following the new national and state guidelines for courses aimed at training teachers, the institution initiated an extensive restructuring process, through a participatory strategic planning, aiming at the creation of the Institute of Higher Education Euclides da Cunha (ISEEC), authorized by the EEC and implemented from the academic year 2005. It is worth mentioning the praise coming from the councilors of the State Board of Education in opinion regarding the approval of ISEEC, as shown by the words described in that opinion:

..... At the meeting of the ESC of 18 April 2004 asked the documents seen since the House has maintained common understanding on the draft Higher Education Institutes, the vast majority of them at odds with the norms of conducting, or when no with incomplete projects, leading the investigation. This case is substantially different.
..... I note first that the careful design encompasses all degrees already authorized, in addition to Normal, but now under the correct name of "Teacher Training Course at ..." (pages 61), counting the matrices with a core curriculum common to all, and common stage (pages 49), and especially one's own mission ISEEC (Institute of Education Euclides da Cunha), whose coordination is proper. (OPINION EEC 226/04, emphasis added)

..... In 2005, through a vote by the congregation was his name-created fantasy "FEUC - Faculty Euclides da Cunha, essential for developing a logo-type suitable for media outreach and marketing of the institution, strengthening its image in the region forward to the new context of its region of coverage with the emergence of several private institutions. Toward the end of this year, through discussions between the various collegiate institutions and training of the Internal Commission on Assessment, was prepared the Draft Institutional Self-Evaluation on monitoring and reflection on the quality of its activities and characteristics of its social body and actions taken to address the ongoing and potential weaknesses exposed by the reports.

..... The academic community of the institution has also reflected on the performance of their courses at Enade 2004 and 2005, as most concept had three, and the Course of Geography and obtained concept 4 concept of Biological Sciences 2, whose analysis this will be presented later.

..... In 2006, under the new curriculum guidelines for Pedagogy, sent a new educational project of the course, approved by EEC Opinion No. 104/07, which it will take from the 2008 school year.

..... His forty-one years of activities focused mainly on education and community outreach to indicate that the FFCL SJRP has been able to accomplish its mission, which has trained 7,911 professionals until now.

..... The FFCL Sao Jose do Rio Pardo, increasingly fundamental role in improving the quality of life of the region, meeting the demand of 26 municipalities. Currently has 53 professors in its faculty, 70% masters and doctors.

..... Anyway, the careful observer, is a very clear picture of work and effort, not always fully rewarded for reasons of various orders, such as the difficulty of maintaining a stable and skilled faculty. Despite these obstacles, the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters has successfully maintained its primary objective, namely to contribute to a better community in terms of intellectual, cultural, professional and ethical.

Current Profile of FFCL Sao Jose do Rio Pardo

..... The institution remains financially from their own resources, proceeding of the students' tuition, and being a local authority receives a little help from Maintainer (City Hall). However, the current direction is pleading with the Executive of the Municipality, based on provisions in the LDB, a policy of transferring funds that meets the need of the institution to implement a systematic updating and diversification of the Library, and the creation of new laboratories.

..... The FFCL Sao Jose do Rio Pardo now houses four units, one being specific to the Central Library and the other involving classrooms, laboratories, auditorium, offices, treasury and accounting industry, CPD, Human Resources and specific library of Physical Education. It also has two gyms in the city sporting poly located next to Unit IV in the development of some of the practical activities of Physical Education Course.

..... This structure serves about 800 undergraduate students, distributed in 10 undergraduate courses: Life Sciences, Arts, Letters - qualification in English, Mathematics, Superior - Early Childhood Education, Superior - 1 st to 4 th grade Elementary Education, Geography, History, Physical Education and Physics.

..... Most of the students come from public schools (91% in 2004 and 2005, and 75% in 2006), reinforcing its contribution in improving the living conditions of the lower classes and the region of Sao Jose do Rio Pardo .

..... Despite significant improvements in the quality of its activities, the institution is being affected by the increase in the last five years, the number of Private Higher Education Institutions (Colleges and Universities) in its area of influence as the White House Porto Ferreira, Descalvado and São José do Rio Pardo. Thus, some courses had their diminished demand, namely, Pedagogy, Superior, Languages, Physical Education, Mathematics and Sciences.

..... In addition to undergraduate courses, with 58 students enrolled in post-graduation courses: Educational Psychology (4 th class) and Educational Management.

..... The institution has a significant concern with its social mission and seeks to contribute, within their limitations, to improve the living conditions of local and regional community. For that, currently offers scholarships to assist needy students, and scholarships and tutoring program work-related grants, established in early 2005. It also has an agreement with Grant programs and FIES Family School. From 2005 began offering the program of grants for basic scientific research, provided the institution with its own resources.

..... In 2005, another stage for a systematization of all courses, following the latest guidelines for the stage, with the aim of promoting integration between disciplines and between these and ISEEC, improve the quality of activities of the internship to deepen the reflection of the student and the teacher's role, their training and other aspects related to the universe of teaching and learning, contributing to their better preparation in the profession.

..... In addition to the supervised training compulsory, the institution is also spurring the introduction of students into the labor market through paid internships at companies and institutions with activities related to the areas of knowledge of the courses, through agreements with agents integrators stage as CIEE, and FUNDAP ACCESS VIA, and agreements with municipalities in the region.

..... In 2005, through the creation of the Center for Research and Extension - NUPE, has begun the program of scientific initiation of the institution. One requirement is that projects should provide links between research / education / community outreach.

..... Next to this core also created the community action program called "FEUC Solidarity" with a first event held in November 2005, which were seen around 1200 people including children, youths, adults and the best age. In the final typing were carried out 420 blood, 150 blood glucose tests, 580 measurements of pressure and various physical assessments. Besides these tests, students in the FEUC under the supervision of teachers, the people offered various activities such as educational games monitored by students of Pedagogy and Course Normale Superieure, face painting and art in the paper, nail painting, pets balloons, trampoline. Also presented were two pieces of children's theater by students of literature, a dance presentation of the award winning Group Faatus Dance Physical Education Course, reading of the work of Sebastiao Salgado, an exhibition of fossils, minerals and rocks and GIS equipment.

..... In 2006, due to activities linked to the organization of the 6th Regional Congress of Education could not perform any event FEUC solidarity and should be resumed in 2007.

..... In addition to these activities, FFCL Sao Jose do Rio Pardo has other projects to the community of São José do Rio Pardo in progress, such as:

• "Active Living Project" in view of the top age group DECET;
• Project Educandário in Sao Jose do Rio Pardo with teenage girls;
• Active Generation Project with five years of operation, in partnership with the DEC, where 15 students of Physical Education of FEUC receive 100% grant to develop, under the supervision of the DEC and the Course of Physical Education, schools of sport;

..... Institution offering four years ago, continuing education courses in partnership with the state Department of Education with the Program Web of Knowledge, and has served 887 students (teachers of primary and secondary education from the state - Management Regional Education of São João da Boa Vista) in all four years. In this program, several teachers are involved in the coordination of the institution and course development.

..... Another important activity undertaken since 2000 by FFCL Sao Jose do Rio Pardo Regional Education's Regional Education Congress, with its first edition held in partnership with two other higher education institutions in the region. The high number of participants (from different counties and Sao Jose do Rio Pardo) in the last five editions, with an average of 600 subscribers, surpassed all expectations. Such participation demonstrates the recognized success of this initiative, born at the Department of Education FEUC six years ago. Our intention is to build, together with the community, an event that is part of the educational calendar of the region and to steadily expand the opportunities for dissemination and discussion of projects, activities and experiences of teaching and research in the area of Education. We know how many are the initiatives and activities undertaken by today's educators and administrators of public and private institutions, and how important are the opportunities to present them, discuss them and share them, contributing to our intellectual and professional growth, to exchange of experience and educational development of our region.

..... It is also important to note the establishment by the Institution, Logos Journal (ISSN - 1518-7942), with 12 issues published, dedicated to the dissemination of research conducted by its faculty and students and researchers in general. Since 2005, these figures were available on site FFCL Sao Jose do Rio Pardo ( to the community at large.

..... The Institution has been striving to improve the quality of education offered to the courses and conditions in the classroom. For that, multimedia invested in equipment and now has three projectors, the number of overhead projectors, televisions, VCRs, radios minisystems, purchased digital cameras and computers, and the purchase of new boards and fans.

..... There was an increased number of subscriptions to scientific journals specific to each course and other magazines such as the Pesquisa FAPESP magazine, Scientific American Brazil, Science Today, among others.

..... In 2005, we carried out a modernization of the secretary general, with new equipment and workstation, slide file, improved networking etc.. With the aim of improving the working conditions of employees, organization and streamlining of documentation and quality of services offered to students and teachers.

..... The disclosure of the notes and the control of absences were also facilitated by the introduction of grades and absences by teachers via the internet with all necessary safety procedures. Were created, also from 2005, e-mails for all teachers and all administrative sectors and educational, aiming to streamline and improve internal communication institutions.

..... It was also redesigned the website of the institution, with the new address '', creating new services to students and teachers and enriching the information on its activities.

..... These changes indicate the institution's efforts in continuous improvement of its activities and the challenges that may arise along its trajectory

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