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Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Alegre
Alegre, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

History Fafião

The Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature of Alegre (Fafião) located in the municipality of Alegre - ES, is an institution of higher education, organized as a Municipal Authority, with administrative and financial autonomy, and tied to the State System of Higher Education. The Fafião was established in 1967 and commenced its operation in 1973 with the objective of meeting the demand for training teachers of "Grade 1" to act in the areas of Science (Biology and Mathematics), Portuguese and Social Studies, and also form "specialists in Education. "

The Fafião started its operation in a building owned by St. Vincent de Paul Association, occupying a few rooms of this building, trying as best as possible, serve the interests of the community.

Over the years, meeting legal requirements and social Fafião renews the focus of his teaching, tailoring the courses and creating new offerings. In this sense, Fafião widen its area of operation, becoming also offered the course in Pharmacy Nursing and plead and offer a Psychology degree, in attention to the concerns of local and regional community. The physical space was expanded and the structural conditions reconsidered, taking up the entire available space in the building.

Throughout its history, Fafião has been developing its educational activities with seriousness and commitment, with a coverage area of 25 counties in the Holy Spirit and other states. With a teaching practice that focuses on training of individuals committed to the concept of man as historical being, endowed with capabilities of understanding the cultural reality in which it is inserted, aware of the inseparability between the biological and social and role in the construction and reconstruction society, the preservation of life and nature.

The Fafião acts in undergraduate, graduate and extension and carries out its work in conjunction with the various sectors of society, always in compliance with current legislation.

The Company Today

The Fafião is hierarchically organized so as to regulate the functions and responsibilities of each sector, ensuring the efficiency of activities aimed at the achievement of its purpose. This constitution aims, primarily, the quality of teaching, research and extension.

Enforcement agencies of the Administration of Fafião congregate clerical and administrative bodies of all who are directly or indirectly connected to the Direction of the HEI.

In appearance the deliberative Fafião, is structured through the congregation - comprising representatives of all segments of the academic community, the High Council of the College of Engineers and Collegiate Courses. The composition of these bodies is determined in the Internal Rules of the Institution.

Currently the offer Fafião 08 (eight) graduate courses, and consistent with the concept and criteria determined by the MEC / INEP all courses meet the precepts of law.

Mission Institution

The mission is to promote higher education Fafião committed to the development of human beings endowed with ethical values, aesthetic, political, social and cultural rights, whose base is the preservation of life and the pursuit of building a more just, compassionate and inclusive. In this view, Fafião is committed to the training of individuals capable of meeting the challenges of a changing world, develop their entrepreneurial potential, to transform their technical-scientific knowledge into benefits for their personal success for industry evolution in which it operates and to improve the quality of life and society.


The Fafião, professional training institution of higher education, with research and extension, has the objectives derived from its mission, goals and principles:

promote research work, initiation and scientific research, developing the understanding of man and its region;

stimulate cultural production, developing the spirit of scientific and reflective thinking, promoting the dissemination of scientific, cultural and technical, through classroom teaching and up to a distance as well as other forms of communication of knowledge;

train professionals, researchers and competent, able to exercise its functions and to participate in the development of Alegre, the surrounding municipalities, the region and the country, raising professionals in the desire for constant improvement and cultural training;

promote the systematic study of problems of this world, particularly the region covered by Fafião specialist services to the community and establishing a relationship with this partnership and reciprocity;

develop the extension, sequential courses and continuing education, open to the community, aiming to spread the achievements and benefits of cultural creation and scientific and technological research generated in Fafião;

improve its organizational structure, making it an integrated, closer and more available to their internal and external customers;

articulate the educational projects of their courses in order to achieve its mission and the interests of local and regional realities;

permanently interacting with society, listening to their needs to help her in what his responsibility;

design and implement development policy of human resources with varied courses, sequential, distance, and graduate students;

ensure conditions of institutional identity in the various sectors;

improve the system of planning their activities and efforts towards monitoring and evaluating projects and activities planned in each year / semester / school year;

educational technology resources available to service activities and medium-end activities of Fafião;

maintain and expand the pool of financial resources to be invested in improving the training and teaching and titration of human resources and technical support, development of teaching, research, extension programs of resources and the expansion of the existing literature and educational technology;

promote, through teaching, undergraduate students and the wider professional practice in stages in conjunction with community institutions.


To reach the Fafião, coming from Victoria, just pick up the BR-101 south to the entrance to Itapemirim, and move toward Alegre BR 482. For those coming from Rio de Janeiro, two options: BR 185, passing Bom Jesus do Norte and Guaçuí entering the BR 482 and heading for Alegre, or BR 101, BR 482 also coming in, but Itapemirim. For those coming from Belo Horizonte, BR 262 to Iúna, Guaçuí down to the state highway BR 482 and gets to Alegre.

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