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Faculdade de Belford Roxo
Belford Roxo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


Promote education of the individual, providing opportunities for education for all based on ethical values, moral and existential and committed to social responsibilities to the community of Belford Roxo and the Lowlands.


Think and act constructively;
Elaborate projects seeking business opportunities and experiences;
Lead work teams achieving success in the projects;
Integrate human skills management and technology;
Produce knowledge in developing divergent thinking and critical social-producing innovative solutions;
Know its environment interacting with the regional national and international levels;
Select the most appropriate information for each stage of his life;
Constantly seek knowledge through continuing education;
Commit themselves to the social programs of the community;
They perform their duties with commitment and dedication expressing their talents and skills prioritizing ethical values, moral and existential, and
Value the artistic and cultural activities as a means of personal enrichment.


In 1891, Giuseppe Bicchieri came to Brazil from Italy - Verona region - with his wife, Violetta. Landed in Sao Paulo and from there came to Rio de Janeiro. He started his career life in Brazil in the then village of Heath - now Belford Roxo. In 1928, his son Carlos Bicchieri built and inaugurated the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the first brick church in Belford Roxo, donated to the local diocesan miter. In the land of Solitude, on the street who later received the name of his wife Virgilina Bicchieri, also owned and operated a button factory, which produced for the Brazilian army in the New State. (...)

At 28 days of February 1976, Prof ª. Bicchieri Fernanda Soares, began the activities of the Kindergarten in the house, then rented, Avenida Mariano José dos Passos, 1734 - Centro de Belford Roxo. The old house had some resemblance to a Castle, and so was named the school. Being a teacher well known in the city and the school come and meet the needs of Belford Roxo that time, the first Pre-School District and first recognized by the Education Department, had soon very successful, operating at maximum capacity and high profitability, as had several volunteers to assist the family (it was only in 1994 that his building was purchased and became part of the institution). Even today, the Castle, it is reference kindergarten in every region of the Rio Grande

That same year, the land formerly belonging to the family Bicchieri were allotted and it was possible to buy them from the then owner. And on October 28, 1976 was launched this ground the cornerstone of the Center for Education Modern - CEM, which started its operations with just two classrooms for the literacy class and first grade in 1977, a street with no sidewalks and unsanitary. School Grade 1 grew each year, one more series. In 1980 started teaching Grade 2 at night and Technical in 1983 in the morning.

In 1986 to Prof. Katia Maria Soares took the ways of teaching college, which was born with the proposal to be ahead of the ideas of education, combining updating and adaptation to local realities. The CEM brand of the College and the School became Castelinho then the mark of a new Education, where relationships between teachers and peers and the administration, serve as reference in relations with students. The College is pre-eminently democratic, and therefore stage of reflection and dialogue between learners and also between learners and their educators. Knowledge is the foundation for deeper learning to occur, among them, citizenship, ethics, entrepreneurship and pro-activity.

In 1988, Luiz Henrique friend's visit Varésio stimulated Director of the college to begin the process of approval of two courses of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education: Accounting and Data Processing Technology. To this end, the Society was the Director of Education for that would comply with the law that limited the time the grant for the provision of higher education, nonprofit corporation. This year the school ranks sawed with the "Emancipation of the Pro-Belford Roxo - CEBER" to achieve separation of 4. District headquarters of the municipality of Nova Iguacu.

In 1990, the municipality of Belford Roxo achieved his emancipation in 1992 happened the 1st municipal elections, and on 1 January 1993, we implemented the first local government. Year, too, that the then Federal Council of Education, after a long period without allowing the opening of new courses in new institutionsOpened up this possibility. The two processes of our higher education began to transact with this, the Ministry of Education.

With the Federal Council closed in 1994, it was only during 1995 that the first course was allowed, the course of Data Processing Technology, which started its activities on 07 August with a speech by President ABMES - Association Brazilian Maintainers of Higher Education - and dean of UNAMA - Amazon University - Prof. Edson Franco. The new college was named chief financial officer by Dr. Fernando Soares named the city that everything possible.
The city's slogan: "The City of Love" was assimilated by FABEL and reframed. The heart of the coat was taken to Belford's logo FABEL, an interpretation which means that this is the place of reflection and study of what this word means common sense. FABEL in German means fable argument. This is our space where we are experienced actors and experiences that will reinvent ourselves.

In late 1995 the Accounting course was approved and began operations in 1996. In 1997, Faculty of Belford Roxo was received in two new courses: Administrative and Legal Sciences. The course of Juridical Sciences was unable to pass through the bureaucracy of OAB, but the Administration proceeded rapidly, starting its activities in the second half of 1998. That was the year that launched the Cultural FABEL FABEL, located at the corner of Virgilina Bicchieri with a busy state highway, so very easy public access. It became a reference to the auditorium and community leaders to City Hall site. It is now considered "the living room of the municipality." The Cultural FABEL, throughout its years of operation, tells the true story of the economic and social development of Belford Roxo

The FABEL always had a rich and active community life, emphasizing among other initiatives:

- On December 10 1985 to Prof. Fernanda founded CENPRO - Belford Roxo, the Center for the Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage of Belford Roxo, a nonprofit "for the purpose of gathering data, catalog, restore and preserve the history and culture of all neighborhoods of our district" . Even today, the houses all FABEL this collection that serves the community. The greatest achievement of this center was to bring back to the city Cultural its greatest asset: the sculpture, cast iron, "Bica da Mulata" - popular name - actually one of 182 sculptures brought by Dom Pedro II of France. The cultural research that resulted in Hymn of the City was also performed by CENPRO.
Today the emphasis has FABEL in various municipal and community councils and participates in all the decisive moments and important for the life of the community of Belford Roxo and all the Lowlands. Besides being founder and supporter of the Academy of Arts and Letters of Belford Roxo - ABLA. It supports all the cultural initiatives of Belford Roxo.

On December 24, 2008 was published in the Federal Ordinance of the Bachelor's Degree in Education. The course began its activities in the first half of 2009. On March 9, had its inaugural lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Vera Werneck, Professor, Master of Education at the Catholic University of Petropolis - UCP.

Celebrating 15 years of FABEL institution, on August 7, 2010, was the inaugural class of the first courses in the Graduate Education - Management and Coordination, Guidance and Supervision and Inspection School. The work was initiated by teachers Ednardo Monti and Katy Smith.

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