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Faculdade de Americana
São Paulo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

American has approximately 205,229 inhabitants in an area of 134km ² (IBGE 2009).

The region includes the cities of Americana, Nova Odessa, Sumaré Hortolândia Paulinia, Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Limerick, Cosmopolis and Artur Nogueira, has a population of approximately 800,000 inhabitants and is presented as one of the most promising investment options in São Paulo.

Regarding the education sector is also privileged American. The number of students graduating high school and Vocational Training is very considerable, justifying the increased supply of higher education options.

Against this backdrop came the entity sponsor - Americanense Educational Association - which is kept at the Faculty of Americana - FAM.

The project to install the FAM is a result of economic and educational conditions that the region of U.S. shows, with the experience of its leader as an educator.
The Educational Association Americanense believes that teaching, research and extension can not fail to respond in a dynamic, efficient and consequent social problems that reflect the needs of the local, regional and national levels.

Thus, the FAM project was designed with reliability and above all the commitment to offer the universality of knowledge, substantial character of the institutions to justify their roles in the community where they belong.

Very seriously and work to Americanense Educational Association has been earning the trust and respect from the community of American and the entire region, which has responded favorably, giving his blessing to all initiatives of the institution.

The FAM has been accredited by the MEC, through Ordinance No. 766, 18/05/1999, when we authorized the Bachelor's Portuguese / English. On the same date was published in the Official Gazette of the approval of the Course Directors, then the School of Tourism, on 23.6.1999 and the Course of Pedagogy on 29/06/1999.

The first selection process was conducted in July 1999 with the opening of 380 vacancies for the courses approved. Enrolled 215 students, 76 in administration, 37 in Languages Portuguese / English, 74 and 28 in Education in Tourism. Classes began in August of that year.

Since its accreditation, the FAM has been growing continuously and solidly and investing in the city of Americana and throughout the region, mainly in search of quality results in higher education. Currently the Institute offers the following courses: Administration, Biomedicine, Accounting, Communications - Public Relations, Computer Science, Law, Physical Education, Nursing, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Languages Portuguese / English, Lyrics: Portuguese / Spanish, Nutrition, Education, Psychology, Technology in Logistics and Technology in Tourism.
The target of the FAM is formed by graduates from High School and Vocational Training, and also for professionals who seek quality education.

To meet this public, the FAM has highly qualified teachers (masters and PhDs), projects of courses designed in accordance with curriculum guidelines approved by the MEC, plus all the infrastructure necessary to achieve the proposed goals, such as library, laboratories and other administrative regions.

Aware of its institutional mission, the GEF has contributed to the generation of direct and indirect jobs. The extension projects of the FAM meet the various administrative levels, local and state, providing training courses, retraining, assistance to poor communities, lectures on current topics of general interest, among others.

"Becoming reference in higher education by promoting the development of education, culture and knowledge in the pole regions of Campinas and textiles."

FAM's mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge in various fields of knowledge, contributing to the full exercise of citizenship through humanistic education, critical and reflective, therefore preparing competent professionals and updated for the world's present and future work.

• Ethics, transparency and credibility;
• humanist vision of teaching, research and extension;
• Commitment to quality;
• Commitment to quality;
• Participatory management;
• Professionalism and enhancement of human resources;
• Universality of knowledge and fostering interdisciplinarity.

Soccer Field:
The FAM has a soccer field with 1300 square meters, used by the Physical Education Course by the Faculty staff and project participants social Football School.

Center Stage:
The Center Stage is responsible for the administrative procedures required of probation and probation is not mandatory.

Training contracts should be forwarded to the Center for Internships analysis and opinion of the coordinators of the respective courses and subsequent signing of the legal representative of the FAM.

Student Financial Control - CFA:
The Student Financial Control is responsible for the administration, organization and control of the entire process and financial documentation of the student.

Among other assistance services, it is effected with the CFA, the payment of charges for the transportation of school documents such as declarations, certificates, curriculum courses, transcripts etc..

The Gymnasium of the FAM, with indoor sports court, bleachers with a capacity for 800 people, two dressing rooms and two toilets, offers all the infrastructure for sports. Meets the Physical Education Course, which uses the space for practical and theoretical classes of indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball and other activities required for the course.

Computer Labs:
The FAM has Computer Labs with the most modern equipment and contract with the Microsoft Campus cutting-edge software.

Laboratories are divided into three blocks of the institution, in addition, our students have all the equipment structure as PCTV and TV / DVD, Data Show rooms, VIPs and audiences with multimedia projector, speaker and microphone to classes and events .

Museum of the Athlete:
The 'Athlete of the Museum "was inaugurated on September 17, 2005. Today, more than a thousand pieces, among them, trophies, medals, photos and materials of great diversity and invaluable to the sport of American and region.

A major objective of establishing the museum is to show the credibility of physical education professionals and athletes, who always supported the sport through social projects of MAF.

The Integrated Marketing Communications - Nicoma:
The Nicoma - the Integrated Marketing Communications articulates efforts, strategies and communication actions, planned and developed with the aim of adding value to the brand and consolidate the image of FAM with employees, students and society as a whole.

The sports courts of the FAM have a space of 1,250 square meters. The Physical Education course is designed this space to sports such as wrestling and weight lifting as well as the practice of gymnastics, rhythmic dance sport in general and recreational disciplines.

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