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Faculdade de Administração e Artes de Limeira
Limeira, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Faculty of Arts and Administration of Limerick - Faal - is maintained by PHD Educacional Ltda. Was accredited through Ordinance No. MEC. 1688, of 01/08/2001, published in the Gazette on 06/08/2001.

The activities began Faal-oriented methods and concepts of constructivist teaching, aiming to provide humanistic, reflective and critical to the personal and professional life. Between 2001 and 2007 were built and deployed all the necessary teaching laboratories to the method proposed, allowing more comprehensive education for its students.


The pedagogical structure of the Faal has:

- Carefully selected faculty, teachers with graduate, postgraduate and doctoral, and non-academic professional experience;

- Company-school within the college to offer internship or practical lesson to the students. Faal called JR (trade name of the company-school) or Metal Art Ltd (corporate) and operates in the fields of industrial, commercial and service sectors.

Students from all courses offered by the company Faal have excellent opportunities for school-enriching experience and personal and professional maturation.
At the end of the course students carry with them the experience of "first job" and, above all, a good theoretical background for the theory is learned in practice: "You practice. You learn. "

The administrative structure of the Faal JR has all the existing positions in a medium sized company, and the student can exercise operational, supervisory, management or board, as the interest and level of study that is in progress. All classes are conducted under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Courses offered in the 2010 Selection Process:

Administration / Bachelor
In 2010, the Administration will Bachareldo certification
quality of FGV. More security for you
that will do well formed.

Design / Bachelor
▪ Graphic Design (Visual Communication)

Visual Arts / Bachelor
VISUAL ARTS ▪ Teaching and Cultural Production

Math / Bachelors Degree
▪ Mathematics Degree

Technology - Degree in Technology
▪ MARKETING Marketing and Sales
▪ HUMAN RESOURCES Interpersonal Relationships at Work
▪ MANAGEMENT PROCESSES Entrepreneurship, Quality and Business Management

Selection Process continued with scheduled events: after 01/06/2010 to 01/08/2010 candidates can schedule the date of proof for the remaining places. The evidence can be made between 14 and 20 hours on weekdays.

Who can make the selection process for higher education:
Applicants who have completed high school or equivalent and those with college degree.

registration to the selection process can be accomplished by the following ways:

Entries in the Registry:
fill out the registration form, collect the registration fee and present the ID.

Online registration for:
the online application, applicants must complete the registration form. Site: and prints the payment slip for the $ 15.00 application fee in the bank. Inquiries: tel 0800 77 000 47 or (19) 3444-3239.

02. Local evidence
School of Business and Arts of Limerick - Faal, Avenue Charles Kuntz Busch, 800, Anhanguera Highway, Km 150.5, Limeira-SP. Tel 0800 77 000 47 or 19-3444 3239 or 3444 3240 from 12 to 20 hours

03. Contents of the evidence
The selection process consists of a proof of the Portuguese Language, Writing, Mathematics and Current Affairs. Candidates for Course Design area will also be an aptitude test.

On race day you should be with original identification card or certified copy. Bring black or blue pen, pencil and eraser. The student may not leave the tasting room with the tender form or answer questions.

04. Result
Three days after the race from 15:00 on the Internet, or the list posted in the office of the Faculty of Arts and Administration of Limerick - Faal.

05. Classification of candidates
Grading is by course and qualification. The final score is the sum of points obtained in the proof of the selection process with no recourse or proofreading. Only candidates who are considered performed all stages of the selection process.


Objectives: With respect to the interpretation of text, the applicant must demonstrate to be able to analyze the relationship of one text with others, as well as the relationship of the text with historical and cultural context in which they live. In the production of text, the applicant has assessed the ability to organize a text, noting the criteria of cohesion, consistency and correctness, and their ability to argue, without escaping the proposed topic.
Syllabus: Standard spelling. Processes of word formation. Bending Process: verbal and nominal. Nominal and verbal agreement. Connectives, syntactic function and semantics. Coordination and subordination. Literal and nonliteral. Textual organization: mechanisms of cohesion and coherence. Argument. Relationship between texts. Relationship of text and its historical and cultural context. Dissertation. Narration. Description.

Objectives: The proof of Mathematics will be prepared to verify the basic arithmetic skills in business education emphasizing thinking and application of mathematical content.
Program Content: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of polynomials and numbers, their order handling. Criteria for rounding decimal numbers. Scientific Notation, empowerment and decomposition in prime factors. Negative numbers and fractional numbers. Percentage, ratio and proportion, proportionals. Simple algebra: applications of equations and inequalities of the 1st and 2nd grade. Notions of function.

Objectives: To evaluate the ability of understanding the social, political, economic, and the candidate is inserted-judgmental.

FITNESS - specific courses of design and visual arts. Objective: To assess the quality of the Visa joint work, based on indicators of expression, creativity and capacity for synthesis.

06. Procedures for Registration

Starting from the release of the list of approved candidates can you enroll. Successful candidates must do the registration immediately after the approval, do not reserve seats.

Documents required for registration
01. Two recent photos 3x4;
02. Birth certificate or marriage;
03. Identity Card - RG,
04. Registration of Individuals - CPF;
05. Proof of address (water bill, light ...);
06. Certificate of Completion of Secondary Education;
07. Transcripts of high school;
08. Graduate Diploma;
09. Transcripts of undergraduate when the applicant has already college.
Upon registration provide the original documents, with copies to be certified delivered to the secretariat. Detected irregularities in the registration documentation will be canceled at any time.

The cancellation of registration can be done with a refund of 50% (fifty percent) of the amount paid, only when the registration is for new students, ie the first half and if the request is made before the date of commencement of classes current semester.
The Faculty of Arts and Administration of Limerick - Faal reserves the right to start the course with at least 40 students per class.

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