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Faculdade Cotemig
Belo Horizonte, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

COTEMIG - Structured professionals to form large

The COTEMIG since its founding in 1971, operates exclusively in the professional education of computer technology and electronics, and has currently the largest technological structure of Minas Gerais.

The nearly 40 years of success COTEMIG are the result of a dedicated, serious and responsible toward the development of competent professionals and concerned citizens.

The specialization in one area makes it possible to keep more teachers trained and more skilled, and a greater number and higher quality equipment and laboratories. This structure allows the formation of professionals with the necessary theory and more practice.

The superiority of COTEMIG in relation to other technical schools and colleges is evidenced by the recognition of students by the market. Our student interns are played by business, and completion of required supervised internship provides the student entering the job market.

COTEMIG Group Chronology:

1970 - Two teachers CEFET MG, Ronaldo Azevedo de Carvalho and Carlos Queiros Soares, had the idea of founding a private technical school that is specialized in technology and without the gigantism of the state machine. They invited some students to initiate activities as teachers, among them, the current CEO of the Group COTEMIG, Mark Lucius of Good Counsel.

1971 - The idea became reality and on March 8 was inaugurated the Technical College of Electronics of the Minas Gerais Electronics Technician course in rented rooms they were built classrooms and laboratories. The symbol of the then technical college later became a name which does not translate: COTEMIG.

1972 - Members owners decided to build a new school in Divinópolis / MG. The Technical College of the West Mine - COTEOM, under the direction of socio Jadir Vilela de Souza Jśnior. Professor Mark, then COTEMIG official, also began teaching in that unit in 1978 was sold to a group of professors from the College itself.

1973 - The official, Professor Mark, was promoted to supervisor of technical COTEMIG taking responsibility to bring the theoretical and practical. He had many goals and challenges ahead, but mainly to seek partnerships with other companies and create the first laboratory of Radio and Television COTEMIG.

1974 - COTEMIG settles definitely the Rua Santa Cruz Baroque in the neighborhood, where she still works part of the unit Baroque. Professor Mark begins to pursue a partnership with FIAT AUTOMOBILES which began its activities to manufacture cars in Minas in a dispute with Brazil.

1975 - FIAT CAR COTEMIG choose among various public and private schools, to train the first team of technicians in electronics at its factory in Betim, who would work on the first line of the company's production in Brazil. Also in 1975, Professor Mark acquires 30% of the Shares of the Society for Support of COTEMIG and passes an official partner teacher to teacher and school administrator. From there, he was gradually acquiring more shares to become the majority shareholder, that is until today.

1976 - COTEMIG innovative concept in practical classes, building an electronics lab benches with semicircular, with the teacher positioned in the center and moving to their students, reversing the concept of time. The COTEMIG enlisted the help of companies like GE, Philips and Advanced, among others, who donated equipment making it possible to mount the new lab.

In July 1976 the COTEMIG held the First Seminar for Undergraduate Studies in Technical Belo Horizonte. Soon the COTEMIG had become the largest School of Electronics Capital of surpassing himself CEFET number of students in this course. At the end of 1976 was held in the Baroque COTEMIG first Technology Fair COTEMIG today Tecnofeira, being a success in the presentation of innovative projects and in the presence of many visitors.

1977 - With new electronics laboratories and each student has set up his own radio tube, to study television and learn how to fix it. The education gained new practical approach becoming more interesting and attractive.

1978 - COTEMIG sports court opens its drive Baroque, with the presence of guest Sergio Ferrara, journalist and former mayor of the city. In the same year COTEMIG back to innovate, launching the service professional sound, where one could speak in every classroom alone.

1979 - Opens a great director Mark Fundamentals of Electronics Laboratory with computers, domestic and imported. This laboratory is named "Thiers Theofilo of Good Counsel junior" in honor of his father who helped him in learning a lot of electronics and introduced the art of cinema, teaching him to do reviews on movies and give mechanical, electrical and electronics in gunning machines. Being a very high cost of laboratory COTEMIG had the funding to MEC through the project "Aztec", in partnership with the Education Secretariat of Minas Gerais.

1980 - New lab is opened now for Basic Electricity: Special Panels made possible for students learning electricity live online, energized during labor, simulating reality. The project was developed, again, the teacher and director Marcos, based on the idea of equipment HITZ of Brazil with the guidance of a partner of the firm, Mr. Hermano of Good Counsel.

1983 - The COTEMIG acquires the traditional Our Lady of Fatima College in Forest district, keeping the school board for three years, the former owner, Professor Philomena.

1984 - Director of COTEMIG, Mark invites his brother Marcelo of Good Counsel, a specialist trained in the area of O & M, to coordinate a team of professionals from various companies reputable information sector and to design a computer course to train professionals who really could meet the market demands.

1985 - start as the reforms of the old building of Forest drive, and older facilities have traditionally N. College Ms. Fatima, who had teaching as a main course.

The Baroque COTEMIG then maintained by the Company of Minas Gerais Technical Education, opened the Capital and the new sponsor and parent company now has a partnership with Technical Education Society of Minas Gerais and M. Thiers Theofilo of Good Counsel, Jr., Thiers Theofilo Bom Council Neto, Mario Lucio Procopio, Pedro Paulo Martins Rennó Lucio and Mark of Good Counsel.

1986 - The first class of the course Data Processing begins at N. College Ms. Fatima, but in 1986, comes through the 1108/86 Opinion of the State Board of Education, COTEMIG II - Hardware in the neighborhood Forest.

1987 - The course of data processing is now also offered in COTEMIG I, the district Baroque.

1988 - The COTEMIG assume market leadership in technical education in computer science and new labs are installed in both units to meet demand for new course.

1989 - Part of the building is demolished Forest drive for expansion of computer labs, given the large demand we have already surpassed the unit Baroque in number of students in Computer Technician Course.

1990 - COTEMIG installs its headquarters in Santa Teresa, where he worked until 2008, unifying the academic departments, accounting, warehouse and procurement division, industry events, industry accounts payable and receivable.

1992 - initiated the first attempt to professionalize the company by hiring an administrator does not belong to the family Good Counsel. It is created and new parent company of the group COTEMIG Empresarial Ltda general partners Mark Pike of Good Counsel, Thiers Theofilo of Good Counsel and Junior Ilva of Bessas Lucia.

1994 - The demand for courses in electronics begins to fall with the change in the Brazilian market and the arrival of computers at low prices. Demand for computer professionals COTEMIG explodes and expands its units with the construction of two new buildings, and the unit with the Baroque area 1,200 m2 and three floors of the unit and the Forest with five floors and 1,000 m2 to meet the new demand.

Also in 1994 the COTEMIG is honored by the city of Belo Horizonte getting the silver medal for his 25 years of relevant services to the community.

1999 - COTEMIG, now with new ownership structure, under the command of Chief Executive Mark, with support from the Bank of Brazil and using leverage capital, began a program of investments in modern computer equipment of approximately $ 2 million . Also in 1999, the School is the first COTEMIG start Degree in Information Systems in Minas Gerais.

2000 - Opening ceremony for the Technology Center - TEC - the COTEMIG, which offer more technical resources to students in all courses and officials of the group. With the acquisition of larger computers from IBM, SUN, APPLE MACINTOSH, among others. It mounts an Internet service provider capable of linking more than 600 computers. All the infrastructure is made fiber optic and COTEMIG becomes the first state school to have the ability to simultaneously connect over 300 computers in six labs among its units.

2001 - Starts working the integrated telecommunications managing all Information Technology Group COTEMIG. The contest to host the COTEMIG fiscal agents of the Court as the only institution in Minas Gerais with technology infrastructure to perform the tests online and provide the results immediately after the conclusion of the evidence. We also purchased 100 computers from HP to upgrade two existing laboratories.

2002 - All laboratories of the two units will have access to the Internet through a direct connection to the backbone RNP2 via PPP link to 1024 Kbps, interconnected by a digital network of 100 Mbps fiber optic structured platforms and architecture as appropriate to CISC / Intel and RISC-SPARC/SUN.

The various software purchases COTEMIG expanding the educational resources. Systems such as Netware, Solaris, Linux and Cache are used in practical classes and CISC architectures are available, represented by Intel and RISC, represented by Sun's SPARC, requiring more than ten computers with larger connected internally by network optical fiber, and externally through satellite links. Complete one more cycle of investment COTEMIG Group began in 1999.

2002 / 2003 / 2004 - The COTEMIG participates Ranking Miner Computing, organized by the Association of Brazilian Companies for Information Technology and Software and Internet Minas Gerais, ASSESPRO-MG, is among the 13 largest companies ranked by revenue, profitability and growth .

2003 - is made an extension of 150 m2 unit in the library of the Baroque and started work on the new building in Forest Drive, with construction Construction Ltd. WAP. The new building project is signed by architect Sebastian Lopez, famous for their innovative and modern works of several federal universities and private schools.

2004 - It is made by the WAP Construction Ltd. demolition of the old building COTEMIG Forest, constructing a new building of five floors in a spectacular lightning work that lasted 66 days under the supervision of engineers and Fernando Augusto Marks Sales.

2005 - They are starting work on the building of 10 floors of the Baroque COTEMIG also by the construction and design of WAP ARQSOL Ltd., under the direction of architect Sebastian Lopez. There are almost 3,000 m2 of built area to the significant increase in capacity.

2006 - The computer labs of COTEMIG now have one more innovation and quality assurance: UPS are installed 15 kVA to meet the demand of a possible lack of energy. It built itself a 250 kVA substation in the new building of the Baroque to meet the growth of that campus.

2007 - Begins execution of the project "Total Electronic Security" with the installation of more than 50 cameras at various points in electronic monitoring, security and integrity of the student within the units.

2008 - COTEMIG comes out ahead once again, giving birth to an unprecedented project in automation: all floors of the new building will have a COTEMIG digital video recording in color, with surveillance cameras, backed by a No UPS guarantees its central operating 24 hours a day. This system is integrated into the fiber optic network and can be monitored and managed remotely. A control board, password protected, and the drive controls the status of all fixtures such as lighting, power up the machines, drive port and air conditioners. Occupancy sensors and lighting manage the activation of lights and air conditioners, they are avoiding unnecessarily connected. The rooms also come with an emergency lighting system.

2009 - 104 HP machines are acquired next-generation Phenom processors with ultra low power consumption, 2G memory, 160GB hard drive, Windows XP and Office 2007, monitors, LCD flat screen 17 "with integrated speakers, modernizing two existing laboratories.

New laboratory unit is installed in the Baroque with a data communication network 100% Gigabit and already integrated into the automation system.

2010 - is launched by the Faculty COTEMIG, new bachelor's and higher technology, all officially approved by the MEC. It is pluralistic COTEMIG technologies with its teaching standards and quality.

THE YEARS AHEAD: The COTEMIG continues its commitment to keep the lead technical and technological training the professionals that the labor market needs and trusts.

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