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Faculdade Batista da Serra
Vitória, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Institution
Committed to offering high-quality, FABAVI brought to your faculty with business experience and academic. Allied to this, the FABAVI develop interdisciplinary projects that take students closer to the real business world, enabling them to face tough competition in the market and the business world.

Our differential
Excellence in teaching staff: Teachers with extensive business experience and academic, which approximate market realities with the theory developed in the classroom.
Interaction with the market
Lectures, seminars and workshops are taught to awaken a critical sense and bring the student's business world through the experience of executives of major local companies and nationals.

Modern curriculum
Updating the curriculum content is a concern to the FABAVI.
Respect the student
More than a contractual relationship, the FABAVI press for respect for students and their relatives, which makes our internal environment healthy and productive.


Authorization Ordinance

Technology Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas authorized by Ordinance No. 1053 of 31/03/2005, with publication in the Official Gazette, 01/04/2005, added by Ordinance No. 85 of 10/10/2006, with publication in the Federal of 13/10/2006

Titration of the Course
Technology in Oil and Natural Gas


Currently, the state of Espirito Santo has the greatest potential for new oil deposits in Brazil, which aims to generate 10,000 jobs directly under ONIP (National Organization for the Petroleum Industry). The Case Management Course in Petroleum and Natural Gas aims to provide professionals in this area will tend to increase.
The course covers several segments of the production chain, encompassing visions administrative, operational techniques that allow the knowledge of technology-based activities related to the area.
Recognized by the Regional Council of Chemistry 3rd. Region Rio de Janeiro - the Holy Spirit.

Location: FABAVI - Serra Campus

Ordinance No. 223 of November 29, 2006
Technologist in Computer Networking
The course in Computer Networking Technology has modular grid current and aligned with new trends in the market, enabling our students receive a certificate of completion at the end of each module confers powers necessary to carry out activities related to the disciplines taught in the period.
The approval of the course of Computer Network Technology with the CREA - ES enables our students, after graduation, with the council to request the Portfolio for the Professional Practice of CREA-ES - Regional Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy of the State of Holy Spirit. This record is necessary for professional practice of the graduating Technology Computer Networks.
Forming Technology in Computer Networks, with common sense and entrepreneurial spirit, capable of contributing to the social and technological changes from the development of their abilities and skills and techniques.
FABAVI - Sierra
Time: Morning / Evening
Duration: 02 (two years) and 6 (six) months

MEC Authorization Ordinance No. 133, 02/02/1999
MEC Recognition Ordinance No. 3033, 28/10/2003
MEC Ordinance No. 1.804/03, 11/07/2003

MEC Authorization Ordinance No. 085, 12/02/1998
Recognition Ordinance No. MEC 1517de 16/07/2001

Titration of the Course

The design of Educational Administration Course Fabavi been developed over a bold model for learning frequently tuned to the needs of management, able to develop and consolidate skills and compentências in the art of managing organizations, processes and teams.

Grounded in the basic subjects of Contemporary Management, and aligned with market trends, the Business Administration Course Fabavi operates under a practice developed by professional trainers to prepare participants for competitive and globalized world of business.

Continually encouraged to contextualize learning, our students live, too, with extra-curricular activities that complement their academic activities.

FABAVI - Sierra
Contact Coordinator:
Msc. Salvador Adriano
Time: Night
Duration: 04 years

MEC Recognition Ordinance No. 653 of 07/05/2009 - 08/05/2009 DU

Recognition Ordinance No. 695 of MEC 02/08/2007

Titration of the Course

The course of Law FABAVI allows the student a scientific, technical, legal, humanistic and ethical, which enables you to use with common sense and intellectual ability, knowledge of the universe of law, legislation and legal rules, relating them and applying them to reality, to train professionals aware of their role as change agent of society, with technical and reflective and critical position in the circumstances.

Coordinator: Ali Jonimar Fiorio
Contact Coordinator:
Hours: Day and Night
Duration: 05 (five) years

FABAVI - Sierra
Coordinator: Leonardo Andrade de Araújo
Contact Coordinator: leonardo.araujo @
Time: Night
Duration: 05 (five) years

Authorization Ordinance
MEC Ordinance No. 4.191/04 of 15/12/2004.

Ordinance Recognition
MEC Ordinance No. 403 of 24/03/2009.

Titration of the Course
Bachelor of Nursing

Nursing as a science and art of human caring is based on the design of the completeness of man is he who takes care of that on paper, or is experiencing situations in which it is dependent on the care of others. Search harmonize the various areas of bio-psycho structure the individual and social, followed the steps of their life cycle and the political, social and cultural world in which it is inserted.

Learning begins with the knowledge of healthy man and the normal standards accepted by the scientific community, preparing students to envision the process of health promotion and disease prevention.

The courses are considered basic in the training process, responsible for the theoretical foundation of other disciplines, are organized so that the contents are linked both horizontally within the same period, the vertical level, establishing the necessary links with vocational subjects.

Coordinator (a)
Msc.Andréia Soprani dos Santos
Master in Public Health
Specialist in Occupational Health Nursing
andreia.santos @

Location: Sierra
Time: Morning
Duration: 04 (four) years

Ordinance Recognition
Sierra - MEC Ordinance No. 344/05 of 01.02.2005
Guarapari - Ordinance No. 522, August 22, 2006

Titration of the Course
Degree in Pedagogy

The Faculty of Education of Fabavi, whose main goal is to form ethical professionals with broad and realistic vision of the dimensions of learning, which can carry out teaching in kindergarten and early grades of elementary school, as well as other areas in which knowledge is provided teaching and may also act as educator, organization of educational work being developed in the field of planning, implementation and evaluation of the educational process and non-formal.

As profiles of graduates of the course is expected that the future is Fabavi Pedagogue formed by a trained professional to detect the problems of school and non-formal and act as a means of articulating the demands which require a broad vision of the organization of educational work, the be developed in the field of teaching, planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of educational processes.

To meet these requirements, the aforementioned Pedagogy Course is organized under six months, has a load of 3.200h for effective academic work, as follows: 2.800h of training activities; 300h and 100h of supervised complementary activities.

Fabavi - Sierra
Coordinator (a):
Msc. Ana Marta Bianchi de Aguiar

Fabavi - Guarapari
Coordinator (a):
Msc.Janinha Gerke of Jesus

Time: Night
Duration: 04 (four) years
End of Course Work
As a partial requirement for the degree in Pedagogy student performs work Completion of course, with topics linked to the assumptions of their training and the need for their socio-professional, the same being guided by a teacher of the course.
The Supervised Practices, as obligatory curriculum on training and professional qualification, obey the law and should be performed in private schools and / or public, with the workload required 300 hours, being distributed along the course from the third period .
Each class receives the monitoring of teachers to perform their activities. Its essential purpose is the solidification of experience in the field of work where practical experiences enabling students to a deepening of their academic and professional knowledge, allowing the realization of a critical reflection on educational practices.
Complementary Activities

Complementary activities must be met throughout the course, consisting of 100 hours.
Students are encouraged to direct their training to more activities with which they identify through outreach activities and technical visits. The course also offers students choices of activities that contribute also to the deepening of knowledge in certain areas.

Authorization Ordinance
MEC Ordinance No. 4.184/04 of 15/12/2004.

Titration of the Course
Degree in Biological Sciences

Biology is the science that studies living beings, the relationship between them and the environment, beyond the processes and mechanisms that regulate life.

The introduction of full undergraduate course of Biological Sciences provides training for teachers of science and biology the next meet gaps in this area.

The course is designed to work both in education and research, and may, for the graduates from the Masters, making it fit to teach in Higher Education, is responsible for scientific research, mentor students, among others.

The professionals trained in this area have a leading role in issues that involve the knowledge of nature.

Coordinator (a)
Prof. Ana Paula Pereira Valentine
apaulavp.vix @
Doctor in Sciences - USP

FABAVI - Sierra
Time: Night
Duration: 04 (four) years

Authorization Ordinance
MEC Ordinance No. 4.182/04 of 15/12/2004.

Titration of the Course
Degree in Physical Education

The main focus on training our students is the sense that to complete the course he has a solid background and professional staff, that mastered the skills involved in their professional work and is a professional entrepreneur, able to manage her professional life directing for the continuing education, social responsibility and respect for human beings.

The teaching methods adopted, through lectures, papers, projects, technical visits, lectures, seminars, among others, allow not only to provide students with a consistent theoretical content, but also a broad practical knowledge.

Valdir Msc.Flávio Kirst
flavio.kirst @

Master in Physical Education from the Federal University of Espirito Santo, ES
Full Degree in Physical Education from the Faculty of the Salesian Vitória / ES
Bachelor of Theology from the School of Theology / RS

FABAVI - Sierra
Time: Night
Duration: 03 (three) years

Order of recognition

The course will form professional journalistic profile, giving conditions to its graduates to acquire skills and abilities to:

Prof. Msc. Klaus Bragança
Master of Communication and Contemporary Culture
Graduated in Communications / Advertising

FABAVI - Guarapari
Regime: Half
Time: Night
Duration: 04 (four) years

Order of recognition


Prof. Msc. Klaus Bragança
Master of Communication and Contemporary Culture
Graduated in Communications / Advertising

FABAVI - Guarapari
Regime: Half
Time: Night
Duration: 04 (four) years

Health Area

Oncology Nursing
Nurses train professionals (as) fit to carry a qualified nursing care to cancer patients, guided by ethical principles and legal practiced in outpatient, hospital or home care (home care).

PHC - Primary Health Care and Family Health
Train and update on Primary Health Care and Family Health, health care professionals so that they are able to perform management functions, planning, quality care, analysis and evaluation of the Unified Health System

Nursing Labor
Train specialists in Occupational Health Nursing, able to perform management functions in health and worker safety.

Physical Education Specialization
In order to promote the skills of physical education professionals and related areas of education, within a perspective of continuing education, the course of post-graduation courses in Physical Education seeks to provide effective conditions for the further development, updating and improvement of knowledge and techniques directly related to those teachers.
Coupled with teaching practice, it is necessary a constant reflection on the technical, scientific and philosophical that affect the quality of professional practice of physical education teacher.
The FABAVI seeks to train professionals to act with responsibility, creativity and critical, providing the healthcare professional the opportunity to expand their vision of the school environment, restoring their social role as a transforming agent of the reality of physical education in Brazil.
Whereas the updated knowledge are enriched academically when faced with a critical and participatory with the knowledge gained by practical experience of those already working in the area of Physical Education, the Graduate Course in Physical Education aims to contribute to the enhancement of human resources critically committed to the profession and open to new theoretical and practical knowledge that pervade this area of human knowledge. N
this context and understanding the importance of further studies and research aimed at the area school, which is the main area of concern and professional performance of the physical education teacher, the course offers FABAVI post-graduation courses in Physical Education.

Area of Law

Civil Law and Civil Procedure
The postgraduate course in Civil Law and Civil Procedure, stems from the need of new law practitioners in light of recent legislative changes arising from new legal paradigm legislative constitutional light. Indeed, the course will give the professional a better performance in their theoretical and practical aspects.

Judicial Expertise Labor - On Line (Agreement FABAVI)

Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
The postgraduate course in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, stems from the need of new law practitioners in light of recent legislative changes arising from new legal paradigm legislative constitutional light. Indeed, the course will give the professional a better performance in their technical and practical aspects.

Administration Area

Human Resource Management
Train specialists in people management by providing technical and critical competence in the field of administration. Developing strategic vision and expand the business vision always considering the central importance of people to the performance of organizations.

Corporate Finance
Produce and encourage the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities to act effectively in the financial and professional competence. Size the importance of controlling the business environment.

Business Management
Encourage graduates to professionals and active in several areas, the deepening of their theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Business Management.

Strategic Management of Religious Entities
The Postgraduate Course - MBA in Strategic Management of Religious Entities aims to enable participants to construct, propose, develop and advise on Strategic Management of Religious Entities of nonprofits, projects and actions effective in meeting the various demands generated by the question social.

Strategic Marketing Management
Contribute to increase the training of qualified human resources capable of guiding, analyzing and applying concepts and tools essential to the administration of Marketing. Raise levels of efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness in implementing new technologies related to Enterprise Marketing.

Strategic Logistics and International Business
Provide professionals working or seeking work in the field of Logistics a systemic view of the importance and operation of logistics activity as a factor for competitive differentiation in the management of the company.

Area Energy
Management in Oil and Gas and Alternative Energy Sources
Filling gap in human resources of the domestic industry, particularly skilled labor in the oil, natural gas and alternative energy. Also, qualification of teachers of higher education institutions specialized in oil, gas and energy.

Area Education
Business Education
Preparing professionals to work in the area of human resources in enterprises of different sectors, aiming to contribute pedagogically the efficiency of people involved in the production of products or services and teaching learning.

Post - Graduate in Special Education / Inclusive
Provide expertise, improvement and professional development as well as conditions for continuing education of educators.

Post - Graduate Teaching in Higher Education
The course's main objective answer to a demand for education professionals concerned with updating and reflecting on teaching practice and other professionals who wish to enter a career in teaching.

Post - Graduate in Computer Education
Contribute to the continued training of Vocational Education, subsidizing it to the use of computers as didactic and pedagogical tool, critically and creatively, and preparing it to act as coordinator, advisor or supervisor of educational programs that take into consider the use of information technology in schools of public and private education.

Post - Graduate Education Management
Learn the basics of school management in its relationship with the social and pedagogical practices as an axis of management. Get knowledge in regard to political and legal education from the perspective of management.

Institutional Psychopedagogy
The course's main objective to develop competencies and skills that constitute basic training, providing a theoretical understanding and reflection on the educational development of the activities of the specialist in Educational Psychology.

Area Biology
Management and Education being environmentally
Among the many demands required by modern society that affect the world local and global environmental concerns has come to prominence in the face of significant relevance to the quality of life of populations. And this concern can be seen from the global point of view or a particular organization. This course has two approaches. The course in Environmental Management and Environmental Education is a postgraduate course, this program aims at strengthening the theoretical, technical and educational activities for this particular area.

Environmental Expertise
The course aims to train professionals in the environmental area the know-how for the implementation of projects, performing expertise, appraisals and environmental reports (EIR) and its applications and also to act on possible technical advice to businesses protect the environment.

Marine Biology
The course in Marine Biology aims to qualify and prepare professionals to work in coastal environments, promoting knowledge and sustainable use of the environment for the enhancement of marine biodiversity of the globe.

Governance of Information Technology
Providing skills development for the management of information technology enabling students to build IT strategies by applying acquired knowledge using techniques and procedures in alignment with business strategies.

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