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Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas do Triângulo Mineiro
Uberaba, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


Train people with entrepreneurial vision and social, with their critical thinking, moral and ethical, able to search and knowledge management, enabling them to meet the challenges of their time.


Teachers Karim Abud Mauad Manoel Rodrigues Neto and take, respectively, the Presidency and the Finance Board ACIU - Associação Comercial, Industrial and Services of Uberaba.

The Accounting Course, under the coordination of prof. Manoel Rodrigues Neto, receives distinction of four stars in a national survey and ranks as one of the best courses in the region.
The MOE recognized courses in Business Administration with emphasis in International Commerce and Administration with emphasis in Marketing.
On December 31 the President of ACIU Sr Gilberto Andrade Rezende makes delivery of the building sold R Uniube.

Professor Luiz Ricardo Resende Condo is conducted and the general direction of Professor Marco Antonio de Oliveira, took the deputy academic director of FCETM. Among the objectives of the new academic management are improving the academic control, implementation of the Institutional Development Plan and implementation of innovative educational policies.
The board of ACIU decides to sell part of the premises of FCETM. The two blocks are sold traditional college for the University of Uberaba.

The FCETM has its PDI-Institutional Development Plan approved by MEC.
The NUTED (Center for Educational Technology) launches its first project. The SIGA-academic management system, which was developed exclusively by professionals NUTED, comes to represent an important new tool for academic management.
The Academic Secretariat and all administrative departments are transferred to the third block from campus.

Professor Paulo Roberto Ferreira is renewed Condo overall direction and Professor Quadros Baptist Nepomuk Bridges takes the vice-director of FCETM. Among the objectives of the new academic management are improving the academic control, approval of the Institutional Development Plan, the update regimental and innovative implementation of educational policies.

Professor Paulo Roberto Ferreira, took the general manager of FCETM. Transfer of the library for the 3rd block. Creation of NUTED "Center for Educational Technology." Professor Bridges Quadros, responsible for creating the NUTED, is required to coordinate it and to promote the diffusion of technology in college. Site creation of FCETM -

The Accounting Course, under the coordination of prof. Quadros Bridges, receives the "A" concept in Provão MEC.
Beginning of new courses on "Administration - Emphasis in Marketing" and "Management - Emphasis in Foreign Trade."

Course of Business receives the "A" concept of MEC. Mount the extension course in strategic management Empresarial.FCETM deploys Business Incubator is a support structure Condo generation and consolidation of the works Empresas.As 3. Block began in June. Deploys the postgraduate courses "MBA - Master of Business Administration" in "Business Management" in partnership with FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Opening of two new courses Postgraduate "Lato Sensu" Strategic Management of Human Resources, Marketing and Market Strategy. The course of Economics was ranked 4. place in Minas Gerais by the MEC.
The course deploys FCETM Postgraduate Araxá-MG.

The concept FCETM receives the "A" by the MEC in physical facilities and pedagogical design, creation of two courses of post-graduation "Lato Sensu" in "Strategic Marketing Management" and "Controllership."

Professor Herminio Bizinoto Jr., will become executive director. Its goal is the need for interconnection of theoretical knowledge with the labor market;
Creation of ETFG - Technical School of Management Training-SEBRAE-MG, high school course in administration and technical-opening and starts to run at the FCETM;
FCETM MEC concept is rated "B" in the categories of the evaluation of the institution as regards physical facilities, educational projects and titration of the faculty.

Top two courses Postgraduate Sensu Lato - Marketing Management Financial and Economic Management

ACIU sworn by the new director general Laertius Sampaio da Silva's goal is the creation of the Junior Company, aiming to offer students a realistic knowledge of a company. Creation of post-graduate broad sense in Controlling and Finance.

Business incubator opened in partnership with Uberaba ACIU-(FCETM) / SEBRAE-MG;

Professor Luiz Ricardo Resende will become executive director, creates and starts the CEPES technical courses: Accounting for not accountants and Data Processing.

ACIU FCETM delivers its own headquarters on February 18, the day that begins the school year. The institution will offer courses in Masters in Business Administration and Human Resources.

Postgraduate Course of Economic Sciences, with faculty of masters and doctors of the Federal University of Uberlandia;
New director general Professor Antonio Mendonca Bilharinho, MEC recognizes the Accounting Course opened in 1985.

ACIU gives name to the blocks of the university campus, honoring the work done towards FCETM by former presidents Léo Derenusson, Edilson Jose Vitor Simonetti and Aragon;
Starts 1 ª. tuma Graduate in Accounting, in the new building even without completing the work.

General Meeting of Members of ACIU, held in January 10, authorizing the construction of a headquarters for FCETM.

Operation Accounting Course is approved by the MEC on December 21. Giving his mission as accomplished, the director Augusto Afonso Neto leaves the direction of FCETM, passing it to Professor Andrew Bartoletti Jr.

The course in Business Administration is recognized by the MEC on January 31. Formed by a second group of administrators. Begins the struggle for the creation of Accounting Course.

FCETM moved from building to leased premises in ACIU College Our Lady of Sorrows.

The operation of the current Board, the Federal Decree of 27 March ACIU's board, chaired by José Cury Peres, acquired in a University district court 8.000m ˛, for R Construction of a headquarters for FCETM.

The teacher takes the helm Afonso Augusto Neto, in February;

The economics course is recognized by the MEC, through the Federal Decree of 29 December. First graduating class grade glue. Director Alfonso Augusto Neto starts, along with the board of ACIU, managements for creating the course business administration.

Leo Derenusson passes the direction of Sister Loretta FCETM Condo, which later returned to Goias assuming the direction of the institution's deputy director Newton Vilhena, sworn in as permanent director on 18 November.

Presidential Decree of January 1 creates FCETM, establishing ACIU, under President Edilson Simonetti, as the keeper of the educational institution superior.Assume the post of first director of the FCETM Ex-President Mr. ACIU. Leo Derenusson, Professor de Paiva Glaycon gives the inaugural lecture. The instutuiçăo began work on building ACIU.

President of Commercial and Industrial Association of Uberaba (ACIU), Leo Derenusson, conceives the idea of creating the School of Economics of the Mining Triangle (FCETM).

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