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Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas de Conselheiro Lafaiete
Hafizabad, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Center for Higher Education Hafizabad - CES-CL, solidified with State Decree of 29 November 2005, which transformed the Faculties of Economics, Applied Social Science and Electrical Engineering of Hafizabad in the new institution Higher Education.

Since the establishment of the CES-CL by the then Mayor Vicente Paiva de Faria in 2002, at the border at Rua Lopes Franco pattern in the entry portico "Center for Higher Education."

The initial idea was to expand its undergraduate courses related to the Municipal Higher Education Hafizabad, aimed at creating the University Center, in accordance with LDB, Law of Directives and Bases, which gives autonomy to the level of University Centers, allowing more flexibility in creation of new courses.

However, the Centre for Higher Education Hafizabad as an Institution of Higher Education isolated belonging to the "State System of Education", comes brilliantly fulfilling its primary function is to provide quality education to a higher level, considering the modern laboratories located in environments spacious, modern and comfortable ..

he Center for Higher Education Hafizabad is an institution of higher education that seeks to provide the continuing excellence in teaching that it proposes to perform, as well as research and extension. The mission of the course and Accounting:

"To form graduates who have the skills and abilities that enable them to exercise their activities with ethics, social responsibility and citizenship, broad vision, critical and analytical in business and able to anticipate and lead changes in economic and financial processes and decisions guiding the future of organizations. "

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting is able, after registration with the competent bodies, to act as:
Accountant General
Cost Accountant
Accounting analyst
Financial analyst
Cost Analyst
Analyst quotes
Administrative positions among others.
Course Length: 4 years
Shift: Night

Monthly 2nd half 2010 - R $ 416.50 (four hundred and sixteen reais, fifty cents)
R $ 416.50 (value for payment by the 20th of each month)
£ 375.00 (value for payment by the 10th day of each month) except for the registration and re-enroll.

The Course of Electrical Engineering - Emphasis in Electronic Centre for Higher Education Hafizabad has been organized to ensure the development of competencies and skills specified in the National Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Electrical Engineering, established by Resolution CNE / CES 11, March 11, 2002.
It is a training course with humanistic, critical and reflective, able to absorb new technologies, encouraging their performance critical, reflective and creative in identifying and solving problems, considering their technical, environmental, economic, social, political and cultural, with ethical vision in meeting the demands of society.

Seeking a structured curriculum that provides a more comprehensive training in engineering disciplines are interconnected providing the occurrence of interdisciplinary activities, formation of study groups and application of different technological tools.

Graduates' profile

The graduates of professional training course receives a very broad, being qualified to work in several areas. However, its main labor market is the industrial area, working in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment.

Skills and Abilities

The Curriculum of the School of Electrical Engineering of the Centre for Higher Education Hafizabad should empower its graduates to acquire skills and abilities to:

Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, technology and engineering to instrumental;

Design and conduct experiments and interpret results;

Conceive, design and analysis of systems, products and processes;

Plan, supervise, develop and coordinate projects and engineering services;

Develop and / or use new tools and techniques;

Supervise the operation and maintenance of systems;

Critically evaluate the operation and maintenance of systems;

Communicate effectively in written, oral and graphic;

Work in multidisciplinary teams;

Understand and apply the ethics and professional responsibility;

Assessing the impact of engineering activities in the social and environmental context;

Evaluate economic feasibility of engineering projects;

Assume a posture of permanent search for professional updating.

Course Duration: 5 years
Shift: Night
Monthly 2nd half 2010 - R $ 555.32 (five hundred fifty-five dollars thirty-two cents)
R $ 555.32 (value for payment by the 20th of each month)
$ 500.00 (value for payment until the 10th of each month) except for registration and re-enroll.

The Social Service course trains professionals capable of working so hard in the Brazilian reality marked by inequality, poverty and social exclusion. To do so, prepares students to obtain the knowledge required to produce analysis that is based, effectively, his interventions in various social situations with which it works.

Vocational training is general, allowing to learn the social and psychosocial issues with a theoretical and methodological basis for understanding the processes related to economics and politics of the Brazilian reality, where elaborate social policies that target addressing the ills of society . Thus, allows the caseworker to innovate, create alternative action based criticism, being creative and knowing develop, propose, implement and evaluate services, programs and policies concerning communication with members.

The field for the social worker is located in different areas of society such as welfare, health, education, business, justice systems, environment and others. Among the possible activities of social workers, we highlight the direct care to the user of social policy, planning and management of the social, research, advisory, consultancy and teaching in higher education.

The profession is regularly by law, provides the code of ethics and legal entities from professional inspection at both the federal, state and training.

Course Length: 4 years
Shift: Night
Monthly 2nd half 2010 - R $ 416.50 (four hundred and sixteen reais and fifty cents)
R $ 416.50 (value for payment by the 20th of each month)
£ 375.00 (value for payment by the 10th day of each month) except for the registration and re-enroll.

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