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Faculdades Integradas do Tapajós
Santarém, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Maintainer - Santareno Institute of Higher Education - ISES, was established in 1977, aiming to create and maintain an educational institution that would provide upper-level courses in the city of Santarem, in Para State, located in the middle course of Rio Amazonas.

Thus, the higher education institution currently known as International College of the Tapajós, which materialize the goal justifies the institution of ISES, the first educational institution of higher education of a private nature to become established in the Municipality of Santarém and around the "interland Amazon "the Ides of May 13, 1985.

Aware of its responsibilities to the Amazon, from its inception the institution has sought to consolidate a regional identity that would allow him to participate in the globalization of knowledge, an enabler of greatness of man.

The institution maintained was called initially Santareno Institute of Higher Education, pleaded with the keeper, in 1980, authorization for operation of graduate programs in Administration, Accounting and Law which, because of various obstacles to political and the advent of legal norms in the eighties balked at authorizing the operation of new courses, only came to have their runs allowed in 1985, the first two, and in 1990, the last, only at night, and with meager 50 (fifty) vacancies each in Scheme Series, taking these courses started their deployments in the same years in which they were allowed to operate.

In 1986, in the same municipality of Santarém, was set up another entity Maintainer private initiative under the name Association of Higher Education of the Middle Amazon - EMSA, also aimed at setting up higher level courses in the region through its institution maintained, the Center Higher Studies of the Middle Amazon - CESMAZON, having obtained permission from the entity operating the courses Full Degree in Biological Sciences and Undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery, in 1990, the same year that started their deployments.

In the nineties, precisely in 1993, the two keepers who work at Santarém agreed to transfer courses from EMSA that started to be kept by the ISES in order to bring together under one administration all the courses at the time of the private sector operating in region, that this determination was submitted to the MEC and won the referendum by the Ministerial Decree No. 1130 of 08 September 1995.

With the transfer of courses from EMSA that started to be kept by ISES and Santareno given by the Institute of Higher Education, the parent organization ISES pleaded with the MEC to change the name of his passing maintained to be called the International College of the Tapajos the acronym FIT, while submitted to the competent organs of the administration of higher education a new regiment, as appropriate to the new Law of Directives and Bases of Education, with these elections, after lengthy proceedings, been endorsed by the Ministerial Decree No. 1431 of December 23, 1998.

In the mean time elapsed between the transfer of courses from EMSA to ISES, the sponsor has negotiated with the Municipality of Santarém donation of an expensive urban land area, with 11,400 m2, located in the neighborhood of Old Airport and was immediately taken the historic decision to build its own headquarters to house all the courses of the institution, whose transfer process proceeding through the MEC, this construction that started in the same year 1992, had completed his first piece in the first half of next year, becoming the general design of three (3) blocks of classrooms on two floors, with a total of 28 (twenty eight) classrooms, representing 3,183 m2 of built area, whose official opening took place on April 17, 1993. In 2005, in the same area, opened a new academic building with 18 classrooms, additional educational facilities covering an additional area of 2,388 m2 built.

The following demands led to the acquisition of another area in front of the current acquired with 6.000m2 of municipal government and others where they run several academic services.

In order to broaden the educational services since 1985 been providing the community of the interior of the Amazon in 1996 Entity Maintainer pleaded with the MEC / CNE the license to operate five (5) new courses, and obtained permission to do just operate the Undergraduate Program in Economics, by Ministerial Decree No. 799 of 14 May 1999, which was added to 5 (five) courses already in operation and whose first selection process took place in May of the same years.

From May 2003 with the publication of Ministerial Ordinances numbers 1041, 1042 and 1043, from May 6, 2003, which authorized the courses for Public Bodies Management, Business Management and Management of Healthcare Organizations, respectively, FIT stray into College Courses Specific Training. These courses are recognized by the Ministerial Decrees numbers 879, 878 and 880, both dated March 16, 2005, respectively.

Seven other Colleges were Authorized Training Specific: Business Management of Inland Navigation, Agribusiness Management and Real Estate Management, through the Ministerial Ordinances Numbers 2147, 2148 and 2149, to July 16, 2004, respectively. Tourism Management, through Ministerial Decree No. 3041 of September 28, 2004. Fashion Management, Management in Journalism and Management in Foreign Trade, through Ministerial Decree No. 1160 of 08 April 2005. These courses are also recognized by the Ministerial Decree No. 1160 of 08 April 2005.

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