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Faculdade Martha Falcáo
Manaus, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The possibilities of progress, achievements and successes in the profession, are directly linked to the commitment and responsibility that provides the student with his graduation, and especially with the continued training process, which should be a constant in his life and existential professional, with a view to a permanent need to update.

The student is the protagonist of his learning, the time it seeks in the academy with the means to consolidate their purposes, to select priorities for continuous improvement of their practices, based on theories that support a competent professional.

Higher education in the Faculty Martha Hawk - FMF signals the production of knowledge in seeking resolutions to the socio-environmental issues through an educational process of excellence that addresses the demands of contemporary society and improved quality of life of its stakeholders.

With these purposes, and considering the contribution of science and technology as a contribution to advances in quality, in the socio economic and cultural Martha Hawk College, maintained by the Community College of the Amazon - IESA, participates in the forefront of offering higher education, articulated needs of the working world, circumscribed by the Amazonas State in particular and the Amazon in general, from the perspective of sustainable development.

Thus, the Martha Hawk College offers courses in administration: the lines of training Business, Finance, Marketing and Socio-Environmental; Pedagogy: on training in Early Childhood Education and Teaching of the Magisterium in the first years of elementary school and training professional education provided by Law, Law with emphasis in Tax Law, Environmental Law, Design, Accounting, Psychology, with emphasis on Health Promotion and Socio-Environmental Promotion, Social Communication, with majors in Journalism and Advertising, and Service Social. FMF is also responsible for the provision of Colleges of Technology, including, Interior Design, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Process Management; Produação Industrial.Comprometida with continuing education and qualification of human resources, FMF also offers several graduate courses in the broad sense, MBA and expertise, strengthening the areas of graduate training.

To achieve its objectives, the FMF has a team of employees, teachers and technical administrators, committed to the quality of their teaching practices in teaching, research and extension, given the magnitude of interaction, research, dialogue, challenging, innovative and critical thinking, interpersonal relations, mutual respect, collaboration, and especially the academic leadership, focusing on scientific, ethical, moral and democratic rights, restricted in its Mission Institution.

Form the whole man in a moral sense, intellectual and emotional, making it capable of acting in a competent manner, manufacturing, creative and participatory society in which they live, promoting and encouraging research and knowledge production for development of science and technology .

Promote education of the human being, the stimulation of cultural creation and cultivation of knowledge in various forms and modalities, as an exercise in constant pursuit of truth;
Train and improve professionals, specialists, technicians, teachers and researchers with a view to its completion and recovery and economic development, socio-political and cultural state, region and country;

Promote, implement and enhance the research in its different forms and methods, aimed at developing science and technology and to find solutions to the problems of society;
Acting in the field of extension, as a way of bringing the community in its area of influence values and moral values, cultural, scientific, technical and economic in order to meet their needs and aspirations, establishing a reciprocal relationship;

Preserve the moral and civic values in the search for betterment of society and promoting the common welfare;

Being a social and democratic institution, open to all currents of thought, the center of the principles of freedom with responsibility, justice and human solidarity.

Core Postgraduate and Research - nUpper
The nUpper is responsible for the promotion, development and monitoring of research and extension developed by teachers and students from various undergraduate and postgraduate FMF. It is also responsible for supply and supervision of post-school graduation and the issue of the Journal FMF, Education, Society and Environment.

Psychopedagogical Service - SAP
SAP-Psychopedagogical Service aims to develop alternatives that may improve academic performance and emotional skills at the college level. Interventions with individual and collective and coordinated by a psychologist, the SAP proposes initiatives aimed at promoting learning and meets the specific demands of students, beyond those proveneinetes of teachers and coordinators of the course. It runs from June 2nd to Friday, in time of 14h at 17h and 18h to 22h.

Led by a librarian, works as a pedagogical support to academic activities and aims to encourage reading, stimulating research literature, scientific studies and guidance and consultation. It is franchised to teachers, students and staff of the School, grades 2 to 6 Friday from 8am to 12pm and from 13h to 22h and Saturdays from 8am to 12pm. The library follows the institutional policy of updating and expanding its collection with the acquisition of securities of the literature necessary for the optimal development of courses and academic activities too.

Internet access is allowed for students and teachers within the normal time to use the Computer Lab for the purpose of study and research with the right to use for navigation, research and consultation, download the scientific papers to save them electronically brought by the user. Not allowed to use the Internet for offending morals and ethics.

Computer Lab
The Computer Labs are intended to provide researchers, teachers and academic information technology facility. The Opening hours are from 2 nd to 6 Monday from 16h to 22 h and on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm.

Laboratory Design
The Design Lab is used to help design the academic development of projects involving the use of computers in the areas of Graphic Design, Web, Multimedia, Digital Photography, and 3D CAD.

Photo Lab
The Photo Lab is used to help the students of Social Communication in developing projects and studies involving the use of technological resources and image production.

Core Academic Practice-NPA
The Center for Academic Practice - NPA, located at Rua Salvador, 458, consists of the core practices of the various courses of the Faculty: Center for Design, Shop Design, Drawing Room; NUPPEG; Center for Legal Practice, CAPS; business incubator .

Design Center
The Design Center is the place of professional training, in which the student of design, guided by teachers, have the possibility to apply the theoretical foundations on projects for professional practice.

Design Shop
The Design Shop meets the design specification of the course activities and the development needs of different jobs. Benches are arranged in this space, machinery and tools, which makes it an ideal place to conduct experiments with three-dimensional models. Its structure allows the development of models developed in paper, plaster, resin and polymer, and the development of models and objects Midsize developed in wood and metals.

Drawing Room
Aimed at desenvolvimetno practical activities of the courses of Design and Interior Design at the Drawing Room has furniture suitable for the development of design projects developed by students under faculty guidance.

Center for Research, Practice, Education and Management - NUPPEG
The NUPPEG aims to give students the necessary conditions for the development of scientific and practical knowledge related to their training in manegement the environment for project development, research development, lectures, internships and other academic outreach activities. The academic courses in Business Administration and Accounting provide advice and consultancy in areas related to their training, through agreements or contracts with to provide services to local businesses.

Nucleus Legal Practice
The Center for Legal Practice, comprised of professors and students from the Law Course, will be the integration of theory and practice. Are performed in the core activities of the simulated and real Stage of Legal Practice, supervised by teachers. Through the Center for Legal Practice are provided legal services to the community, such as legal and social assistance to the forest people, legal and financial studies, tax, among others, providing practical learning of the academic year and the social function of education .

Psychological Counseling Services - CAPS and ITCA
The Center for Psychological Support Services cover activities at the Care Center - CAPS and the Institute for Cognitive Therapy of Amazonas - ITCA. The CAPS and ITCA confuguram as reference in providing psychological services to the community with Amazon to offer space for listening, acceptance and guidance for those who, at critical moments of life or adverse situations, they need psychological counseling. It is proposed to help individuals and organizations to resolve relationship problems, in its many different meanings and levels (individual, group, intergroup, organizational, interorganizational). With this proposal opens up new clinical school model, effectively contributing to a solid education for psychologists and postgraduates in the area of cognitive comportmental.

Business Incubator
The Business Incubator FMF, starting in 2010, aims to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship, promote the diversification of local / regional economy, identify new suppliers and service providers as well as offer new products and services contribute to the development Quick start-ups, provide opportunities for further training of students and alumni. In its first phase of installation, mobilization and emphasize the awareness of the university community, to eventually house the incubator companies.

Pedagogical Workshops
The Pedagogical Workshops allow students of Undergraduate Education, the practical theory. The Martha Hawk College provides for implementation of the workshops: the Nursery Zezé de Souza Pio Pinocchio and Educational Center for the practice of education for children, and Martha Hawk College for teaching practice in the early grades of elementary school, and the core of Adult Literacy for experience in this type of education. Students of the Education Course to participate in the Pedagogical Workshops have the opportunity to develop projects in various fields of education, in addition to complying with the hours devoted to complementary activities.

Education Center and Environmental Research
As a guiding their pedagogical proposals for education, research and extension, the FMF emphasizes environmental issues, considering the aspects of economic and social sustainability, and environmental preservation. Designed to develop research activities and extension of knowledge in this area and related areas, the Center for Environmental Research and Education operates in two units: one located at Km 14 of BR 174 in Sitio NAF 6, and another in region of waterfalls, Presidente Figueiredo, 110 km from Manaus.

FMF believes that evaluation is a cyclical process, creative and innovative analysis and synthesis of the dimensions that encompass education, research, extension and management of the institution. The Institutional Evaluation Programme is conducted by the committee for assessment - CPA, who, independently, is responsible for coordination, oversight and review processes and evaluation results, and also to disseminate the results. The Institutional Evaluation Programme, fully computerized, systematic and periodic survey covers information every six months, within each course, and annually throughout the community.

Important communication channel for delineating institutional actions, the Ombudsman, linked to the CPA, is responsible for channeling the suggestions, criticisms and compliments from members of the community. From 2010, the Ombudsman, in addition to functioning through printed, is then accessed electronically at the Faculty website.

The Auditorium "Hawk Nelson" in each six month period in the opening hours of the Faculty, will be available to teachers and students for meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops, classes and other academic activities.

Mini Auditorium
In each six month period and the opening hours of the Faculty, is available to teachers and students for meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops, classes and other academic activities.

Living area
The Martha Hawk College has three canteens, two downstairs and one on the 1st floor Amazon Café, features tables and chairs suitable for small meals during the break between the normal academic activities.

The sports court is a covered area available to the academic community of Martha Hawk College for cultural activities, festivals and sporting events.

Central Directory of Students - DCE
The Central Directory of Students - DCE Hawks - founded in 16/02/2001, is a civil, independent, non-partisan political affiliation, affiliated to the National Union of Students and the UNE Students' Union of UEA Amazonas, with its own office premises FMF's own, is an independent body and the bodies of the Faculty of representation and organization of students.

Additional Information
Admission to undergraduate courses is done by ranking in the selection process, by way of transfer from another HEI or Diploma Holder as Studied by the classification process. The Faculty offers a Martha Hawk Control System Academic Semester automated, in which the student has available a range of information, through personalized service, or by the institution's site in contact. Upon identification of the record of registration and password, students can access the menu of queries: notes, confirmation of registration, lack of boundaries; monthly salaries; transcripts.

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