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Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia


University description (as per official university website)

Private Technical University of Santa Cruz (UTEPSA), founded on September 9, 1994, No. 3409/94 with legal, Ministerial Resolution No. 076/99 and Resolution 350/95 and 516/96 Secretarial as a result of many years experience in technical training for youth by founding shareholders, the family Hajari. Is a private university, inspired by the universal principles of the Baha'i Faith.

The University is non-denominational and not partisan politics. Indeed, in the curriculum there is no compulsory subject for the investigation of the Baha'i Faith. No student, academic and / or officer is required to attend or participate in religious activities of the Baha'i community. Thus, the University puts into practice the fundamental principle of the Baha'i Faith: Unity in Diversity.

In 1995 UTEPSA start of their academic activities with 5 races at the technical level and a Level Higher Degree, under the academic organization of a Rector and two Faculties of Economics, Finance and Administration (FEFA) and the other sciences Exact and Technology (FET), with Resolution 350/95 Secretarial under the responsibility of Legal Mohammadzad Mr. Mohamad Hajari.
Before concluding his training students applied for the extension of the Higher Technical Level Careers Degree level. On October 16, 1996, the University requested the Ministry of Education expansion and operation of an undergraduate career and three to higher technical level. Permission was obtained by Secretarial Decision 516/96.

As of August 8, 2000, the University obtained the authorization to open the College of Graduate Studies by RS 288/00. Thus, the Graduate College opens its doors on August 11, 2000, giving the community the potential for specialization of human resources through Masters, Diploma and specialization courses.

In 2001 Modular System consolidates UTEPSA, being the first university to revolutionize the education sector with this new system. Thanks to its students and academic staff, managed to get the FULL UNIVERSITY certification. Demonstrating that not only the old count, but also the quality, creativity, aggressiveness and innovation, attributes that characterize UTEPSA.

2003 · Campus UTEPSA Esq Av Cañoto Ingavi
. In 2002, he moved to UTEPSA Avenue Building Cañoto, first ring, corner Av Landivar, to provide greater convenience to its growing student body. That same year, they updated the logo of the university, making him a significant position, acordeal growth and initiated substantial changes in that time.
The result of these efforts, students will increase considerably, leading to new projections. In October 2004, the Private Technical University of Santa Cruz moved to its own facilities located on the third outer ring No.715 between San Martin and Av Av Busch, in October 2004. UTEPSA university campus has a unique design, spacious classrooms with technological and audiovisual equipment, structured cabling for networks, panoramic elevators, laboratories with high technology equipment, wireless internet, recreation areas, sports fields, indoor coliseum, park , nursing, fitness center and food court.
That same year the College of Architecture and the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz Sociedad Anónima (UPSA), was awarded "Best architectural work in 2004" to our campus to be the most modern in the country, built 22,000 meters over an area of 45,000 square meters.
On November 29, 2004, through Ministerial Resolution 602/04, UTEPSA changed its name to "Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz Technology Corporation," ustainability in the application of technologies for the development of teaching-learning process through its faculty, programs, methods and media, technological innovations, new laboratories equipped and international agreements with technology leaders like IBM, 3Com, Oracle and Microsoft.

2005 · Campus UTEPSA
For the academic administration in 2006, starts UTEPSA technological modernization, renovation, and teacher training and administrative reorganization to consolidate as a learning organization, committed to society, quality, technological innovation and comprehensive education. Today we aim to do so, reflecting the promise in each of our achievements and activities.

In the year 2007 within UTEPSA performed a thorough re-engineering and financial management to prepare and meet the challenges of providing quality educational services. Reorganization of the Board of the University, was appointed new officers and organize academic areas, administrative and service.
From the academic administration of 2008 Product of the profound academic, administrative and service UTEPSA harvest the first fruits to increase student enrollment, administer the resources and work in coordination between all areas. In this administration began the process with the Ministry of Education to open three new courses: Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing.

The recognition of the role of academic excellence and social responsibility UTEPSA is recognized by his students, society and the private universities to appoint as chairman of the National Association of Regional Universities in Bolivia Santa Cruz to our Rector. This recognition extends nationwide and our Rector is elected by all the private universities as President of National Association of Private Universities of Bolivia (ANUP).
In the last academic management have had a response from the community trust to receive students from all corners of the country, which has meant a substantial increase in our student population.

When completing the first 15 years of training leading professional, academic management have begun 2010 with the reactivation of a race with a lot of demand and meets the needs of society and Agro Mechanical Engineering. In addition to a considerable demand for entry to other careers. We are facing an ambitious project to redesign the curriculum for all races and we have also entered the process to certify our quality academic careers to MERCOSUR Industrial and Commercial Engineering and Electronic Engineering and Systems by Arcu SUR system is.


Ensure that each student develop a quality academic experience, excellence, values, social responsibility, innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurial skills for their comprehensive training to meet
the demands of a globalized market.

The mission is summarized in:


Being a university with an innovative teaching system that produces successful students, proactive, critical thinking, creative and competent leaders, capable of solving problems, entrepreneurs,
social responsibility and identified with their university.

Being a university with an organization made up of highly competent, motivated and recognized expertise.

The vision is summarized in:

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