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Instituto Universitario CEMIC
Norberto Quirno, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

Teaching is one of the pillars supporting the high quality of care provided by the CEMIC. Therefore, from its inception, undertook formal university education, in association with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires, UBA, to teach students of the School of Medicine.
In late 1997, thanks to the work developed from this partnership, CEMIC obtained official recognition to create the IUC. In the careers of Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing, cytotechnology, thirteen races of specialization and three residence halls that are based on historical residences. The titles given are valid nationwide.

The relationship of CEMIC with the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA goes back to 1958. From this year, students were enrolled in the medical career in the CEMIC, the subject Medical Clinic in the chair of Professor Dr. Norbert Quirno.

Then, in 1972 created the Hospital Teaching Unit, comprising 4. , 5. and 6. Nd year of the medical career. With approval of the faculty, curriculum innovations introduced CEMIC transcendent as full-time students and interns Revolving 6 th year.

In 1992, the UBA appointed Associate CEMIC Hospital. Therefore received until 1998 15 students per year to pursue Plan B for free the six-year medical career.

Since 1998, having been put into operation the IUC, the National Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAU), credited the 6 races of specialization that is dictated and that are based on medical residency. Today the thirteen races of expertise that are issued under that mode, have the proofs of CONEAU.

Medical career, which began operations in 1999, was accredited by the CONEAU in 2001, 2005 and 2010. In 2006 he was also accredited by the Educational Mercosur, thus becoming one of the three races of medicine in Argentina that have this accreditation.

In 2002 he created the Academic Unit Research Institute, in 2003 he joined the race cytotechnology two-year history which is during the CEMIC cytotechnology issued for more than twenty years with the support and government DAFACC the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in 2009 it began offering the Bachelor of Nursing.

CEMIC Institute Mission:

The UCC is responsible for developing university teaching, research and extension:

Comprehensive training of teachers and pupils, promoting values and attitudes that are vital to the humanistic tradition of universal culture;

a valid environment that encourages the search for integrative approaches based on diversity and pluralism;

seeking a balance between tradition and innovation and harmonious development between the mind and body, and

encouraging students to obtain a permanent updating and improvement through self-interest and effort.

Since its inception, through its link with the University of Buenos Aires, the CEMIC has helped train more than 1000 physicians and many other professionals have completed their postgraduate training.
In 1997, with the approval of the Interim National Executive, the Institute created CEMIC CEMIC (IUC).
In 1998, we began the School of Medicine Academic Unit dictates grade three runs, 13 runs of specialization, some 30 postgraduate courses annually and develops a Continuing Professional Development Program for professionals CEMIC.
In 2002, created the Academic Unit IUC Research Institute, which has 24 researchers in different categories.
In 2009, by Decree N 69/09, IUC was awarded to the ultimate recognition to operate as a private university.
The UCC encourages medical education and grants 130 scholarships annually to students and residents.
Over fifty years ago that the way CEMIC professionals who serve the community in various institutions of the country and abroad.

Career Level:
La Carrera de Medicina is issued since 1999 and is accredited by the MERCOSUR CONEAU and Education. Cytotechnology is issued since 2003. In 2009, we initiated the Bachelor of Nursing also provides interim title Nurse university / a.

Specialization 13 accredited by the CONEAU, which are based on medical residency and university degree of national validity.
2 dormitories.
30 annual refresher courses.
PROCAP: Training Program in Adult Primary Care.

Summary of teaching activities developed between 1958 and 2009

Teaching of CEMIC address

1026 Medical courses or part of the School of Medicine of the UBA in CEMIC (period from 1958 to 2003).
345 nursing assistants were trained in the CEMIC (period from 1978 to 1997).
85 nurse practitioners were trained in the CEMIC (between 1982 and 1999).
166 cytotechnologists were trained in the CEMIC (between 1982 and 2002).
CEMIC Institute

Career Grade - Medicine

116 Medical graduates (from 2004 to 30/12/2009).
51 cytotechnologists graduates (from 2004 to 30/12/2009).
Graduate - Specialization and University Residences

Residents formed 826 (period 1959 to 05/31/2009).
153 titled Specialist Medical graduates (from 1999 to 05/31/2009), these specialists are included in the 826 residents.
Postgraduate courses

168 postgraduate courses conducted (from 2002 to 30/12/2009).

Rotations 76 government hospitals residents of the City of Buenos Aires (from 2001 to 30/12/2009).
50 rotations by students and professionals from abroad (from 1998 to 30/12/2009).

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