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Instituto Universitario Gaston Dachary
Selden, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

The University Gastón Dachary (UGD) has its most distant background training activities developed by its founders, Mr. Luis E. Alba Lichowski and Prof. A. Perez de Lichowski, during the decade of 80 in the Technology sector, which in 1990 resulted in the creation of Private Institute of Higher Studies Mission-IPESMI-first secular private institution of higher education in the province, which also developed the first top-level career in the field of Information Technology in Missions.

Brief Historical Review
First steps towards the creation of a university
Discusses with officials from the Ministry of Education's feasibility
creation of a private university in Misiones.
University Project
Government is presented to the project of creating IUGD.
CONEAU recommends approval of IUGD.
By Order No. 95/97, the IUGD is the first institution within the
country receiving the assent of the body.
Opening act IUGD
September 18 is performed formal opening ceremony, having begun
academic activities.
First Institutional Assessment.
It develops self-evaluation and external evaluation later, by which
a committee of six experts discussed the development and institutional status and performs
in-situ observations.
Approval of Report of External Evaluation
CONEAU approves the report IUGD External Review, available at
Recommendation IUGD final recognition.
CONEAU recommends that the Executive Power to grant full autonomy
the institution.
Transformation in University
Dell by the Executive Decree granting the final recognition
Gastón Dachary the University.

Initially, the race was rendered Systems Analyst, rising in subsequent years as technician in the areas of Management, Marketing and International Trade, as well as the faculties of Computer Science and English at the headquarters of Eldorado, founded in 1996.

Already in 1992, the founders, with the then Rector of IPESMI, Prof. Waldemar Cricel, and a group of teachers and students, made contact with officials from the Ministry of Education's Office to explore the future possibility of creating a university on the basis of IPESMI. Based on the guidelines set forth in talks with Assistant Secretary of University Policy, Dr. Eduardo Mundet, outlines a roadmap for subsequent years.
After several procedures, dated February 2, 1995, was formally constituted IPESMI Foundation, which manages the permission of the study proposal to the Executive Branch. The IPESMI already had in those years, a significant presence in the Province . Maintains links with professionals and universities in the country and abroad, with bonds of cooperation that contribute to their academic development.

IPESMI Foundation
IPESMI Foundation is the entity sponsoring the institution and its objectives are to promote studies on the region level in different areas of human knowledge, promote research in various fields of science and technology and disseminate science and technology in population. To fulfill these purposes organizes courses, conferences and refresher courses, publishes reading material, and organizes educational units creates innovative courses that suit the market needs and business requirements.

The university project
The background to the project of creating a private university establishment in the Province of Misiones back to the first meeting held IPESMI managers with education authorities in 1992. Based on guidelines established at that time the Foundation has worked to develop the institution would be the basis of the new establishment, making contacts with partners and institutions that contribute to the target and to develop the project, which would be finally presented in February 1995.

The draft of the first private university in the province is based on the structures of IPESMI, and draws on an institutional project that includes, besides the economic and legal requirements required by law, the statutes academics, various regulations, plans study, a "five-year development plan" that includes building industry development, teacher training, scientific and technical research and development, among others.
The establishment is part of the figure of "Institute" institution with full university hierarchy, but with a single faculty.

The creation of IUGD draft was submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Education on February 24, 1995. His general guidelines were raised in 1993, growing most of the development during 1994. The development of the proposal were conducted background searches in various universities in the country and discussed initiatives, statutes, regulations, curricula, five-year plan, with officials and IPESMI teachers, professionals and environmental educators. In addition, there was a market study as well as surveys in enterprises and establishments of secondary education in the province.

In short, the original project included:
Fundamentals of creation.
Proposed organization.
Members of the governing bodies.
Legal requirements.
Academic Staff Draft.
General Regulation Studies.
Institutional Mission.
Graduate profile, teacher profile.
Field of study and proposed teaching style.
Curriculum and Research.
Specifications related to teacher training, university extension, community relations and other academic institutions and institutional assessment.
Five-Year Development Plan, detailing plans for future educational developments in different areas and dimensions: infrastructure, human resources.
Regulations teachers and teacher recruitment and training plan for human resources.

Five-Year Plan of receipts and expenditures.
Drawings, photographs and formal documentation.
In addition, he joined a special group for every race proposal. These are:
Bachelor in Business Administration, with intermediate degree of Technical Administration.
National Public Accountant.
Degree in Marketing.
Degree in International Trade.
Computer Engineering, with two orientations and intermediate titles and Technical Systems Analyst Programmer
Among the basics of creating, expressing that there were no alternatives Missions private universities, stressing the need for formal assertion of the country in a border region and to implement careers exist in the province such as Computer Engineering and Bachelor in Marketing and International Trade.
Authorization process and initial
In February 1995, was in effect the Law 17,604 and Decree 2330/93, in Article 6th., Provided that requests for authorization should be submitted in advance of 360 calendar days from the date on which the projected start academic activities, which are intended to begin the dictation of the university in March 1996, when they end up being wishful thinking.

From the observations made by the National University Management - DNGU ", in May 1995 showed changes in the organizational structure of the establishment and deepened the fundamentals of creation.
By a note dated 31 August of that year, the DNGU informed the institution that had been completed the formal requirements and then in December, that corporate goals presented correspond to the functions set out in legislation; that education should impart a university, that the proposed institution meeting the Institute features that set the scope commensurate with the nature of the securities. On the same note, there was the need to increase the hourly charges originally proposed for the different races and recommended changes to the designations of associate degrees, issues that were addressed with a new presentation in January 1996.

When you could understand that the approval process was at an advanced stage, is passed Law 24,521, through which established the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation-CONEAU, "which in Article 84 provided that the Executive branch would authorize new universities until that body was constituted and comment on the projects. This represented, in fact, the management passed the 360 days originally planned, to three years.
At its meeting on 20 and 21 October 1997, CONEAU resolved to recommend to the Ministry of Culture and Education grant provisional approval for the operation of the Instituto Universitario Gastón Dachary. The National Executive authorized to operate in February 1998 by Decree 195/98 and 11 June the same year was published in the Official Journal of the National Resolution N º. 1014/98 of the Ministry of Culture and Education which was adopted by the Academic Staff Curriculum, while official recognition and was awarded national validity for certificates issued by the IUGD. Activities started in July of that year, with 355 students, having already begun careers in IPESMI, asked his move to the new university, a process expected from the timely adaptation of programs, time and body burden teacher at the tertiary institution, in order to achieve the level that would allow that change.

In April 2008 CONEAU recommended to the National Executive to grant full autonomy to the University Institute Gastó Dachary. Finally, in February 2009 by Decree 138/09 of the National Executive was granted full recognition and authorized the change of name of, from that day, Gastón Dachary University.

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