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Universidad Nacional de Formosa
Formosa, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

University life in Formosa appears with the creation of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (UNNE-on December 14, 1956 by Decree Law N º 22,229) and college for the entire region comprising the provinces of Chaco, Corrientes, Misiones and Formosa.
In reality, the new university activities begin in Formosa with an agreement signed between the Government of the Province and the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. Later, on March 26, 1971 signed an agreement for creating the Formosa University Institute started its activity on 21 April 197.

In this area began operating the first teachers, some of which continue to date, and launches the career of Forestry in 1973.Luego by Resolution No. 0901/74, the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Nation authorizes the creation of the races to be dictated term so far, allowing a new entry for the Faculty of Biology and the creation of the Faculty of Science in Agricultural Education, to provide a basis for the eventual creation of the Faculty of Educational Sciences Agricultural and Forestry Engineering, as well as the intermediate grades that could correspond, as the basis for the eventual creation of the School of Natural Resources Renovables.Estas Faculties are created by the UNNE, as the Chancellor's Resolution No. 0375 of March 14, 1974, on the basis of the Ministerial Resolution mentioned. By Order of the Rector N ° 2082 of September 1976, unifies the functioning of academic units existing (Instituto Universitario, Faculty of Education Reform and School of Renewable Natural Resources) at the School of Renewable Natural Resources, in which dictate a stable manner, the Forestry Engineering, implementing various races completed in accordance with emerging needs.
Other university activities were addressed to agents who already played the workforce in these areas. Such was the case of the degree course in Public Administration or Technical Banking.
The term given to teachers whose registration is held in the period between 1970 and 1974 reflected the need to meet specific requirements for people who were active, although registration for these courses were open to other applicants.
In 1984 began to operate the teachers, among the races established by the Convention. In 1986 he started as a racing stable, Differentiated Teacher Education and Teacher in Biology, which continue to this day.

Building 1988, National Formosa University

By Law No. 23,631 of 24 September 1988 establishing the National Formosa University, and began the process of transferring academic units UNNE dependent, with headquarters in Formosa, to what will be the new house of studies.

1. First management organizer: by Dr. Juan Carlos Candia (National Decree N º 1699/88), with a duration of 11 months: from 09.24.1988 to 13.07.1989.

The resolutions consulted realize the first steps taken by the drive: adoption of the Statute of the University College of Lomas de Zamora, the restructuring of academic and administrative organization received from the UNNE (modifying the name of the School of Renewable Natural Resources by Natural Resources, becomes the Faculty of Agricultural Education in the Faculty of Humanities and restructuring the IUF). Immediately dictate policy instruments related to the organization and standardization: educational incompatibilities regime, Rules of educational competitions; Call for teachers teaching regular contests, electoral rules for all cloisters Electoral Calendar. Met the registration steps of applicants, approval and publication of court assessors, but this process is interrupted following the change of government in the National Order.

2. Second management Organizer: by Professor Francisco Ramón Giménez (National Decree No. 430/89). It is one of the briefest, and that records a duration of four months: from 08.07.1989 to 12.10.1989.
This administration delayed by 120 days all competitions pending teachers define the profile of the University, be amended regulations defective subjects determined by competition and the availability of the necessary budgetary provisions to cover such expenses.

Parallel to have an administrative audit and accounting and asset and establishes the basis for the competitive selection of distinctive emblem and motto UNAF.

3. Organising management Third: by Dr. Mario Ferreira Avilés (National Decree No. 164/90) with a duration of two years: from 23.01.1990 to 01.15.1992.
By agreement with the Bank of the Province of Formosa gets to dictate the race Banking Technical University, whose curriculum is approved by Resolution N º 0316/90.
There are also important developments regarding the organization and establishing the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics and transferred the non-teaching facilities, heritage property and the careers that are taught at the IUF to the new Faculty.
Then open up new careers: it creates a degree in Social Work (Resolution No. 0981/91), approving the Plan of Studies and Regulation of the race Degree in Geography (Resolution No. 0236/91) and by Resolution No. 0232 / 91 approving the Plan of Studies Degree in Psychology, all as graduate programs in the field of the Faculty of Humanities, a fact which is discussed further below.
Moreover, by Resolution No. 0998/91 approving the Plan for the Study of Race Engineering Zootecnista-five years-and-Animal Production technician in three years as the intermediate stage, within the Faculty of Natural Resources .
In terms of building infrastructure approving the construction project and the bidding documents for the construction of Module II of the campus. At the same time approving the University's administrative structure with five Secretaries-General in the Rectory.
It is clear that the Bachelor of Social Work never issued and a BA in Psychology was limited because under the rules of admission to it, allowing entry only to graduates of the School of Psychology of UNAF.
4. Fourth standardized management: by Professor Roberto Juan Acosta (Appointed Rector normalized by National Decree No. 125/92) with a duration of two years and eight months, from 16/01/1992 to 09/30/1994.
During this management in 1993 establishing the Research Center of weather and climate; subsequently expand its scope with the opening of the Astronomical Observatory, together with the General Secretariat of Planning. As the building of the campus and many offices could not accommodate the purchase of the property in 1082 with destination Brandzen Rectorate UNAF.
As developments in schools, can be the adoption of the Curriculum in Construction Engineering, Natural Resources, and the Draft "Open University" includes the Regional History Teacher Course in History, Humanities. In terms of research, the project consolidates Dairy Control with the signing of an agreement between UNAF and ACHA (-Argentino Holstein Breeders Association) for mutual cooperation.
In terms of regional activity can be said UNAF joins the College Planning Council of the Northeast Region to start the integration of universities in the region. The result of this integration is the agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Education to implement and develop provincial plans for teacher training at all levels.
Internally creates a non-binding Advisory Council on Science and Technology Area, to officiate in support of the authorities on everything related to science and technology links. Same time adopting a system of research grants and forms for submitting research projects.
As for academics, by Resolution. 1358/93 approving the Scheme Pedagogical UNAF, updating legislation was in force, and had been inherited from the stage at which depended on the UNNE. Adopting complementary roles and functions of the structure of the Chancellor and Academic Units.
Finally, we give final shape to the Internal Audit Unit and implemented a control mechanism for hiring teachers in the Academic Units.
5. Management Quinta organizer: by Dr. Hector Juan Gambarini Designated National Decree N º 1861/94 three-year, from the 24/10/1994 to 30/08/1997).
As the management which will end up joining the normal life will also be the most important and complex stage that we call ancient history, supersedes all existing structures and repealing all regulations issued to date UNAF ; are organized new administrative circuits, which sets out new features and amending the foregoing; extending the existing academic offerings, and sets up the system of public tenders aimed at achieving minimum quota of regular teachers to call early elections normalizing.

a. Academic Organization Actions

The documents consulted realize that "in order to broaden educational offerings and meet the needs of the region," creates two new academic units: the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FAEN) and the Faculty of Health Sciences , appointing Deans Organizers both these new powers as the existing Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Natural Resources.
By Resolution N º 0200/95 are ended the activities of the IUF, reallocating human and physical resources to the faculties.
In order to "restructure the academic offerings, by Resolution. 0252/95 provides for the closing of registration for the first year of racing:
Technical Banking
Technical Hydrologist
Technical Cooperative
Technical Business Administration
Civil Technician
BA in Geography.

It states that in the Faculty of Health Sciences will be taught the following courses:
Nursing College
Nursing Degree
Tecnicatura University in Obstetrics
Dental prosthesis technician in

In the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, runs:
Certified Public Accountant
Bachelor in Foreign Trade
Technician in Foreign Trade
FAEN also attend continuing education services of the races whose registration was suspended by Resolution. N º 0254/95.

By Resolution. N ° 0358/96 is transferred to the Institute of Forestry, Faculty of Natural Resources.
Curriculum design is developed from studies of language and Luso Brazilian Culture, leading to the operation of two new courses in the Faculty of Humanities: Expert Commercial and Technical Translator Portuguese (Res. 0927/95).
Administratively, it is implemented SIPEF Comechingones accounting module in the Department of Management and Development.

Completed the various electoral acts in the four faculties, it gives up its duties to which elected. Meets the first University Assembly, which is elected Rector prof. Heraldo Antonio Prieto, who is proclaimed as such by Resolution. N º 001/97.

Standard Management First elected by University Assembly:

Completed the various electoral acts in the four faculties, it gives up its duties to which elected. Meets the first University Assembly, which is elected Rector prof. Heraldo Antonio Prieto, who is proclaimed as such by Resolution. N º 001/97.

Approval and validation * National Curriculum, earrings
* Update Curriculum
* The advanced curriculum changes established by Federal Law and Higher Education Act.
* Agreements were signed for mutual cooperation for the development of teaching, research and technology transfer to municipalities in this province. and City of Chaco, to coordinate their technical, curricular and extracurricular educational, research or development activities that promote involvement in these areas, suggesting a greater awareness, responsibility and organization on issues relating to State institutions and the wider community.

* National Formosa University, approved mutual cooperation agreements with Educational Institutions International and National University, with the explicit aim of promoting the development of culture and in particular the development of higher education, scientific research and technology by developing programs and projects of cooperation between the faculties or departments of the respective institutions.
* With other institutions to develop joint programs for exchanging experiences, promoting research, advisory, consulting, internships and technical assistance linked to the problematic areas of labor and social security or areas related to the Superior Provincial Court or other State ministries of different national and provincial.

Likewise in the course of 1998 are approved: The Work Plan for the Institutional Assessment process, presented jointly by the Coordinating Board and the Central Evaluation Committee. The draft guidance for third-party services and activities agreed upon by conventions.


On July 2, 2002, Special Session, the University Assembly, convened for the election of presidents and vice presidents, as established by the Statute, Article 34 ° inc. B), pick and Vice Rector for the period September 1, 2002 to August 31, 2007.
By Resolution No. 001/02 of the University Assembly of National Formosa University, in Article 1 proclaims Rector of the Universidad Nacional de Formosa, to Mr. CARLOS ANTONIO DALFARO and its Article 2: Proclamation Vice President, Eng phthalate. MARTIN RENE ROMANO.
To assume management addressed the first task was to divide the responsibilities and put them where it really should be.
The payroll industry spent the area of the Department of Management and Development
The Campus Cleanup structure was divided into two sectors, cleaning and maintenance of the external sectors of the University Campus and the Library, depend in part on the Secretary General Academic far
The Campus Park maintenance is the responsibility of the Vice-chancellor.
The structure of surveillance, security and cleaning of the modules of the Campus has moved into the orbit of the Deans of each of the colleges that have joint resolution responsibilities assigned to personnel serving there and are the current managers.
To regulate the entire process of paperwork for careers that are offered in different faculties, was a survey was conducted of the current status of each of the races were processed and approved by the Superior and others gave impetus to to be approved by it and continue processing at national level.
Solved the problem encountered in the electrical, water and telephone
We clarified the so-called educational contests unsubstantiated. And it provides so-called new contests teachers, who come to a number of 210 teachers invited tenders
With these 210 contests teachers, plus competitions around 120 existing and already approved, would reach approximately 30% of charges and 50% of the total possible bankrupt people who work as teachers at the university.
The new academic program was in crisis as it took the decision to audit it and intervened, taking out a legal, administrative and academic treatment and legalization of teachers and students, still running.
Regarding the assessment process was stopped and very few reports, except that received in the Assembly in 2000, was closed at that stage prier to order a general report to the commission and pass the case to the Superior Council. Resolved beginning of a new and final stage in the process. For which they asked the doctor Augusto Perez Lindo, External Advisor, a proposal that was approved by the Board of Governors. Now concluded with the presentation of Final Report
As for computer services was ordered with the relevant unit, and also launched the Internet system for teachers and we are now in an attempt to solve the serious problems already at this point is the computer lab.
Minimum was achieved optimal use of physical space that allows the best performance in the areas of the University Campus.
Rearrangement proceeded to administrative tasks in support of the Superior Council. What he did in this respect is to try to improve not only the support service to the High Council, but in situations associated with the decisions they have to take the upper body.
It drew the participation of the University Business Development Agency, an entity that is taking shape at the provincial level that you have virtually no support from the European community and private entities would consist of mainly intermediate associations, government and institutions like the ours. The University thus became in integral part of the Business Development Agency with a representative in it.
We performed an important support to academic units in implementing the computer system for school admissions, the SIU Guaraní.
It is also an obvious concrete support to the accreditation process of the Civil Engineering Faculty of Natural Resources.

Strengthening the academic units in the postgraduate area has to do mainly with the advice and agreements, both with the Ministry of Education as to the CONEAU to approve them.
As actions are designed to optimize academic information systems.
With regard to budget allocation that is working on the university circuit is arriving at conclusions on how the budget is distributed among the various universities.
Work is in the regulation of the teaching profession, with the approval by the Superior Council, working his particular treatment at this time, with down to consultation with the faculty.

In terms of regional integration:

Importantly, the inclusion of the University in both the Northeast Argentina and in the area of the Great North. The agreement of the Universities of the North, is a very newly formed entity that unites the wills of ten universities in the north of the country: La Rioja, Cordoba, Catamarca, Salta, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero, Misiones, Formosa, the National University Northeast and National University of Tucumán. The agreement comes mainly because you need to work together more in the national predicament when discussing funding and budgets. Other highlights are: The formation of critical masses of teachers through graduate programs. Integration into regional issues.
* In this framework agreements are:
* International cooperation to enhance individual skills at different levels, so that through networking, shared systems, each of the universities contribute the best we have to achieve greater excellence and academic quality.
* With the Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero and the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste in two projects called PIARFOM having to do with the execution of an applied research project at the park forests of Chaco. These World Bank would finance through the Ministry of Environment of the Nation. The share of the universities has been realized and is currently awaiting the response of the Secretariat of Environment of the Nation and the subsequent clearance of funds.
* Also made an agreement with the Bermejo River Binational Commission and the Rio Grande de Tarija. This agreement is a framework agreement that deals specifically with the integration of targeted regional issues recently in the treatment of not only the floods of the Bermejo River, but also in the treatment of the ecosystem and life in the course of this volume river.
* National Formosa University's provincial coordinator, while all other universities that have signed this agreement have made between COREBE (National Commission of the Bermejo and the Binational Commission.)
* Joint with Northeastern University and National University of Misiones with funding from the University Policies Secretariat, to study the articulation of degree programs, primarily with the goal of eliminating disparities in dictation races of the same type.

* A proposal from the National Formosa University agreed at the Plenary of Salta to guide the system of networks that would graduate within two years for realization of all these universities having graduate programs can be taught that networking and how can access each of the offices of the universities not only teachers but also the various stakeholders in this matter.

The system of entry, stay and retention of students is a challenge facing this administration and is now being implemented.
As for the economic and financial situation, the highlight of this position was just the administration package reordemamiento
The Supreme Council has sanctioned and has strongly emphasized the academic policy, mainly in the aspects of regularization of all the races are held at this time at the National University of Formosa and all those aspects that deal mostly with the issue of teachers contests.
Policy of Human Resources, the joint appointment of faculty and staff of particular level, was the subject of one of the major events made by the Superior Council in recent times, so that both sectors have been regularized staff linked directly to the university level with the joint owners, including already approved by the Department and have been approved by the Higher Council a number of agreements in this regard.
It is also approved as a loan a property of the guild No Campus Faculty and approval of joint agreements on a particular level for non-teaching sectors.

In the area of the General Secretariat of Science and Technology

The first goal is a policy applied research to facilitate insertion of the University in the middle and that research results are applicable to the community of the province and the region.
Fairness and transparency, consistency and professionalism are the four premises to ensure that the Secretariat under the various tables of Research and University Extension.
Technological linkage strategy is a work environment with the participation and definition of actions and mechanisms relevant to the university system, spreading and promoting recognition and promotion. Technological innovation. Management policy articulation between universities and public or private entities at different levels and sectors. Linking Science, Technology and Enterprise. Risk assessment of innovation projects.
Draft procedures and mechanisms for submitting research papers. Regulation of investments in technology. A system of indicators to measure the performance of the main objectives of scientific and technological development. The performance of the V Conference of Science and Technology U.Na.F. Compliance with the National Teacher Incentive and Researchers at the National Incentive System.
International cooperation: data form the basis primarily of opportunities both inside and outside the country for teacher training scholarships.
Presentation of a project to the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for the training of local teachers.

Planned Actions

Human resource training through research fellowships for young teachers and students and international cooperation through training grants.
Selection process for fellowships and advanced students of different academic units.
In terms of physical space, is being achieved, is seeking an agreement with the Ministry of Production for the use of CEDIVEF and an experimental field in the hamlet Sergeant Rivarola with an approximate area of 500 hectares and would be designed primarily to experimental on livestock production.
The spread of activities has to do with the dissemination of the activities of researchers, for it not only made through electronic means but also through printed media during the V Conference on Science and Technology. Amen to this page also formed Science and Technology in the Web itself, so that all information held by the Ministry of Science and Technology about the actions taken are in there.
Finally, the reactivation of the governing board of the periodical of the Secretariat. This Council was largely inactive, and reactivated as the aim is to reach a periodical that has to do mainly with the area of Science and Technology.
As institutional strengthening, the remarkable thing is the creation of the Council of Scientific and Technological Research which brings together the Vice-Deans of the Faculties, the Secretaries of Science and Technology and two representatives from each Board, and whose primary mission guide University policy on science and technology.
It also created the registry of property in the inventory of Science and Technology. This record comes at the request of one of the chaplains to record all assets that are acquired through the delivery system of Science and Technology funds.
It also created an ad-hoc Committee to review the situations of incompatibility with the report submitted to the Board of

In the field of Student Affairs Department and University Extension:
In the context of student politics adopted the Rules of recognition for student organizations, were modified in Articles 6 and 16 of the Regulation of Student Scholarships having to do with the form of grant and extension of ten months of the same .
The Extension Department has already initiated contacts with the national level in order to achieve an increase in the number of national grants to approximately one hundred twenty-five scholarships next year.
Reversed the lack of communication with the wider society and dissemination of University activities.
Among the targets were counted immediately plant the integration of the Culture, Sports, Health and Ceremonial, in the Extension Department. Of note is the participation not only of students but other faculty cloisters linked to university work in the aspects that make this Department, particularly in the area of culture, also emphasizes the integration with the area of Health and Sports and the area performance of the Secretariat as coordinator of various events related to the extension.
It called for the participation of all student groups in order to engage with the process to achieve better results in terms of its impact to within the community. Finally the opening of the University towards the middle, ending with these actions.


In sports, organizing sports events for students of the community, and an agreement with Formosa UPCN allowing access to the complex "October 12" in the town of Herradura.
On Health, is pending an agreement with the Ministry of Human Development in the province aimed at providing medical care coverage to low-income students, for those without social work. This is going to be a student health insurance and provides primary care and diagnostic care with the addition of the provision of generic drugs through the newly established laboratory LAFORMED, and finally the strengthening of emergency services, dental and medical office.
In terms of guidance and assistance, tutoring students were made of four academic units through a specific department in this connection of the Secretariat and made up of professors from the Faculty of Humanities.
Rehabilitation of the Web page with information from across the University and internal communication via e-mail on developments in the university.

Conferences and Workshops

Has been made Days Lecture and Workshop on Drug and Drogadepenencia and installed a booth at the Expo vocational University Career Fair.
* Workshop in search of inner child ", a personal growth workshop for the educational community at the National University of Formosa.
* Workshop with the participation of teachers who integrate pictures from the early years of the various academic units to try to unify criteria and admission policies and integration in the early years of the students in the University.
* In terms of Culture, Media and Ceremony, held the First Coral and member of "Why sing?" With the participation of all residents in the city choirs capital.
* University Theatre Workshop under the Provincial Festival of Theatre.
* In terms of Ceremonial has provided support to the organization and coordination of academic events and other events.
* Regarding the agenda of Heads of Household, is an assistance program through the containment work of those who are beneficiaries of this program.

Actions planned:

Among the actions planned by the Extension Department, is the participation and awareness in the courses of income that has to do with all the work that the workshop for guidance and assistance to students.
The spread of electronic academic offerings, graphics and television to reach larger populations in the whole provincial and regional community.
Are also planned: the University Dining Hall, the Community Sport program that deals with the insertion of the university community sports schemes.
Building on the campus quinchos assigned at this time to allow the University Club to hold meetings in its own sphere who are members of the community.
Tasks sports summer break for the insertion of both students, not teachers, as teachers, summer camps, and participation in various events held during the summer in our city.
The formation of dance groups and theater groups vocational.
The revival of the University Choir.

In the field of Management and Development Secretariat

Immediate objectives focus on the redistribution of budgetary provision to meet maintenance expenses primarily. Payment and refinancing of debt for budgetary support, which deals primarily with debt and the debt directly to suppliers of inputs. Talks to refinance the debt with the AFIP, certainly if the University remains in this state, try for some means of dealing with this situation, it has begun talks with the AFIP.
It ordered a comprehensive heritage survey that is still ongoing to update the University inventariototal.
It has made the establishment of expenditure controls and monitoring sectors registration in order to have a finished report to investment budget.
Immediate objective was also established management inputs to strengthen the normal development of the University and participation in negotiations to reorganize and reduce spending in key services. Working on a draft budget allocation and also works on the draft Manual of missions and functions of the university.

Actions planned:
* The implementation of all university information systems.
* The adjustment of educational facilities through various crossings of information.
* The training and professionalization of the field and administrative systems, deals especially with the training of personnel linked to these sectors to achieve greater efficiency in their operations.

Within the National University Council:

Regarding the contribution significant enough debt was renegotiated and achieved the establishment of a lower fee to the university, which enables our university to participate as a member and actively participate in Extension Committees, Academic and Research.
In addition, the Rector of the UNAF is representative of the Northeast in the Committee on categorizations of CIN, and in 2002 representative of ERCP-NEA to the University Council which brings together public universities and private universities.

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