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Universidad del Museo Social Argentino
Buenos Aires, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences

The main objective of Law students is to provide excellent training, both theoretical as practical, allowing the graduate to practice as an attorney immediately to the completion of his studies.

In parallel, seeking to understand law students, once graduated, will assume the responsibilities inherent in the profession, that is, helping all the people of Argentina have full access to justice, without discrimination, ensuring that private and public conflicts are resolved within the institutional framework, whether they play in the future as lawyers, judges, court officials, public officials, mediators, referees, advisers, consultants, teachers or researchers.

During the career development, training students will complete as possible relating to the various branches of law, as well as methodological techniques appropriate for study, research and legal analysis to enable them to solve problems, negotiation and conflict resolution, oral and written communication and basic skills to work effectively in the practice of the profession, understanding the basic principles of public and private law.

Faculty of Economic Science

riefly we are pleased that you inside our educational activities framed in highly customized courses where our teachers are professional teachers with proven activities in their respective areas of responsibility and academic positions in the private and public function, will facilitate the interaction necessary for the apprehension of knowledge with the natural fluidity and depth that clearly need throughout your career.

A degree in Management will be your first major professional stage and a further year will access the second degree in public accounting that arming excellent curriculum is a matter of pride and comparative advantage of our university to provide you first formed you in the level of the tools Driving in-house management of the company and then as a professional and / or external consultant, to demonstrate a proven seamless training in the areas of finance, computing, economics, human resource management and planning to long term.

Do not forget that at the end of the first three years of the Bachelor of Management you will have a first degree in Management Analyst Administrative Accounting. Certainly a necessary guarantee for a year after you project already has an excellent body of knowledge in the management and control of any entity and legal nature.

The other source of pride for our university is the area you Intentional Trade provides excellent training in the development and opening of the business both in the local market as international.

The fact that the end of the third year you access to a first degree in International Business Analyst Univesitario is a sign of maturity of knowledge undoubtedly will project you can work with its own profile as an excellent advisor and exchange across boundaries because your horizon is the globalized business world.

In regard to international trade a two-year cycle for Tertiary Graduates Career specialty, we also opened an overview of the Bachelor degree, with the enormous potential of your previous knowledge and depth of those who buy from our University will raise your performance to new levels.

Finally we remind you that our University has cooperation agreements that benefit extraordinarily exchange of students and graduates to enable them to access grants and development and extension education. The grant work is also one of the significant advantages of our faculty through the specialist services of the University either as interns in public sector enterprises as public or directly to the final push that makes the possibility for our graduates.

I want to tell as final data UMSA as excellent educational agency, favors you can feel your way through the classroom, not a student anymore but a being who manages day to day needs expand their knowledge and attainment of a full citizen feel understood and planned for a better future.

Faculty of Human Sciences

Our School's main objective is to prepare competent professionals in the field of Audiology, Psychology, Psychology and Social Work. We are inspired by a scientific approach to respond to a complex reality like our society today.

But we also want them to know that while we worry about the future, Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, was a fundamental stage in the history of development of these disciplines. The history goes back to 1930, when establishing the School of Social Pimero the country and the first Doctorate of Social Work in South America, the predecessor copies of our current Bachelor of Social Service.

Later this pioneering activity, continued in 1962 with the initiative of Dr. Julio Bernardo de Quirós and the establishment of the first "School of Speech Therapy." Since then a degree in Speech Therapy has become an inescapable reference for his scientific work, and at present with Graduate Specialization Course in Language and Speech Therapy Doctorate

Finally, in 1968, driven by Dr. Juan José Berry, did the "School Psychology" that formed were titrated as professionals: psychologists, Bachelor of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Psychologists at Work. Currently dictate Degrees in Psychology and a BA in Psychology, thus addressing the broader spectrum of activities and humanistic care.

Since the creation of these races, has formed UMSA prestigious graduates, who are scattered across the country and also Latin America, in many cases occupying significant positions of importance.

Today, we want every student to access the tools necessary to enable it to perform adequately in a changing world. For this reason, questioning, and building knowledge and professional practice, achieve the academic level required to meet the challenges posed by this new century.

To this end, we as a faculty of more than enough professional experience and strong commitment, with a Department of International Relations to facilitate experience exchange with universities in other countries, with a Department of Student Advising and Professional Development ready to go with a personalized and with prestigious educational institutions and Welfare in the future our students will conduct their practices.

I invite you to visit the graduate profile, scope of the title, curriculum and working out every one of them. Check that they are facing a unique opportunity that commits a particular way, that engages with all his being, in a meeting to others who require their help tomorrow.

Faculty of Modern Languages

The training of translators and interpreters as social actors able to communicate differences and negotiate boundaries in a globalized world.

La Universidad del Museo Social Argentino aims to train professionals who contribute to society's values of strength, honesty, creativity, efficiency and respect for diversity. From these basic premises, the School of Modern Languages offers a balanced set of knowledge and skills that enable graduates to compete successfully in national and international environment and become aware of their status as citizens of the world.

The possibility of installing foreign language learning processes that are related to the concerns that cause different modes of meaning, with the strangeness that makes the difference. Contact with the foreign language breaks the illusion that there is a unique point of view. The contrast and distance itself expose him to the other and otherness, others and their different ways of constructing meanings.

Then the teaching of foreign languages as value or meaning training promotes a fundamental ethical attitude to the processes of social and cultural democratization of a linguistic community: awareness of others.

This recognition of the other two capacities mobilized crucial for social cohesion and the teaching and learning, tolerance for difference and acceptance of the relative.

Grouped into competency areas like the School of Modern Languages offers the Racing and Gaming literary translator and two years the Public Translator, and Interpreter.

With the aim of updating the national demands and international developments of highly qualified scientific knowledge and the cover broad areas of research teaching, coordinating integration with other national and international universities, establishing the Teaching of English whose jurisdiction covers all of the educational system.

In the Faculty of Modern Languages has developed an intensive academic and creative life through various activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and participation of our graduates and advanced students of the Program of Public Translator, Interpreter and Teacher of English events organized by companies, and educational institutions. In addition, teachers and students have for teaching and learning in the professions of communication with language laboratories, Computer Cabinets and other advanced instruments UMSA available for professional training.

Our instructors are leading academics and professionals who have achieved recognition in their individual areas of action and overturn all his experience in a personalized environment that promotes teaching and learning process. It is also important to note the successful performance of our students have been in competitions and national and international competitions.

The student of the Faculty of Modern Languages can access the real world of work and the professional market and get the tools to supplement their education through internship scheme at the university. With regard to international agreements, UMSA has links with foreign universities to enable the exchange of our students and allows them to make very valuable experiences in various regions of the world and renowned institutions.

For all these reasons, I invite you to visit our Faculty and can then obtain all information necessary to project your future.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts has the largest existing academic offerings in relation to the Work of Art, from production within disciplines such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, and unorthodox subjects with high domain of parameters technical and stylistic within the Career Degree in Visual Arts.
Sampling systems of the Work of Art in relation to a curatorial discourse, analysis and aesthetic context in reference to history and aesthetic consequences. Research strategies and dissemination of artistic quality work within the Career Degree in Curating and Art History.
Preventive methods to conserve it and if necessary restore from contemporary approaches to diagnosis and intervention in pieces of art within the Career Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art.
The significance of the work from its journey through time and its introduction into market channels, the diagnostic work and tangible results in front of his authorship and dating, from applied knowledge and technological means Degree Career in Assessment and Valuation of Works of Art.
The enhancement of a Work of Art at the level of cultural heritage assets, the need for physical conservation, presentation, animation and broadcasting, which is necessary for project work, management and project management culture within Career Degree in Museology and Cultural Heritage Management.

We also have extracurricular activities that allows students the inter disciplinary agreements with American and European universities that allows exchange curriculum. Cultural Institutions Agreements with the highest level that allows scheduled Professional Practice Internship Systems and rented. And a sampling space of allowing continuously experiencing the development of fine arts in our country.

I invite you to learn more in detail each of our races from reading the text on this page dumps each of its directors Carrera.

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