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Universidad de Morón
Buenos Aires, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

The University of Morón is a privately run school since 1960 is dedicated to providing education at the higher level.
Currently has 25,000 square feet of educational infrastructure, 5,000 m² of modern laboratories and facilities of the library.
For their classrooms spent more than 20,000 professionals who graduated from some of the 10 Colleges and High School that integrates with races that cover all areas of knowledge.
Destination guide a strong commitment to providing community care and merit scholarships.

On May 18, 1960, as part of a public event, we proceeded to the solemn inauguration of the University of Morón.
At the time of its founding, the University had only two academic units: the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences and the Arts.
Then they created new powers to meet the educational needs of an increasingly demanding students. Therefore, the March 21, 1962, created the School of Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. The following year, on October 16, 1963, was born the first School of Tourism of the country, which currently is the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Tourism and Population.
In November 1965, provided for the creation of the Faculty of Agronomy and Institute of Technical Expert in 1967, it was decided to split the power that grouped in Engineering and Sciences: Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Exact Sciences, Chemical and Natural .
Morón University also has the Schools of Architecture, Computing, Communication Sciences and Special Techniques, Medicine and the Diocesan School of Social Service, the latter dependent on the Diocese of Morón administratively and academically at this university.
The activities of the University of Morón began in a local street located at Our Lady of Good Voyage 851, Morón, created, then the initiative of the Academy of Historical Studies "Bartolomé Mitre".

In October 1960, through appropriate actions, the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Oscar Alende, decided to give the House the use of the facilities of the Primary School No. 3, a situation which lasted until April 1969. It should be noted that in response to this fine attention of provincial authorities, to the extent that the growth of the fees is allowed, the University contributed materially to the maintenance of the school.
By the end of 1962, signed a sales contract by the City Council located at 134 solar, address in which he resided, for many years, Mr. Ernesto Boatti and where he subsequently erected the Central Building. Then in 1964, efforts began to expand headquarters by acquiring a building adjacent to the Town Council 134. However, the acquisition of these properties was not enough. In this way, and at least until 1967, the activities of the University of Morón necessitating continued to lease the auditorium of the Italian Society for the purpose of teaching classes.
On June 23, 1965, the General Inspectorate of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires University authorized to use our facilities Business School No. 4, located in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay street of the city of Moron.
By the late 60's, it offered classes in several buildings near the headquarters of the Rectory. In this regard, including reference is made to the School No. 3 and the College of St. Joseph of the Marist Brothers, who gave up their facilities for free.
It should be noted that the June 15, 1963, created the University Library and the late 60's, the University had a printing workshop with four bodies own laboratories and specialized cabinets for education and research of teachers and students of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Agronomy.

In 1978, he inaugurated what is now called the Agricultural Park in San Justo, where students from the Faculty of Agriculture made their practices and grew many vegetables that were then donated to area hospitals. In 1981, the item facility was affected by the growth of the university, and so did the idea of expanding the plant of the Central Building in order to meet the growing demands of students. This project took shape in 1984 with the addition of a new structure which provided about 6000 square meters. This, however, was not enough, and the authorities decided to acquire other properties. Thus, for example, the November 5, 1987, he bought a building to serve as a seat at the new School of Informatics. Years later, in 1992, it was decided to purchase a property in the district of Moreno, in order to build a sports complex.
In 1999, he inaugurated the headquarters of the Faculty of Medicine Interzonal located in the Acute General Hospital "Prof. Dr. Luis Guemes "and, months later launched the redevelopment of the Central Building, which increased its space to 5000 square feet. Also, the House had expanded its range in Argentina's geography with the creation of 11 annexes. One of them is located in the Falda, Córdoba, another, in Rosario, Santa Fe and the other 9, distributed in the province of Buenos Aires and the city of Buenos Aires.

Morón City represents tradition, intellectual lineage and is an epicenter of major industries that support an important sector of the province of Buenos Aires. These motifs serve as support for the operation of this House of Studies aimed at meeting the concern

The University of Morón is a privately run institution, the proposal is to provide superior education and culture quality and academic excellence in accordance with the principles of the Constitution, the legal rules and the Statute of the University.

Encourage research and the enhancement of knowledge.
Stimulate scientific, professional, humanistic and technical at the highest level.
Contribute to the preservation of national culture, promoting the generation and development of knowledge in all its forms and develop attitudes and values requires the formation of responsible ethical and solidarity-conscious, reflective, critical, able to improve the quality of life , strengthening respect for the environment, the institutions of the Republic and the validity of the democratic order.
Enable comprehensive and ongoing training of its members, with a national, continental and regional outreach and universal vision that are held as people in cultural, social, aesthetic, ethical and religious according to their abilities, guided by the values of life, liberty, good, truth, peace, solidarity, tolerance, equality and justice and are able to develop, as existential choice, their own lives.

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