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Universidad Austral
Buenos Aires, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

The Southern University is an institution of higher education created by the Asociación Civil de Estudios Superiores-ACES-civil entity nonprofit, with legal and registered in the National Register of Public Benefit Entities. The University promotes research, taught undergraduate and graduate education, and conducts outreach programs.

ACES aims to develop social studies level. It has legal status granted by Resolution No. 5025 of the General Inspectorate of Justice of 18 September 1979. ACES is also registered on the National Register of Public Benefit Entities, by Resolution No. 3913 of the Social Development Secretariat, 20 November 1995. ACES began in 1978 Graduate Institute of Business Administration (IAE), the current School of Management and University Business. In 1989 the project decided to promote what is now Southern University.

Southern University began operations in 1991 with the provisional approval of the Ministry of Education. After fulfilling all the terms and conditions laid down by the Higher Education Act in February 2002 the University received final approval by the Executive Branch (Decree 300/2002).

The Southern University is inserted into the university system with a differentiated offering high quality education that enables its graduates strong opportunities in the labor market. It also provides a suitable proportion of teachers with high commitment and a doctoral degree, a requirement to increase the scientific and research.

The Mission of the Southern University is to serve society to exercise intellectual leadership, professional, social and public, through the development of knowledge and training of each person as his transcendent destiny, in a disciplinary environment and with an attitude of lifelong learning .

Service to society

The Southern University is working with the country's development through its commitment to education. Promotes a culture of work and service to others, academic quality that qualifies its graduates, scientific research, the effort to inform all professions ethical values, and thinking and anticipate social change, science and technology for to orient the development of man.

Knowledge development

The University tries to integrate all knowledge and to avoid fracturing the tendency to narrow knowledge in the specialty. The research, which contributes to better fulfill the educational activity, is seen as seeking the truth, to be conducted with openness and scientific rigor.

Formation of each person according to his transcendent destiny

The University seeks to contribute to students' personal fulfillment through education of scientific and humanistic knowledge, and through proper communication of moral and cultural values, in light of the Catholic faith. Specificity is added to the professional, the breadth of cultural interests, essential philosophical expertise, and vision of man as free, spiritual, social, and a transcendent purpose.

Disciplinary environment with an attitude of lifelong learning

Austral institutional project aims to encourage and promote research activity, through a faculty with appropriate academic level., Personal experience and moral integrity, encourages interdisciplinary work, the adoption of active teaching methods and reviews, and fluid relations with the social environment.

Brief history of the Southern University

ACES Constitution, Civil Association of Higher Education, nonprofit entity whose corporate purpose is the development of tertiary level studies.

ACES cover the IAE Business School, one of the top graduate schools in business administration and management in Argentina. With the support of IESE, Barcelona, IAE makes the first Advanced Management Program at the Palacio Duhau today in Alvear Street. This year, in addition, ACES takes the first seat of IAE, in Aguero 2373.

First Program Executive Master in Business Administration from IAE.

It is the Institute for Research and Graduate Studies, with the aim of promoting research activities and training courses in the areas of Law and Social Sciences.

The Ministry of Education granted provisional approval for the operation of the Southern University, originally established in Juncal 831. Birth of the Faculty of Business at Rosario, the building of Paraguay 1970. In that venue begins Degree in Business.
Establishing a Master of Administrative Law.
Acquisition of the building of the present headquarters of the University, on Avenida Juan de Garay 125.

Birth of the School of Information Sciences with a degree in Social Communication at the sixth floor of Garay.
Start the issuance of the Master in Business Law.

Birth of the Faculty of Engineering, with the issuance of a career in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science.
Establishing the Institute of Family Sciences.
Rosary starts at the Masters in Corporate Legal Advice.

Birth of the Faculty of Law with the enactment of Law students.

Birth of the School of Biomedical Sciences with its two schools: medicine and nursing, which are held the Medicine and Bachelor of Nursing, respectively.
Establishing the joint Ph.D. with the University of Navarra.

It creates a Doctorate in Law.
It creates a PhD in Communications.
Opening of the Campus of the University in Pilar which is installed in the first instance the Business School.
Fulltime MBA starts, the Professional Master of Business full time.
Establishing the Secretariat of Sports.
The University grants to Dr. Ismael Sánchez Bella, the first Rector of the University of Navarra, the title of Doctor Honoris Causa. It is the first to be awarded the highest recognition given by the Universidad Austral

Transfer to campus from Pilar de la School of Biomedical Sciences.
Begins the dictation of the BA in Educational Organization and Management, School of Education.
Law School starts Specialization in Tax Law.
Start the Master of Communication Management in Organizations.

Opening of Hospital Universitario Austral, Pilar campus.
Top of Biomedical Sciences.
The Law School begins the dictates of the specializations in Law Regulating Public Services, and Criminal Law.
Birth of the Masters in Law and Judicial Magistrates.
The Faculty of Business began his career in public accounting.

The University was the first private university in Argentina to reach their full autonomy, provided all steps in the institutional assessment of the Higher Education Act 24,521, and received full recognition by PEN Decree No. 300/02, signed by the President of the Nation.
Start the issuance of the Master of Business Administration, Faculty of Business, in Rosario.

In a ceremony presided by the Honorary Rector of the Universidad Austral, Bishop Javier Echevarría, prelate of Opus Dei, received an honorary doctorate from the University Teachers: Ignacio Angelelli (Philosophy), Thomas Hokfelt (Medicine) and Alfonso Nieto Tamargo (Communication .)

The School of Biomedical Sciences Masters begins in Pharmacological and Clinical Research.

The School of Biomedical Sciences Specialization opens Neonatal Nursing.

Floor Opening of Pediatrics at the Hospital Universitario Austral.
Apertura del Campo Deportivo Universidad Austral Pilar.
The Faculty of Engineering begins his first career Graduate: Master of Data Mining.

Start the issuance of the Master of Agribusiness (Business School).
Opening of the Tech Room Austral Park, Scientific, Technological and Business, Campus de Pilar.
The Institute for Family Sciences begins technician in Family Counseling.
Dictation starts racing Business and Accounting from Buenos Aires.
The School of Biomedical Sciences Specialization in Management opens and Health Facilities Management. It also begins the masters in Pathophysiology and Clinical Biochemistry, Endocrine, and Arterial Hypertension and Vascular Mechanics.

Completion of the building Insignia Austral Park for the installation of the first company.
Start the issuance of the Master of Intellectual Property, Faculty of Law.

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