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Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
Buenos Aires, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) is an institution with 47 years of university teaching, which is conceived, born and developed from a purely business perspective. Indeed, it was created by the Chamber of Corporations for the purpose of training professionals who, through innovative courses are adapted to growing business needs today and tomorrow.

Its beginnings date back to 1957, when an important sector of national life, businesses grouped under the then Companies House, faced the creation of the Institute of Business Studies. It started its activities at the headquarters of Av Belgrano 687, under the direction of Dr. James Wainer, with a total of 338 business executives enrolled. The first class was conducted by Dr. Anwar Obeid who spoke about "The Corporation: its importance and influence in the development of the modern world."

At the end of that year, to arrange education and higher education in a comprehensive manner, the Institute became the Argentina Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Company. It aimed to promote training in all disciplines related to the development of social enterprise and economic institution, addressing the specific problems of the business reality in Argentina.

About 500 business leaders completed the course in 1958 and the following year, in a large event held at the Plaza Hotel (Buenos Aires), opened the course for 1959. In that event, presented their speeches the Minister of Economy, Dr. William W. Klein, Secretary of State for Trade, Dr. Joseph C. Orfila, and the Minister of Education and Justice, Dr. Luis Mac Kay (on behalf of the President of the Republic, Dr. Arturo Frondizi).

The growth process was consolidated after 1962 when, in the context of Law 14,557 of 1958 which authorized the operation of private universities in the country, the Chamber of Corporations decided to create UNIVERSIDAD ARGENTINA DE LA EMPRESA, whose statutes were approved by that institution on June 7, 1963 and the National Executive on 27 August of that year.

Since its inception, the new university, whose first president was Dr. James Wainer, was a pioneer in many areas of knowledge which is urgently needed for enterprise development. In this regard, it called for relevant professionals in each field, analyzed academic programs and plans of major European and American universities and created unprecedented and innovative career.

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa covered, from its inception, the vacuum created as a result of serious disagreement between the economic and technical development of the country and the prevailing educational system. Acquired, thus, its own profile, different from other institutions of higher education, characterized by the impulse and the organization of non-traditional careers, adjusting to the national reality and satisfying the evolving requirements of business.

So with that approach, began to issue in 1963, the first degrees in areas of particular interest to employers: "Marketing", "Fees", "Finance and Business Organization," Organization of Production "and" Industrial Relations , which in 1964 joined others, such as "Applied Business Statistics," "Market Research", "Public Relations", "Management Techniques" and "Production Engineering and Construction Organization."

In 1968, the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa joined the Council of Rectors of Private Universities (CRUP), after the Act passed in that year 17,604 institutionalize the agency's performance in Argentina's educational activities, recognizing him as a representative body in the planning and private sector action, acting as adviser for the National Executive.

In 1984, he inaugurated the headquarters of the Lima Street 717 and, later, in 1992, 1993, 1997 and 1998 were equipped new buildings adjoining the existing conforming building complex Lima, functionally integrated, bringing it all the faculties and departments University. In 2000 he inaugurated the Faculty Club and Alumni, in an annex building on Calle Chile, thus extending the facilities that make UADE modern urban campus in Argentina. In 2003, opened the School of Management (EDDE), with the aim of developing a new business generation in the country, Freedom 1340. Finally, in 2005, opened the University Residence UADE, capable of accommodating 105 students, both from inside and outside the country.

In 2008, UADE opens its UADE Urban Campus in order to contain the student in every possible way so that living the college experience in a comprehensive and complete. The campus includes a Residence Hall for students from other locations, a model library, a Cultural and Exhibition Centre, a sports center and a microstage with capacity for 1,200 people, together with the 181 classrooms and laboratories totaling over 75,000 m2 entirely dedicated to higher education. In this regard, UADE became the first and only Latin American university with an urban campus that has a concept that is also related to the implementation of an Environmental Management System that the University launched with the aim of improving living standards of their community and their area of influence.

In 2009, UADE and CONICET, the main body for the promotion of science and technology in Argentina, signed an Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation which will develop a extensive interaction between the two institutions. In this regard, we will seek co-financing with CONICET doctoral fellowships as well as the possibility that investigators of the agency to develop their work UADE study. Likewise, institutions can develop future projects together, expanding the scope of the investigation both UADE and the CONICET.

Finally, since May 2010, has been operating UADE the UADE Labs, another landmark of the University in addition to the Urban Campus. The UADE Labs is a building of 9000 m2 which is presented to national and regional level as the first comprehensive building university laboratories in the country, with the aim of becoming the first Latin American Hub for Teaching & Research.

In it, students in grade 31 runs and 6 are taught in graduate UADE, will attend annual 60 thousand hours of practice and research. With advanced technology and training aimed at students and research activities, resources for houses of Engineering and Design, mainly. In this sense, UADE is positioned as a reference institution in Latin America, with the best proposal academic education based on a comprehensive and accessible.

Thus, the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa has served more than forty-seven years committed to business education. This growth was made possible by the determination of young people with entrepreneurial spirit, who chose and continue to choose our careers and proposals, and also to the solidarity of the companies and institutions in the country, not just part of our expectations and projects, but make room in your heart to the graduates, renewing, permanently, the solid reputation earned by our university.

Our commitment is to train professionals with business skills, by providing advanced technology and modern management education, underpinned by strong ethical values.


Founded by the Chamber of Corporations, the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa promotes training in all disciplines related to development of the company. With flexible curriculum tailored to the requirements of the job market, professionals UADE form required by major companies. UADE is supported by more than 46 years experience in higher education. Research and ongoing refinement of all the faculty are inherent characteristics of the university.

UADE adds value to your work

Academic Preparation Course for all students.
Carreras designed by and for the company.
Training relevant to your work performance.
Flexible curricula and updated.
Three options Time: morning, afternoon or evening.
A faculty with specialized training and experience in business.
Job prospects.

Now, to more of forty-six years of his foundation, the University Argentina in the company presents its new anthem. The aim of the piece is musically capture the principles that motivated the founders of our university and remain in full force today.

Faculty of Business and Management
Department of Administration and Human Resources
Marketing Department

Fac Cs. Economics
Accounting and Tax Department
Department of Economics and Finance
Department of Agricultural Management
International Trade Department

Faculty of Engineering and Cs. Exact
Department of Mathematics and Quantitative Methods
Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology
Department of Information Technology
Department of Industrial Technology and Services

Communication and Design Faculty
Department of Communication and Design
Department of Administration and Management
Department of Media and Entertainment
Department of Gastronomy
Graphic Design Department
Department of Clothing and Textiles Design
Department of Communication Sciences
Department of Public and Institutional Relations
Department of Tourism and Hospitality
Advertising Department
Department of Industrial and Interior Design

Fac Cs. Law and Social
Law Department
Language Department
Government and International Relations Department
Department of Psychology
Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

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