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Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina


University description (as per official university website)

We are moving the 50 th anniversary of our institution and as usual, this time calling for us to reflect on the busy road and our next steps.

It would seem obvious to say that our goal was and will always achieve academic excellence. But however, the meanings to this phrase in our current context, we discover once again the wisdom of these words.

We live in a world of constant progress, where every day the technology has more influence in all aspects of our lives.

This developing country needs now more than ever of our commitment to be each day a little more to the community level copies worldwide.

It is from our school do we make a commitment to deliver value to our society to take the opportunity provided by the technological and the situation of our country and continue to be the birthplace of professionals who bring expertise to the development of a global industry . Accepting this compromise is that the ITBA assume the effort, excellence and dedication as founding values of our doing. It is necessary to bear in mind that academics are not necessarily obliged to set aside the human, in our case it is essential that go hand in hand.

Rather than by students, our community consists of people with successes or difficulties, strengths and weaknesses are in our university a place to invest your time and dedication, which has since the institution itself a guaranteed outcome.

For all this, our objective remains to achieve academic excellence to truly contribute to a country that can make a difference and stand out in the international field of technology.

Past and Present

1959 - 2008

50, same goal

The Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) was founded on November 20, 1959 by a group of sailors and civilians with the aim of creating a house of studies specially devoted to the teaching of engineering and science related to the sea.

At that time Argentina needed a university teaching this kind of knowledge with a high degree of excellence. Thus began the story that stands out as one of its founders and main inspirer Vice Admiral Charles A. Garzoni, who served for several years as Rector, during the initial development organization and the university.

Academic activities started in 1960 when the first class began to attend school. Over the years the number of students was increasing significantly different specialties were also joining.

Until 1965 the University worked in the building located at 1930 Cuba Street in the City of Buenos Aires. Then he made the move to the building of the Avenida Eduardo Madero where he currently works.

During these almost 50 years of experience, the ITBA has hosted thousands of young students and adults, Argentine and foreign, who have been given an instruction to the highest academic level, without leaving a warm human formation . The purpose of ITBA transmit knowledge has always been of the highest technical level of excellence while taking into account the human aspect, has been and still is, the goal that guides everything we do.

Currently the University has the BA in Management and Systems and eight specialties of Engineering (Electrical, Electronic, Industrial, Computer, Mechanical, Marine, Oil and Chemistry).

The applicants have several options to make their inclusion in the most convenient by location and time availability.

Each and every one of the authorities and teachers of the ITBA know exactly how valuable the time and money you invest here both parents and students. For this reason, we devoted special attention and effort for students to advance their studies in a continuous and dynamic restraint and necessary counseling on all aspects related to their welfare.

The ITBA is proposed that its graduates have a professional and personal excellence, based on sound scientific and technical knowledge to enable them to be internationally competitive, while committed to the development of the country.

The graduate of the ITBA are able to perform in any type of company, as the capacity for leadership and leadership in industry and services, as well as in different areas of government or enterprises themselves.

Asimismo la mayoría de nuestros alumnos tienen la posibilidad, antes de graduarse, de adquirir experiencia en el ámbito de prestigiosas empresas nacionales e internacionales, comenzando de ese modo su carrera profesional.

The Graduate School, tending always to contribute to the development of capacities for creativity and innovation, has an interesting range of careers in the areas of Business and Technology, Information and Communications and Energy and the Environment, to this adds up continuing renewal in educational provision of Executive Programs, especially planned to meet the training needs of not only professionals but also to businesses. Courses can be conducted both in our facility and within companies, further adapted to individual requirements of each.

Hundreds of foreign students, from both American countries such as Europe and Asia, have passed through our classrooms to make their undergraduate or graduate. In our institution found the atmosphere and hospitality ideal for training and experience the cultural richness of our country.

In addition to his continuing research, the ITBA has a special service for companies that require our professionals to address any specific research or technological development. This is possible within the framework of joint work with the various centers and laboratories, that range from the analysis of the situation to the human resource planning, technical and economic factors that are expected for each particular case.

Another way to bond with the companies is through the fellowship and internship program that each year is optimized to provide more and better opportunities for learning and professional development students.

While the ITBA is a private educational institution, is constituted as a civil non-profit. For this reason, the economic contribution of companies and individuals, allows our academic performance is the highest level of excellence, both on the level of training of our teachers and the necessary technical equipment and infrastructure that we are at the forefront in terms of technological progress.

Continually our community members are invited to conferences and seminars we offer to make way for scientific knowledge, creative thinking and fruitful debate, three pillars that we consider essential for growth both professionally and personally.

Upon arrival at the 50 th anniversary of our birth as an institution, we can proudly say that we are building the Argentina of the future with humility, effort and dedication in order to achieve academic excellence.

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission, vision and values guide the University daily action of all its members: students, teachers, administrative authorities.

Mission: To train professionals in the field of engineering and related disciplines to economic activity, as well as marine science, committed to the development of the country and internationally competitive.

The mission includes research and extension work, and work for business and social environment in general.

Vision: To be a university recognized as a model of quality in the Argentine university system in the teaching of engineering and related disciplines at the level of the best technological institutes in the world.

Values: The ITBA is intended to ensure compliance with the following core values in all their actions:

- Respect for the human person
- Respect for truth and his word
- The compliance
- The responsibility for own actions

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