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The Art Institutes
Arlington, Sterling, United States- Virginia


University description (as per official university website)

The Art Institutes Highlights

Learning options including online, evenings, weekends, and studying abroad
Emphasis on career services helps yield high-placement rates of graduates
Offers internships and externships
Has largest system of culinary schools in North America
Regularly held Portfolio Shows connect students with employers and community
Accreditation varies by location and includes Higher Learning Commission, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, and others

About The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes is a system of over 40 design schools throughout North America that offer graduate and undergraduate degrees as well as diploma and certificate programs. Curriculums are available in the fields of fashion, media arts, design and the culinary arts. The parent company of The Art Institutes, Education Management Corporation, was established more than 40 years ago, With more than 100,000 students Education Management is one of the largest private providers of postsecondary education in the US.

The school states that its programs include industry-current equipment and software. In addition, The Arts Institutes collaborates with local and national employers to design industry-relevant programs. Students create portfolios as part of their education and as a resource for showing prospective employers. Some programs include internship and externships as part of a student's education.

Background on America’s Leader in Creative Education

The Art Institutes is a system of more than 40 education institutions located throughout North America. We are America’s Leader in Creative Education. For students, we provide hands-on education in the creative and applied arts by offering master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees programs as well as nondegree programs. For employers, we provide an important source of culinary, design, fashion and media arts professionals.

At the Art Institutes schools, our curriculum is carefully scrutinized and developed by industry professionals and prominent employers who tell us what skills are needed in the workplace. This means that your education is relevant, practical and hands-on. In fact, the classroom often mimics what you'll find on the job. Many of our faculty members continue to also work professionally in the fields they are teaching, so you'll have an opportunity to learn what's currently happening in your chosen field. In all of our programs, technology and media help you to realize your vision.

Every Art Institutes school has a Career Services department with staff dedicated to helping students market themselves and providing support services for students to use in pursuing employment opportunities in their chosen field. From helping you pursue part-time job opportunities while you are attending school to actively supporting soon-to-be graduates' job search, faculty and staff are committed to providing students with the support they need.

Browse our areas of study and program offerings below to learn more about what The Art Institutes schools can offer.


If you’re thinking about a career in the fast-paced world of advertising, this should grab your attention: The Art Institutes system of schools is one name to consider for the advertising education you’ll need to get started. In our advertising programs, you’ll have an opportunity to explore both the business and creative sides of advertising and marketing. In our schools, you’ll study advertising industry disciplines such as conceptual and creative thinking, art direction and copywriting, brand strategy and media buying. And you’ll have an opportunity to build an interview-ready portfolio to showcase your work to employers. It’s a well-rounded advertising education that’s focused on preparing you to pursue a range of entry-level jobs from graphic designer to copywriter to account executive. Pick an advertising program below and start discovering the possibilities. You’ll see why the advertising programs at The Art Institutes system of schools are creating their own buzz.

Animation & Special Effects

You have all these great ideas in your head. Amazing technology at your fingertips. And a world of possibilities at your feet. Possibilities you can explore in the programs designed to teach animation and special effects at The Art Institutes system of schools. When you study animation and special effects at our schools, you’ll blur the boundaries of business, entertainment and communication as you study everything from character and object design to audio for animation to video production. And you’ll learn hands-on, using the same type of animation and special effects equipment and programs the pros use. Once you’ve finished your study of animation and special effects in school, you can pursue entry-level employment as a 3-D animator, special effects artist, or digital animator. Take a look at the programs below that interest you. And think about the very real possibilities these programs at The Art Institutes system of schools can open up for you.

Audio, Video, or Film Production

The Art Institutes schools offer programs in the areas of audio, video, and film production with quality you can see and hear. Ever wondered how far you could go if you could combine all your creative energy with today’s technology? The answer is in the programs designed to teach audio, video, and film production at The Art Institutes system of schools. Depending on the program you choose, courses include studying audio production, video production, scriptwriting, and image manipulation, you’ll work with industry-standard technologies and techniques as you learn to communicate information, entertainment and ideas through motion, sound and graphics. Once you’ve finished your audio, video, and film production schooling, you’ll be prepared to put your artistic skills to work in such entry-level areas as audio production, sound engineering, broadcasting, videography, and film production. You can start on your way right now just by clicking the audio, video, and film production programs below that spark your interest. You’ll begin to get an idea of just how The Art Institutes system of schools can make a difference in your future.

Culinary Arts

Your search for the right culinary arts program doesn’t have to take you all over the world… it can start right here at: The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes, North America’s largest system of culinary programs offered at over 30 Art Institutes schools. In our culinary arts programs, you’ll use ingredients and techniques from all around the globe. But the focus of our culinary programs is on preparing you to pursue entry-level opportunities in the culinary profession with a broad range of experience and skills. You’ll begin by sharpening your fundamental cooking techniques and skills, from basic cuts to managing a menu. From there, you’ll explore the world of international cuisines—the traditional classics to the emerging flavors. And when you complete your culinary arts education at our schools, you’ll be ready to pursue an entry-level job such as line cook, pantry cook or assistant baker. The culinary arts programs offered at The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes are listed below. Explore them. And discover a world of possibilities.

Culinary Management

You have a passion for food. A head for business. And a desire to find a culinary management program that can best prepare you for a career where you put them both to use. Explore the culinary management programs at The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes, North America’s largest system of culinary programs offered at over 30 Art Institutes schools. The broad, well-rounded range of skills taught in the culinary management programs at our schools can prepare you to run a food operation from front to back. You’ll begin by developing your fundamental skills, from basic cuts to managing a menu to working as part of a team. From there, you’ll explore the exciting world of international cuisines. When you complete your culinary management education through our schools, you’ll be ready to enter the profession and pursue an entry-level position such as kitchen manager or catering manager. Look over the culinary management programs we offer at The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes. And discover a world of possibilities.

Fashion Design

You take your fashion cues from the world around you, adding your own unique touches. If you want to share your sense of style in the world of fashion design, your first step is a fashion design program at The Art Institutes system of schools. This is where you can develop your fashion talent with real-world, career-focused courses that cover the industry from clothing construction and patternmaking to fashion illustration and fashion trends. Once you’ve earned a Fashion Design degree from one of our schools, you’ll be ready to pursue entry-level opportunities with employers like apparel manufacturers, department stores and boutiques. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. For now, look over the fashion design programs at The Art Institutes system of schools. And explore the one that best matches your sense of where you belong in the world of fashion.

Fashion Management

You have the soul of a fashion designer…but at heart, you’re all business. Have we got a perfect fit for you. At The Art Institutes system of schools, you’ll find a fashion management program that suits your interests and your career goals. As a fashion management student at our schools, you’ll have the opportunity to learn to coordinate a runway show, create an engaging window display, and turn a showroom floor into an artistic expression. Through fashion management courses in everything from consumer behavior to fashion cycles to visual merchandising, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your passion for fashion and build the range of management skills you’ll need in the competitive world of retail. Get started by checking out the fashion management programs at The Art Institutes system of schools. Before you know it, you could be pursuing an entry-level job as a buyer, retail manager or fashion coordinator.

Game Design & Programming

You’ve got a passion for games. And an imagination that knows no bounds. Put them together with an education focusing on game design and programming, and you can pursue a future that’s fast-paced, fulfilling, and a lot of fun. At The Art Institutes system of schools, you’ll have an opportunity to take your talent to the next level as you use industry-current tools and technologies to create virtual worlds and characters. Game design and programming courses offered at our schools will take you through the art of image manipulation, creative storytelling, 3-D modeling, texture mapping, and much more. This is hands-on, real-world schooling that prepares you to pursue entry – level opportunities such as game designer, modeler or visual effects specialist. So explore the programs below. And find out how an exciting future in game design and programming can start at The Art Institutes system of schools.

Graphic Design

At The Art Institutes system of schools, you can find a variety of graphic design degree programs designed to help you build the skills you need to pursue entry-level opportunities in this diverse and exciting industry. You’ll use the same graphic design tools here in school, from computers to software to digital cameras, used by professionals in the industry. No matter what direction you want to pursue in the field of graphic design after school — from illustration to design management to visual and entertainment arts — we have a program that can help you pursue your goal. You can prepare for such entry-level positions as graphic designer, advertising designer, or computer artist, or even become your own boss as a freelancer. Look over the degree options for graphic design at our schools below. And see how The Art Institutes system of schools’ graphic design programs can help you design your future.

Industrial Design

From your cell phone to your sofa, everything that makes your life easier, simpler, better, or more fun began in the imagination of an industrial designer. An industrial design education is about putting ideas to practical use, whether creating new products or taking existing ones to the next level. And the hands-on, real-world Industrial Design programs at The Art Institutes system of schools are about preparing you to make a career in a field that rewards innovative thinking. Here, you’ll study the visual, practical, and material aspects of industrial design — from model making to mechanical drawing — as you work toward a degree designed to prepare you for an entry-level position including product designer, furniture designer, and package designer. Look over the Industrial Design programs below. And soon you could be on your way to a career where you design the next scooter, the next scanner, maybe even the next school.

Interior Design

For you, going to school for interior design is all about expressing yourself visually as you combine form and function. For us at The Art Institutes system of schools, our interior design programs focus on helping you shape your creativity into an exciting and rewarding career. In this profession, every space is a blank canvas you can fill with your own sense of design. The interior design programs offered at The Art Institutes schools focus on your success. You’ll use industry-related technology as you study everything from perspective and proportion to architecture and renovation, preparing you to pursue entry-level positions such as space planner, interior designer, or decorator. Think of the interior design programs below as an opportunity to turn your talent, your passion, and your imagination into a career that suits you. Inside and out.


If you picture yourself building a future as a visual artist, look into the photography programs at The Art Institutes system of schools. Depending on the photography program you pursue, you’ll study composition, lighting and equipment, and color and design. Learn the details of digital photography. Gain skills in art direction, digital imaging, and client relations. When you study photography at our schools, it’s all about helping you develop the artistic and technical skills you need to enter the profession as anything from a commercial photographer to a lab technician to a photojournalist. And it can all start when you choose a photography program at The Art Institutes system of schools. We provide comprehensive photography programs to prepare you for a rewarding career.

Web Design & Interactive Media

Creative. Analytical. They may be opposite sides of the brain, but you can put them both to good use in the field of web design and interactive media. In the Web Design & Interactive Media programs at The Art Institute system of schools, you’ll have an opportunity to learn hands-on how to make audio, video, still images, animation, graphics and text work together to create entertainment and deliver information. Using industry-standard software and technologies, your Web Design & Interactive Media courses will range from digital imaging and illustration to computer applications to sound application. When you’ve finished studying web design and interactive media in school, you’ll be prepared to pursue entry-level opportunities in the industry such as interactive, web, or interface designer, digital media producer, or programmer. Click through the Web Design & Interactive Media programs at The Art Institutes system of schools. And get ready to design an exciting future.

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