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Instituto Tecnológico
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


University description (as per official university website)

INTEC is the result of the concerns of a group of university professors Dominicans in 1971, they decided to found "a small institution mainly aimed at offering graduate programs in nontraditional areas of continuing education programs, programs for executives and research. "

After countless efforts included obtaining a loan of 900,000 pesos at the Foundation for Educational Credit and classrooms of the Colegio Dominicano de La Salle, as well as personal contributions of the members of Superior Council, the new Technological Institute of Santo Domingo began his teaching activities on 9 October 1972, with three graduate programs: industrial engineering, economics and business administration. INTEC thus became the first institution in the country to offer this level of study.

In July 1973 up to offer degree programs in civil engineering, industrial engineering, medicine, economics, management, accounting and social sciences.

The growth in undergraduate enrollment was slow and uneven. At the end of the second quarter of teaching is low academic applied according to the Academic Regulations and was out of INTEC 60% of the undergraduate population. This exodus student said INTEC image as an institution with high standards of excellence.

By the year 1980, INTEC had consolidated his image as an institution committed to quality and enjoyed widespread acceptance in Dominican society. The demand for their graduates, continuing education activities and research located at INTEC in a leadership position in Dominican higher education.

During that decade, the university is dedicated to institutional development. Is presented to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) a draft of expansion and development that contributes to the consolidation as a university of excellence. Thus, we carried out a major reform with innovative design curricular cycles and put into action a plan teacher professional development in accordance with the requirements of the new curriculum. With the support of international consultancy, was given a new style to the body: both expanded curricular offerings, such as research and service delivery.

Through the years, INTEC has been a consolidation that has involved not only physical and quantitative growth but also an affirmation through qualitative achievements which have become a university of very high reputation.

Dominican is the first university to receive accreditation from the Dominican Association for the Self-Study and Accreditation, ADAAC, with the participation of assessors brotherly countries. INTEC plans its future, taking as reference the standards of accreditation, national and international.

In 2006 the decision to limit the population at about 5,000 students. Since then, with the purpose of making a better selection for admission to undergraduate courses, begins the implementation of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, PAA, the College Board, which allows income standards are internationally comparable.

INTEC has grown its international role through participation in university organizations, professorial and student mobility, implementation and institutional arrangements, with increasing emphasis, through the internationalization of the programs it offers.

Are currently running major projects for institutional development, higher education and the Dominican society. These included the Environmental Protection Program in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, and the first Haas Technical Center in Latin America with the support of Penn State University.

With financing from the IDB, INTEC runs along Jamaica, Panama, Haiti and Belize the project to establish a Regional Accreditation System of Engineering in the Greater Caribbean.

Regarding the contribution to the improvement of Dominican education, the Center for Studies in Education, CEE-INTEC develops projects and initiatives to support public and private schools such as PREPA-INTEC, which includes about 50 schools in a program evaluation and training. In addition, the Education Center Pilot Program with emphasis in Science, Engineering and Mathematics (CIM) in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Columbia University.



Training professionals internationally competitive, critical, creative, socially responsible and capable of contributing to the necessary changes in Dominican society in the face of global challenges, and contribute to national development and scientific and technological competitiveness through educational actions , research and extension.


Objectivity and scientific rigor, academic excellence and service to society.
On ideological pluralism, political and religious, exercised in a context of non-partisanship.
Tolerance and respect for the human person, freedom of inquiry and expression.
Non-discrimination based on gender, race and nationality.
The critical insertion of his academic work in the Dominican reality.
The focus of its activities and academic programs to the development of the student and their social commitment.

In 2012, the university will INTEC Dominican greater recognition for the quality and the international nature of its academic programs, the skills of its faculty, the students at the center of the institutional, professional achievements and contributions of its graduates, results obtained through research and technological innovation, scientific dissemination, and their links with the Dominican in the context of institutional values and principles.


The student as the center of the institutional
Building a world-class university
Research and technological innovation in national development impact
The quality of life of Dominicans as a constant concern
An institution with development and sustainable progress
Efficient management.
1. The student as the center of the institutional

Objective: To promote a model of care to students to ensure their training and developing their skills.

2. Building a world-class university

Objective: To consolidate and promote a model and curriculum development to ensure the quality and internationalization

3. Research and technological innovation in national development impact

Goal: Increase research and technological innovation and quality of results, in response to the needs and problems of national development.

4. The quality of life of Dominicans as a constant concern

Objective: To increase the involvement of INTEC to society and help in the treatment of fundamental issues related to ensuring the quality of life of citizens.

5. An institution with development and sustainable progress

Objective: make viable institutional strengthening through a diversified financial base for sustainable growth with positive economic impacts.

6. Efficient

Objective: To develop and improve management processes and procedures that ensure the achievement of institutional goals

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