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Harran ‹niversitesi
Sanliurfa, Turkey


University description (as per official university website)


The first higher education unit was established in Sanliurfa, "Sanliurfa Vocational School" stop (1976). Then, depending on the University of Dicle, Faculty of Agriculture (1978), Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering (1984) and Gaziantep University Faculty of Theology (1988) has been established. These units are connected to the University of Harran with the Law No. 3837 dated 09.07.1992. In addition, Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine, Sanliurfa Vocational School of Health, Social, Science and the enterprise law Institutes of Health Sciences took place.

In 1994, Siverek, Hilvan, SuruÁ, Birecik, Viransehir and Bozova Vocational Schools in 1995 in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Ceylanpinar Akcakale Vocational Schools, Vocational School was established in 1997, the Health School and Kahta. However, the School of Kahta Established by law No. 5467 dated 01.03.2006 and is connected to the University of Adiyaman.

Published in the Official Gazette No. 26597 dated 29.07.2007 and according to the decision of the Council of Ministers of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts and School of Tourism and Hotel Management was established. Finally, dated 05.12.2007 and published in the Official Gazette No. 26721 dated 02.11.2007 and the Council of Ministers No. 2007/12786 of Physical Education and Sports School was established by the decision.

The University today, 9 faculties, 3 colleges, 10 vocational colleges, 3 institutes, 10 research and training center and has been active.



Harran University, Sanliurfa's, a thousand years ago, based on today's date is one of the oldest cities in Anatolia. Located on the so-called Fertile Crescent region of archaeological resources, Sanliurfa, is located at the intersection of the rich Anatolian culture of the Mesopotamian culture has a profound cultural accumulation. That the name of the historic university city of Harran, Sanliurfa 44 km. located in the southeast, scene of important events in history have been the center of a city. a period of Harran, the real importance of the Umayyads in the capital since the early days of Islam stems from the fact that the science center. Period considered Harran University School of astronomy, medicine, mathematics, philosophy and studies have been done in the fields of religion. Harran today as a tourist resort continues to attract interest.

Another feature of Sanliurfa in the world, one of the largest integrated regional development projects in Southeast Anatolia Project (GAP) is that at the center. Sanliurfa, with the passing of this project is fully implemented will achieve significant gains. University of Turkey aims to improve the quality of higher education and scientific research, but also undertakes a mission of GAP is also very important for the success. Elements of this mission, to lead the social and cultural change, through works of scientific development in the region to support the rational assessment of the dynamics of the region to create a platform that allows be listed as.

The country's progress to ensure a progressive, creative, democratic, a follower of Ataturk's principles and reforms, its basic principle of science which aims to educate people university's intellectual, educational, research and practice, continuous improvement and development aims

As of today, the Harran University, language of instruction is Turkish. Students each semester credits of compulsory and elective courses are divided into two groups. Students are required to take compulsory courses the department are registered. However, the University Senate, the courses offered for students who are successful in the exemption exam, are exempt from those courses. Two-year associate degree program of the University of Harran vocational high schools, faculties and colleges in the four-year undergraduate programs are applied (six years of education at the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for five years of education). In addition, the Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Institutes of Science and master's and PhD degrees are connected to the main branches of science.

Harran University, an academic year, consists of two semesters, including fall and spring semesters. Medical and Veterinary Faculties in the form of training program is an annual periods. Harran University departments and programs, new students are placed by OSYM registrations, between the dates announced by the university are under the supervision of the Department of Student Affairs. December classes at the beginning of each semester, the students, the academic calendar are required to renew their registrations within the time specified. The recommendation of the relevant department or college faculty with the decision of the board of directors of each class is assigned an academic advisor. The academic advisor, take courses until the student graduates, passing the classes, exams, university education-related regulations and advise students on various topics related to education. In addition, psychological counseling services for students at the university are provided by qualified persons. The students are at least two midterm exams each semester and are subject to the final exam at the end of each semester.

Students applying equivalent education programs in institutions of higher education institutions and departments / programs "between Institutions of Higher Education Associate Degree and Undergraduate Regulations Concerning Transfer", in accordance with education can apply for transfer before the start. University students' educational and socio- formed to take advantage of the views and recommendations to meet the cultural needs of the student council, students' choice renewed each year. Student Council President, the Chancellor from time to time upon the call of the Senate and offer opinions and suggestions of students participating in other committees.

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