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Estonian Public Service Academy
Tallinn, Estonia


University description (as per official university website)

The Estonian Public Service Academy is a state institution, providing professional education for civil servants belonging in the area of government under the Estonian Ministry of the Interior. The Academy was established in 1992 after Estonia regained its independence.

The objective of the EPSA is, through internal security related academic education, research and development activities, and also through the training of honest and competent public servants, to create a secure state and conditions for stable development across the state of Estonia and therewith contribute to the security of the entire European Union (EU).

The Academy prepares civil servants in four Colleges under the following specialties:

police and border guard;
taxation and customs.
Studies are implemented on the levels of vocational training, professional higher education and Master’s studies as in both forms of daily- and distance studies.

Public Service Academy is a college of the Interior Ministry portfolio, which produces professional, high-level and magistrihariduse specialists for a wide range of internal security agencies (including police, border guards, rescue, and justice, and tax and tollisüsteemile). We carry out these areas of research and development and offer training to professionals already working in all professional matters.

The Academy has, in addition to a school building in Tallinn, Pirita Price EEK Harju Murastes still learning centers (police and piirivalvekolledži Muraste School), Pärnu County Paikusel (police and piirivalvekolledži Paikuse School) and West-Viru County Little Mary (päästekolledži päästekool). Õppekeskustes all students have created a comfortable learning and living conditions. For example, it is possible to visit the Academy for literature, a good library, with both arvutiklassides as well as free wireless Internet, in addition to the curriculum to learn a foreign language, do sports, go tantsukursustel, sing the chorus of the Academy and to participate in school events, exciting year-round.

All learners in the academy throughout the periods of study during the school buildings in the immediate vicinity of the opportunity to live in a dormitory, which also has all the rest, as well as teaching.

Completed work are the Ministry of Interior and Justice Ministry portfolio and the rest of the public service. After receiving higher education, young people can learn more MBAs. The Academy offers the opportunity to learn from Master of the internal security, or to choose a common magistriõppeprogramm UT.

We are waiting for us to learn or in cooperation with anyone who wants to serve his country with integrity, based on the flag of the Academy of publishers - Auto Re verbis! (Word or deed, LDK).

Academy at the time was the creation of a militarized educational organization. To date, there has been a restructuring of high-level guidance for state and local government officials (civil servants) An establishment. First opened in Estonia rakenduskõrgkoolina Degree Programme in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology. Ülitihe call revealed that the specialties taught in the academy graduate is in high demand.

Today, many of our alumni have taken a lead in large structures that have earned their recognition for exemplary work and the Cross of the Republic of Estonia, the highest level. Public Service Academy is unable to fulfill its mission throughout its long history of honest and competent civil servants' training.

Public Service Academy is today still stand behind its development, will become a recognized educational institution in both Western and Eastern Europe, in both quality and quantity of their training, each discipline to provide an internationally recognized professional training and higher education.


1992nd A 15 April, the Government established the National Defence Academy of the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian National Defence Academy name. Teaching began on 12 October, and police investigations, customs, corrections, military and border security was a specialty of the 180 students;
1993rd was re-appointed to the Academy of the Estonian National Defence Academy;
1993rd was added to the rescue specialist;
1996th was added to the population organization of the profession;
1998th closed military occupations in teaching and the school became the National Defence Academy of the name;
1999th opened a new specialty in the administrative management specialist;
2000th was incorporated into the administrative management and population management disciplines. Police joined the investigation of professional specialty;
2,001th The adoption of the first professional masters students in public management. Learning was held in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology;
2,001th The judge opened korrektsioonikolledžis professional;
2002nd The College was established in the autumn of financial, taxation and customs of the host specialization;
2004th he joined the Police Academy Police Academy Lohja;
2004th he joined the Academy Little Mary päästekolledžiga Päästekool;
2005th The adoption of the first professional Master's of Business Administration students. Learning takes place in collaboration with the University of Tartu;
2005th The academy began operations of the Civil Service Training and Development (ATAK);
2005th began work on the composition of the Border Guard Academy College;
2006th were connected to the Muraste Guard Academy School;
2008th The admission of students completed the administrative organization of the profession;
2009th Autumn opened a new specialty in the field of Master of Arts in Homeland Security;
2010th 1st Year February, join the college and the Border Police and police piirivalvekolledži name. With regard to the unification, became a police school and Paikusel Murastes piirivalvekolledži established names. Police School was named the police and the school piirivalvekolledži Lohja, piirivalvekolledži piirivalvekolledži Muraste called the police and the school.


Our mission is to internal security education, research and development activities, and
honest and competent public officials, and training to contribute to the stability
increasing the security of the country


2020th year we have an internationally recognized innovative
Internal Security Study, Research and Development

Core values

Our mission and vision to facilitate the exercise performance of the following core values - our way of A'd:


If I am wrong, then confess it;
I think the word trusted me and I will keep;
I will not lie to themselves or others.

I see and help, inspiration and support;
Communicate with kindness and goodwill;
I listen to my opinion on the different points of view;
None of the ideas are not too crazy for me, that it can not be discussed.

I know what is happening. If not sure, then I shall post!
Submit a clear purpose and role of its own anyway;
I appreciate their time and planning and other activities.
I would venture to decide!

I'm positive;
Say hello, please and thank you!
Counting the views of others;
I dare say, reasoned and responsible;
I look back and am ready to change.

Learn throughout their lives and share the knowledge gained with others;
I would venture to test, learn from mistakes and errors;
I'm looking for opportunities, not excuses.

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