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Zapadoceske univerzity v Plzni
Pilsen, Czech Republic


University description (as per official university website)

University of West Bohemia (UWB) was established pursuant to Act No. 314/91 Coll. of 9 8th 1991 by merging the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Education faculty. According to Law No. 111/1998 Coll. the university's name was added to the University of West Bohemia. At the time of its inception had five faculties (Applied Sciences, Economics, Electrical Engineering, teaching, engineering) with 4200 students. The founding faculty in 1993 joined the Faculty of Law, in 1999, Faculty of Arts (formerly the Faculty of Humanities) and in 2008 the Faculty of Health Studies. Currently, UWB has eight faculties with more than 60 departments and three academic institutes. Nearly 19,000 students can choose from a wide range of bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs. Ideal structure provides students with the most comprehensive study options in full, combined or distance study.
Educational activities on UWB is also a lifelong public education through lectures, courses and comprehensive training programs, including the very popular University of Third Age. In addition to teaching, UWB is also a dynamic center for research and development.
UWB has a significant position among universities in the Czech Republic and the European Higher Education Area.

Profile UWB
West University is the only institution of higher education in the country that offers a wide range of studies in bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree programs for professionals from the areas of electrical engineering, education, economics, computer science, applied mechanics, mathematics, physics, philosophy, social and cultural anthropology , archeology, language, law, public administration and healthcare.

The head of the university's rector. Rector delegate some of its powers to the Vice-Rectors, the Bursar and the Dean. Backbone of the university faculty. And faculty are pursuing study programs, carry out educational, scientific, artistic or other creative activities under the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty. Similar activities are carried out, university institutes, which are headed by the Director.
Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV)
Faculty of Economics (FEK)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE)
Faculty of Arts (FF)
Faculty of Education (FPE)
Faculty of Law (FPR)
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FST)
Faculty of Health Studies (FZS)
New Technologies - Research Centre in the West Bohemian Region (NTC)
Language Institute (Recycling)
Faculties are divided into departments, possibly the Constitution, with powers given by law and the UWB. Department or institute is the basic unit for educational and scientific work. Each department provides courses on their expertise for all faculty of the University. An integral component of its business is science.

Rektorátní workplace
Division Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Division Vice Chancellor for Strategy and Research
Division Vice Chancellor for Information
Division Vice Chancellor for External Relations
Selected work
Information and Counselling Centre
Foreign Relations
Department of Legislative and Legal
Department of Public Relations
Personnel Department
Finance Department
Administration and development assets
Department of Strategy and Research
Other Departments
Center for Information Technology
Institute for Lifelong Learning
University Library
Specialized Units
Operation and services
Accommodation and Catering Management

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen was 28th 9th 1991 on the basis of the Law of the Czech National Council No 314/1991 Coll. It merged with the existing College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Faculty in Pilsen.
College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering was founded in 1949 as part of the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 1953 he acquired an independent status and began to develop rapidly. In 1960 it was divided into two faculties - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The bulk of its existence, offering studies for mechanical and electrical engineers. Further, two new faculties - Applied Sciences and Economics - was founded in 1990, shortly after the Velvet Revolution.
Faculty in Pilsen was founded in 1948 initially as a branch of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Since 1953, she worked as an independent Higher School of Education and later as the Pedagogical Institute and since 1964 has been a pedagogical faculty. Its task is to prepare primary and secondary schools. In 1991 it became part of the University of West Bohemia.
In 1993, two years after its foundation, was established Faculty of Law at the ever-increasing needs of lawyers during the transformation of social and law and economics in 1989.
Under the newly adopted Act No. 111/1998 Coll. Higher Education University of West changed from 1999 its name to University of West Bohemia.
After ten years of existence, UWB was founded seven faculties Faculty of Humanities, whose foundation was created in 1997 as the Faculty of Law, Humanities Center. From 3 1st 2005 Faculty was renamed the Faculty of Arts.
In 2004, the UWB established Department of Art and Design as an independent university institute. In 2008 was established Faculty of Health Studies in the same year the Department of Language Education.
West University is able to provide training in most major educational fields. While students are studying here from all over the country and abroad, is intended mainly for students from western Bohemia, where the only academic institution in the region prepares students for careers in electrical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics and mechanics, economics, pedagogy, philosophy , philology, social and cultural anthropology, archeology, law and public administration and health care.

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