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Univerzita Karlova
Prague, Czech Republic


University description (as per official university website)

Charles University in Prague offers accredited degree programs at bachelor, master and Ph.D. levels. Another possibility to study at the university is to take part in short-term courses of various types offered by the faculties within the framework of lifelong education programs. Graduates of these courses will obtain certificates or credits. Students may also spend a part of their studies at CU on the basis of intergovernmental agreements, exchange programs or study abroad programs.

General Information about Admissions

Admissions to all types of study, bachelor, master, and doctoral, are realized in compliance with Entrance Procedure Regulations of CU in Prague, or procedure regulations of single faculties in which every concerning regulation of the Act No 111/1998 Coll. is elaborate.

The schedule of admissions for an academic year is annually set by the Rector´s provisions, and in the corresponding time limit the conditions of the admissions for an academic year are published on website, in the form of university brochure, in a relevant number of Faculty News, and on the Open House day of the university and particular faculties.

The procedure of admissions is stated by delivering a written application to a particular faculty. Every applicant will receive (after checking the conditions for admission) Faculty dean´s decision on admission result.
After receiving this decision the applicant is in a relevant time entitled to ask for consulting all his/her materials which are important to the decision on his/her admission to study.
In a relevant time the applicant can also ask the rector for a review of the dean´s decision on the applicant´s admission.
The review proceeds in compliance with a pre-stated schedule.
The rector´s decision on this application is definite and concludes the procedure of admissions.

Basic conditions of admission to study

A basic condition for being admitted to bachelor and master academic programs is a complete secondary school education with GCE.
A basic condition for being admitted to doctoral academic program is graduation from master academic program. A successfully passed entrance examination is another condition of admission which is stated by the university. In some cases practice, high school grades and participation in competitions are taken into account.
The admission conditions are published for each academic program or subject separately.

International students have several possibilities how to study at CU. It depends whether they want to obtain a degree from CU or spend a part of their university studies at our university.

For applicants who wish to obtain a degree from our university, our faculties offer bachelor, master and doctoral study programs in English, but some degree programs are available in Czech language only. Therefore, applicants who have a very good knowledge of Czech language are encouraged to study in Czech language. Students considering spending a part of their studies at CU may come to study on the basis of intergovernmental agreements, exchange programs or study abroad programs.

There is no single office at Charles University that handles admissions for all students to all programs. Instead, each faculty maintains its own admissions office and specialized staff to meet the needs of their prospective students.

Self-financing Students
Self-financing students should apply directly to the faculty, which they want to study at. Application form for studies in English may be obtained on the faculty web site or from the Students Department of the respective faculty.

Exchange LPP-Erasmus Program
LPP-Erasmus is a European Union program to promote student mobility at the higher education level.
To qualify as a LPP-Erasmus student the applicant must be registered on a course of study at another higher education institution in one of the eligible EU/EEA/CEE countries. In principle LPP-Erasmus is open to all disciplines, however, opportunities will depend on whether a relevant subject specific bilateral exchange agreement has been signed between your home institution and the respective faculty (department) of Charles University.
For further information please contact your home institution's Socrates/Erasmus Institutional Co-coordinator in the first instance.

Information about LPP-Erasmus at Charles University

Information from faculties of CU:
Catholic Theological Faculty
Hussite Theological Faculty
Protestant Theological Faculty
Faculty of Law
1st Faculty of Medicine
2nd Faculty of Medicine
3rd Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové
Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Faculty of Humanities

Bilateral University Exchange Agreements
Charles University has exchange and collaborative links with institutions of higher education worldwide.
Survey of our international partners may be obtained here.
For information on study opportunities based on bilateral university exchange agreements, please contact the International Office at your home university.

CEEPUS Program
International students who wish to study at Charles University under the CEEPUS program, please contact the CEEPUS co-coordinator at your home university or local CEEPUS Office in your country.

Czech Government Scholarships
International students wishing to study on the basis of the government-funded scholarships, or on the basis of reciprocal agreements established by inter-governmental agreements, should apply for studies at Charles University via representative offices of the Czech Republic in their home country, or contact their Ministry of Education.

For general information on the scholarships, please click on the link of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Czech Republic (info in CZ only).

Czech countrymen interested in studies at Czech universities, please click on the link of Centre of International Services - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of CR (info in CZ only).

Scholarships section: Scholarships website section
Scholarships email:

   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Univerzita Karlova

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