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Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyne
Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic


University description (as per official university website)


1. A good ticket to the job market

Each year, the University produces 1,500 graduates who - in the very most instances - either succeed in entering the labour market, or make their way to higher level university studies. The overall achievement rate of UJEP graduates, expressed through the additional count of jobless UJEP graduates, stands at 97%.
The certainty of a perspective placement is offered by all constituents of the University which – in absolute concurrence – nurture the shaping of a favourable profile of a UJEP graduate, namely both in terms of his or her future fulfilment in the problem area studied, and in terms of his or her flexibility.
All UJEP graduates are moreover provided with a Diploma Supplement, providing for a transparent and unified acknowledgement of university and professional qualifications within EU countries, and facilitating their entry onto European labour market.

2. Dozens of study programmes and combinations

The offer of numerous study opportunities available at UJEP comprises the study of technical, natural-scientific, environmental, economic, social-science, medical programmes, of the teaching profession, and of art work. In terms of study accessibility it holds true that one is seven fields of study is offered as a combined (distance) form of learning, thus being suitable for applicants holding a job.
Applicants may choose from either a single- or dual-subject study program. Coming up with single-subject study courses, the University serves the interests of those who wish to get professionally more profoundly specialised. By contrast, through its offer of dual-subject study programmes the university addresses applicants showing a wider scope of interest, or wishing – after graduation – to have an enhanced chance of finding a proper post.

3. A way to all levels of university education – a chance for talents

The fairly rich spectrum of study specialisations guarantees that both applicants preferring the craft-oriented bachelor studies, and those with ambitions to achieve a Master´s or doctoral level of university education may find satisfaction. It namely is through the offer of doctoral studies in areas such as, e.g., engineering technologies or computer methods, that the University keeps attracting even very talented students; for these, UJEP increasingly becomes a way towards prestigious fulfilment in areas of science, research and development, or in top management of domestic and foreign companies.

4. Room for creative exploration and personal pursuit

Entering the University, the student gets access to the hottest insights and to the use thereof. It goes without saying that University tuition is closely linked with the scientific, research or art activities of relevant faculties and/or the Institute, and that it provides students with the rare opportunity to openly discuss issues with high-profile scientists, artists, tutors from both the Czech Republic and abroad, to get involved in exploration teams, and to learn to throw first-rate presentations of the results of their creative activity.
Students eager to learn, discover, create, and develop, have access to thousands of expert publications and to numerous electronic information resources; opened to them are libraries, study halls, labs with cutting-edge equipment, studios and other hinterland of respective departments; last but not least, extraordinary grant stipends/scholarships are announced for them to obtain. The best ones who succeed in presenting the professional results in renowned magazines or make it into prestigious art contests, are annually bestowed with Rectrix Awards.

5. Linking theoretical studies with practice

A significant link interconnecting the studies with practice is seen as the priority of all UJEP faculties and of the Institute. In craft-oriented study programs, professional practice and study trips constitute a natural component of the studies. As a major suspension bridge linking the studies and practice, bachelor and diploma theses currently act, being drawn from the requirements of business establishments, small and medium-sized companies, state-owned and non-state institutions and organisations.
As an example, the bachelor thesis of Markéta Hejkalová, the best Year 2007 bachelor thesis with economic orientation, may serve in that the subject matter thereof – the utilisation of state-of-the-art trends in the process of staff motivation and remuneration – had been processed directly under the conditions of AGC Flat Glass Czech joint-stock company.

6. Spending one term abroad a commonplace

Rationalisation is one of UJEP´s priorities. Hundreds of UJEP students have spent one or more terms on dozens of universities all over Europe and/or overseas. Up to one fifth of students have managed to receive part of their instruction at foreign universities.
With ERASMUS financial support, students can cross into the outside world from as early as the second year of their studies. Apart from a one-term of two-term study stay, they can moreover undertake a several months´ practical work placement in a foreign company, training or research center, or in some other organisation. This year, UJEP students can choose from a total of 124 contractual foreign universities seated in 24 countries of Europe. Every year, available are about 300 placements for any and all students of UJEP(!)

7. The generous stipend/scholarship programme – our pride

The total amount of financial means going to education maintenance allowances had reached 52 million CZK in 2007(!), i.e. an amount exceeding that of 2007 by 10 %.
Of that, 25 million CZK went to accommodation stipends, 9 million CZK to foreign mobility, 4 million CZK to the socially needy students, 1 million CZK went to merit stipends/scholarships, 2 million CZK to students in doctoral programmes, and 11 million went to extraordinary stipends/scholarships.
Compared with 2006, the amount paid out in the form of stipends has tripled, inclusive of stipends paid to students running the respective study rooms/halls, computer rooms and special-purpose study rooms, for auxiliary student staff, and for students involved in arrangement of events such as Science and Art Days, Open House Days, etc.
Further, the University´s best students obtain one-shot stipends granted by the Mayor of Ústí nad Labem, by mayors of respective municipal districts, by the Mayoress of Trmice municipality, the Chief Executive Officer of AGC Flat Glass Czech, a.s., and CEO of ČEZ Distribuce, a.s., as well as by the director of VZP Health Insurer regional branch.
On top of all that, it holds true that dozens of students are – on an annual basis – awarded the Ústí nad Labem Region stipend, namely in the amount of CZK 20,000 per student and academic year(!) From 2008 on, Krajská zdravotní, a. s., launched a special programme for students of nursing and information technology branches of study, an amount of up to CZK 70,000 is offered per annum.

8. Accommodation stipends among the highest in the Czech Republic

Whilst the amount of accommodation stipend, as calculated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT), equals 540 CZK per student and month, by UJEP, students eligible for an accommodation stipend are paid up to 930 CZK per month, which is an amount placing the University among top Czech universities. The stipend is paid out subject to the availability of the place of study from the student´s permanent abode, i.e. not subject to the type of accommodation the student opts for (Residential Hall, private lodging facility, or own flat).

9. Residential Hall with Internet connection available to everyone

The University disposes of sufficient space for students in Residential Halls. Every year, applications of all students requesting accommodation in Residential Halls are satisfied. Even those preferring to reside in private typically have no problem to rent -in the hundred-thousand town of Ústí nad Labem – a room at a reasonable price. A commonplace standard for those enjoying accommodation in Residential Halls is Internet accessibility and Internet connection on each room with the student paying the electricity bill only. Available for students staying in Residential Halls are moreover non-stop Internet study halls.

10. Worthwhile leisure options

In this day and age, residential halls offer more than just a place to stay overnight; they have become centers of a number of student activities. Available on residential hall premises are playing fields, tennis courts, a gym (free of cost in evening hours) and the Academic Club hosting concerts, discos, and social gatherings. Students can moreover use the Sports Arena. Upon registration with USK Slavie, they are welcome to go in for a number of sports performed within the respective sports clubs such as aerobics, basketball, beach volleyball, floorball, alpinism, bodybuilding, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, etc. As an alternative option, students may attend fitness. In the České mládeže premises, the Aula Film Club keeps putting on movies, and active participation in cultural activities may be found in musical ensembles such as choirs, instrumental ensembles, bands, etc.
Some more options for spending leisure time are available in Ústí nad Labem municipality. These include, e.g., the swimming pool, theatres, movies, science library, etc., and the hinterland of the picturesque countryside of the Bohemian Mid-Mountain Range and of the Ore Mountains (with cycle networks, mountaineering and skiing terrains, and other options).

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