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Kristal University
Tirana, Albania


University description (as per official university website)

Kristal University is located in a large campus equipped with new facilities, auditoriums, study areas, a library, free internet and a number of other necessary services.

The three campuses - Tirana, Fieri and Korça - make Kristal not only one of the leaders in the field of private education in Albania, offering programs of study in disciplines such as Medicine, Law, Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, but also a forum for academic studies and scientific research work.

The University has social policies to help and support that part of the population that cannot afford an education.

Kristal University, as part of Kristal Education Company, which has a ten-year long experience in the field of education, offers you excellent alternatives and possibilities.

14 programs of study, an elite staff of professors and European academic standards are your guarantee for success.

Kristal University, through its six faculties, makes possible the realization of your dream for a European academic schooling.

Here you will find programs selected and prepared by professors with academic titles.

Kristal University offers students the possibility to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree (First-Level Diploma) in 14 programs of study. Academic teaching programs have been professionally selected by professors with scientific titles, who bring a combination of national and international expertise.

Beginning with the academic year 2008-2009, Kristal University also offers four new programs of study: Psychology, Sociology, Public Administration and Information Technology. The programs in Psychology and Sociology are also offered as afternoon courses.

Programs, offered according to the Bologna model, are divided into mandatory and elective courses. The process of specialization in the respective field starts in the third year, where a wider range of courses is taught. Each student will be exposed to a wide variety of basic knowledge in their chosen fields, preparing them for the labor market and for further studies and training.

Kristal University cooperates with a number of governmental, private and international institutions, offering internship and employment opportunities for the graduates. Our academic staff is friendly, communicative and always prepared to help. Besides the application of new technologies, we continue to use the traditional teaching methods.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering was established based on decision no. 761 of the Council of Ministers and approval of the Ministry of Education and Science, no. 3890/1 dated 01.12.2006.

This faculty provides graduates with a contemporary high-level and wide spectrum of knowledge in the field of electronics, informatics and information technology. The training starts with basic knowledge of physics, mathematics and chemistry, and gradually continues with the specific subjects of the appropriate field. The combination of the theoretical process with assignments, projects and lab work gives the students the possibility to deepen their knowledge and solve problems of a practical nature.

Experienced professors and experts perform the training in the fields of electronics and information technology. The establishment of two laboratories with modern equipment from Flite Electronics International, Ltd, Southhampton, UK, the performance of lab work in accordance with the principles of modern electronics, informatics and information technology, and the renewal of lesson plans and training programs based on European best practices, enables students to place themselves in the future workforce.

The subjects are organized in modules and are evaluated in credits according to the European Credit transfer System (ECTS).

First term of studies: 3 years (Bachelor's Degree - 180 credits).

Second term of studies: 2 years (Master's Degree - 120 credits).

The Faculty of Nursing
The pedagogical-scientific activity of the Faculty of Nursing is based on:

Law no. 9741, dated 21.05.2007 for Higher Education in the Republic of Albania.
The common Declaration of the European Ministers of Education gathered in Bologna on June 19, 1999.
Law no. 9718, dated 19.04.2007, on the Nursing Profession in the Republic of Albania.
The Faculty of Nursing at Kristal University is licensed by the decision of the Council of Ministers, No. 761, dated 06.12.2005 and approval of the Ministry of Education and Science, no. 3890/1, dated 01.12.2006.

The Faculty of Economics offers the possibility to create and expand one's professional profile. The program of study is based on the Bologna Declaration and taught by the academic staff of Kristal University. A contemporary infrastructure and modern teaching environments enhance the quality of training for our students. This is also achieved through improvement of lesson plans for the second level in all the subjects taught at this faculty. The Master's program of the second level emphasizes theoretical and professional values.

The Faculty of Political Sciences at Kristal University was established in 2007 by the decision of the Council of Ministers and approval of the Ministry of Education and Sciences.

The faculty offers programs of study in International Relations, Communication Sciences, Psychology (Job and Education profiles) and Sociology. In the compilation of study programs we have consulted programs of different European universities, which provide the students with general and specific knowledge in all branches.

The Faculty of Law, an important part of Kristal University, was approved by the Council of Ministers with decision no. 761, dated 06.12.2005.

The program of studies is based on law 9742, dated 21.05.2007 "On Higher Education in the Republic of Albania" and the Bologna Declaration.

Title: Lawyer

The academic program has two terms of study (3+2):

First term: 3 years
Second term: 2 years
The Faculty of Law implements only the study program for the first term, which lasts three years and awards 180 credits. At the end of studies the student is awarded the First Level Diploma "Law Expert".

This program prepares general lawyers who are able to work as advocates, public notaries, officers of the judicial police, lawyers in public administration and private companies.

This is an open program and enables students to equalize their credits and diplomas received from other universities in Albania and in Europe.

The Faculty of Law at Kristal University cooperates closely with the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana, with the Business Institute in Pristine, with the Faculty of Law at the University of Sienna in Italy, with the European Institute of the University of Geneva, and with the Faculty of Law at the University of Sassari in Italy.

At the same time, this term of studies offers the possibility for further qualification in other schools and institutions of higher education. It also gives the student the possibility to deepen his education in higher levels such as Master of Law in the First Level, European Studies and other professional training.

Pedagogical Staff
The Faculty of Law at Kristal University has 40 full-time and a considerable number of part-time professors. They have a rich academic experience in different fields of law in our country and work as judges, prosecutors, lawyers or juridical advisers in the public administration. At the moment this faculty has three departments and one research center.

Faculty of Arts

Kristal University, in close cooperation with Camerata Tirana, will open the Faculty of Arts. For the first time in Albania, the field of arts will have a serious alternative, professional and contemporary. The Faculty of Arts at Kristal University, in collaboration with conservatories and other European structures, as well as professors and world famous performers, will provide the necessary environment for students to train with the latest methods and to compare themselves to European standards.

A number of teaching and artistic exchanges are being planned with institutions such as the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance, University of Sorbonne, Rueil and Mamaison Conservatories, Aubervilliers, Bordeaux, Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington and the Julliard School.

We have plans to engage students with high results in the artistic life of the country, in such institutions as the Theater of Opera and Ballet and the Camerata Tirana. Students will also have the possibility to earn scholarships to attend various summer academies with famous professors in their respective fields, in different countries in Europe. They will have a chance to practice and increase their academic levels with artists and professors from England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

For the first time in Albania, students will have the possibility to graduate in traditional classical music as well as modern music. The need for professionalism in all forms of modern music in Albania is necessary and will serve for the stabilization of the job and artistic market at the same time.

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