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Near East University
Nicosia, Cyprus


University description (as per official university website)

From 1988 to the Present Day

Today, with students from 55 different countries, the Near East University established in Nicosia, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has earned a well-deserved international identity, offering high-standard educational opportunities with its qualified academic staff and the well-established infrastructure. The Near East University is a full member of the European University Association (EUA), of the International Association of Universities (IAU) within the body of UNESCO, IGIP and JCI and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).

Perfectly composed with a superbly aesthetic design, the modern campus of NEU intrigues a sense of wholeness with all its faculties, laboratories, workshops, computer centres, cultural centres, dormitories, Olympic indoor swimming pool and other social and sports centres, and moreover, the private Near East Pre-School, the private Near East Primary School and the private Near East College were carefully designed and established within the complex of NEU.

The sole aim of NEU, with all its academic staff and administrative units, is not only to provide their distinguished students with the environment of the highest standards of education and instruction but also to nurture confident, responsible, rational, creative, research-oriented, liberal-minded individuals who are impressed from Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

Mission Vision and Values
The first words are to be expressed about the ‘mission and vision’ of the Near East University, and the first issue to be specified is that the concepts of vision and mission are overlapping. Moreover, the mission of our institution, in general terms, is a concept of wholeness of principles referring to reasons of existence of the university, national and universal dimensions, and objectives. Our vision reflecting our principles and acts in accordance with our policy which is based on the principles of the Turkish education system, is in a scope of showing how to actualize various aims and facilities in the context.

In this respect, the Near East University adhering to constitutional principles of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, possesses a vision to be a higher education institution in accordance with the general aims and basic principles of the National Turkish Education System, the requirements and principles of the national higher education system, and the overall international values that address to the universal expectations in higher education.

Both the rules our university has put into force since its establishment and the implementation of these rules through a dynamic understanding which is based on practicality constitute the basic connection between our vision and mission.
The Near East University performs its mission pursuing the cycle of following principles, responsibilities, duties, application procedures:

- The Near East University, in accordance with the objectives of a prestigious higher education institution established in TRNC, arranges scientific and academic studies and aims to make scientific studies and the educational quality reach to well-qualified level.
- Having the needs and requirements of Turkish national education system in sight, acts in accordance with the objectives of development of TRNC and enlightenment of Turkish Cypriots, and aims to contribute to educational facilities of the neighbour and the 3rd world countries.
- Aims to develop the social, cultural and academic relations between the international community and Turkish community in accordance with the principles of contemporary civilization principles.
- Aiming to ensure TRNC gain a prestigious place in the international community and cultural world, NEU considers organizing scientific events at the international level and attending to such events as its primary duty.
- Undertakes responsibility to contribute to legal and cultural recognition of TRNC as well as increasing the level of international relations, and tackles this mission in accordance with solid relations established with Turkey.
- NEU acts in accordance with the objectives aiming developing social, cultural and economic advances of TRNC by providing opportunities to produce scientific research and publish findings, and supervise for educational issues.
- Contributes to training and education of human sources needed by Turkey and TRNC through the help and assistance of opportunities and expertise provided by the university, and arranges educational and scientific facilities such as seminars, and takes up consultancy and coordination roles between institutions.
- Aims to ensure participation of public in all-round and formal educational facilities, supports participation of public in educational facilities and assumes responsibility to make arrangements of such educational facilities.
- Carries out all kinds of research and investigation to provide insight to public issues; provides support services to carry out such investigations and research, and attempts to carry out joint arrangements with relevant institutions.
- Makes necessary arrangements to ensure that importance of postgraduate studies are comprehended by the community, and takes necessary precautions to meet the needs of the national institutions as well as arranging training facilities regarding these issues.
- Bears responsibility in creating the educational environment to ensure that TRNC gains maximum benefit from the contribution of joint scientific studies arranged between Turkey and TRNC, as well as benefiting from the scientific support and academic staff provided by Turkey.

As we take a look at the conditions surrounding “Turkish cultural atmosphere” in terms of the wholeness of our mission and vision, two aspects that are integrated as a whole come into existence. First of all, the mission of developing historical and national unity between Turkey and TRNC on concrete grounds stands out. This mission reveals itself not only as a process of developing academic and cultural facilities, but also as a process of aiming to ensure the unity of youth of Turkey and TRNC in the same cultural domain. Our university is sentient in this issue and acts to accomplish the process by not only arranging cultural seminars and meetings, but also ensure continuity of this policy throughout the campus.

The issues about the mission and vision of our university, as can be seen above, appear within the line of perspectives, principles and objectives that are established in accordance with universal values.

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