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University of Helsinki
Helinski, Finland


University description (as per official university website)

Application period

The general application period begins on November 15, 2010 and closes on January 31 , 2011 (16:15/4:15 pm GMT +2).

The University of Helsinki has only one application period per year for undergraduate (students applying for a Bachelor's programme) and graduate students (Bachelor's degree holders applying for a Master's programme).

The online applicant e-registration can be accessed during the application period only. Please note that you can not apply online; you fill in a data sheet for information transfer. To become an applicant, you must print the PDF flile and sign the paper form for mailing .

The application deadlines for postgraduate applicants (holders of a Master’s degree or equivalent, applying for a PhD programme) vary according to the individual Faculty. More information is available at the postgraduate applicants website.

Degree programmes

The University of Helsinki offers a full scale of degrees from the Bachelor’s degree to the Doctorate (PhD) in all majors and degree programmes.

The first, lower academic degree is kandidaatti (the Bachelor’s degree). The second, higher degree is maisteri (the Master’s degree). Students must first complete the lower academic degree before they are accepted to study the higher academic degree.

There are certain exceptions to the general rule above. In medical studies, the Licentiate degree is the degree students attain after 6.5 years of studies. The Kindergarten Teacher Education and the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy are Bachelor's degree programmes that do not automatically give access to Master's level studies. For complete information on degree programmes offered by various faculties, visit the section Faculties, departments and independent institutes.

Undergraduate applicants

International undergraduate applicants are required to have completed secondary education (high school or upper/senior secondary school) and possess university eligibility in their home country.

It is important to note that admission to undergraduate programmes (leading to a Bachelor's degree) is only via an entrance examination in Finnish or Swedish. In practice, no entrance examinations are arranged in English.

The only exception is the English Philology programme: it has an entrance examination in English and studies can be pursued fully in English. In addition, the majority of the foreign language majors (French, German, Italian and Spanish) require very good skills in the target language and communication level knowledge of, for example, English. For Russian language and literature studies students need to have Finnish or Swedish language skills.

Click one of the following links for an extensive description on how to apply to various faculties when you wish to attend a programme in Finnish or Swedish.

Graduate applicants

Students holding a Bachelor's degree or equivalent are regarded as graduate applicants in the application process. Some regular Master's level programmes and, especially, all International Master's Degree Programmes offer graduate studies fully in English. For these Master's programmes, there is no entrance examination for admission – graduate applicants are accepted on the basis of their current degree, motivation and language skills.

Pending Bachelor’s degree

If your final Bachelor’s diploma and transcript are not available within the application period (November 15, 2010 to January 31, 2011) and you are applying for one of the International Master’s Degree Programmes, do not wait to receive your final papers. Instead, submit the documents you have available (the latest transcript, provisional certificate, or some other educational assessment document indicating your status as well as your completed coursework) and point out the anticipated university graduation date on the online applicant registration form available during the application period above. If you can, obtain an authorised certificate on your approaching graduation from your university

Online applicant registration

All undergraduate and graduate applicants register online through the applicant registration service of University Admissions Finland's (UAF) . When you have completed the applicant e-registration, you may print the application from directly from the website or send to your mail box as a PDF file (this file must be printed). Your registration data is saved on the UAF database.

For technical support on filling in the online registration click here.

The printed and signed application and the requested documents are to be sent to University Admissions Finland: see below for their address and other information.

This link to the online applicant registration is active during the application period only.

Please note that only signed paper applications with the requested documents sent to University Admissions Finland via mail or by a courier service are considered as complete applications. Incomplete applications can not be processed.

Finding the right major subject

During the application period, after you have created a personal UAF user account you can start to fill in the online applicant registration form.

You should bear in mind that your educational qualifications directly affect your selection of programmes: in other words, if you do not have a Bachelor's Degree, you can not apply to Master's level studies. In addition, your choice of university and language of studying influence the selection of degree programmes you can apply for.

It may happen that with the choices you make, there are no subjects you can apply for. Please check which degree programmes can be studied in the language you have selected. Giving fraudulent data is not advisable as the truth will come out at some point of the application process.

University Admissions Finland

All international undergraduate and graduate applications and documents to the University of Helsinki must be mailed to the following address:

University Admissions Finland
Snellmaninkatu 14 B
FI-00170 Helsinki

University Admissions Finland (UAF) is a centralised screening service for Finnish universities: UAF's responsibility is to screen all applications and documents before they are sent further to the appropriate universities.

University Admissions Finland evaluates eligibility and authenticity of your educational certificates. This includes, for example, contacting your previous educational institution and language test organiser. Any malpractice will be reported to universities and appropriate authorities. For more information, visit the University Admissions Finland website.

University Admissions Finland does not have appointment hours for clients. However, they can be reached through email round the year and, during the application period only, by telephone +358-9-191 23528 (9:00 - 17:00/5 pm, GMT +2) in technical issues concerning the online application registration and in questions regarding application documents.

If you are using a courier service to send in your application and documents, remember to give the UAF telephone number +358-9-191 23528.

Verifying the arrival of your application and documents

During the application period, University Admissions Finland receives hundreds of applications every day. For this reason, it is not possible for UAF personnel to make sure that an applicant’s form and documents have arrived until they have been processed and recorded on the database. The screening of applications and documents is done in the order of arrival: please be patient – you will be informed by e-mail as soon as possible.

Postgraduate applicant status in Finland

Please note that in Finland, postgraduate applicant status refers to a student who has completed a Master's degree or an equivalent degree and is applying for PhD. For more information on the admission requirements, see the postgraduate website or individual faculty entries.


Please note that the University of Helsinki will not be able to process your application unless the requested documents are received either in Finnish, Swedish or English. A sworn/official translator must make all translations.

All photocopies must be officially certified (legalised), i.e. they must bear the stamp and signature of an official entitled to attest documents: an authorised school or university official, a notary public, a commissioner of oaths etc. The University of Helsinki does not attest any documents or photocopies.

Language requirements

IELTS, TOEFL and the University of Helsinki Language Services' language test scores are accepted only if they are received directly from the organisation that administers the test. University Admissions Finland (UAF) can also access your language scores (TOEFL, IELTS, and CAE/CPE) online: see page one of the Language requirements table (PDF) how this done. The Language Services sends scores to UAF by e-mail.

TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years after the test date.

For exceptions, particularly with TOEFL for postgraduate and visiting students, see the Language requirements web page.

Other acceptable language test scores (CAE/CPE and the National Certificate of Language Proficiency) can be submitted by the applicants as photocopies of the original score slip, because these test scores are not sent directly to University Admissions Finland. UAF will check the validity of all language scores. The indication of language skills has a very important role in the student selections: in the 2010, one the major reasons for rejecting an application was the inadequate or missing language test score.

For acceptable tests and their minimum performance level, see Language requirements table (PDF).

Student selections information

At the latest, information on student selections will be available from the faculties of the University of Helsinki in April. Every applicant accepted for studies is sent a letter of acceptance in regular (air) mail. Some Faculties send advance information in e-mail or post the information on their website (if the applicant has given permissions to do so) as soon as they have selected their students No fixed date can be given when these letters are sent out – there is variation on the exact date from a faculty to another.

If you have not received any information by early May, it is best to contact the faculty's international coordinator directly, because the Admissions Services may not be able to access this data.

Students who are invited to take an entrance examination receive a written invitation in regular mail in April at the latest. The letter of invitation should be shown when acquiring a visa to enter Finland (non-EU or non-EEA applicants).

Applicants who are rejected receive a letter of rejection in regular mail or by e-mail. The letter indicates the reasons for rejection as well as gives information on how to appeal against the decision. However, it should be pointed out that the appeal must include cogent and concrete evidence on a mistake made in the processing of the student’s application file or on unfair treatment in the grading of the entrance examination. Applications that have not been attached with the requested enclosures are automatically rejected and do not justify an appeal.

Applying for more than one programme

A student may apply for as many as three degree programmes/majors. However, then the student must submit three fully documented application files (including a signed application form for each). If University Admissions Finland receives only one application and one set of enclosures, the first degree programme/major listed on the application will be the only one that is considered, even if the student had listed two or three degree other programmes/majors.

Some faculties may restrict the choice of programmes/majors to two. You should also bear in mind that, on the applicant e-registration, you have to give reasons for choosing certain programmes/majors. Your choices must be relevant when you consider your educational and linguistic competence.

Kansainvälisen hakijan opas suomeksi

Suomenkielinen versio International Applicant's Guidesta (Kansainvälisen hakijan opas, 20-sivuinen PDF-tiedosto) on selailtavissa ja ladattavissa täällä.


Please note that information on these web pages is subject to change. The Admissions Services and the faculties of the University of Helsinki reserve the right to interpret and change the conditions of international student admissions.

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