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Turun yliopisto
Turku, Finland


University description (as per official university website)

University of Turku is an international research university, a high quality of Finnish higher education provider and the developer as well as a strong leader in its territory.

University of Turku and the Turku School of Economics have combined their expertise and resources and act as a new University of Turku in 2010 from the beginning. University of Turku now concentrate forces in all disciplines together, to bring answers to the defendants and the big questions of this millennium. University of Turku, Finland, offers a unique multidisciplinary Arena, which integrates an economic know-how more widely and more closely into education and research.

The University is internationally known for its areas of strength and recognition, and seeks to further strengthen its position and reputation as an international huippututkimusyliopistona. University student more than 20 000 students and seven faculty, seven in a separate facility and the administration is working more than 3 000 researchers, teachers, professors and employees. Skilled and thriving academic community is our most important resource.

Finnish universities are the new age eve. We recognize the challenges of the University of Turku, and we are now stronger and more motivated in front of them. Science is the future.

Turku is an old university town. Queen Christina of Sweden-Finland, founded the third Finnish university, the Academy of Turku, in 1640.

The 1820s, studied at the Academy of Turku, JV Snellman, Elias Lonnrot and JL Runeberg. These large men donated the statue once Huhtamaki Group. Kivijärven by sculptor Harry On three monkey statue is located in a well-known university of the current main building of the city side of face.

Independent Finland was the only university in the Swedish University of Helsinki. Finnish educated classes considered it important that the country set up a new Finnish-language university. Funds for this was collected by civil collection, which was attended by a total of 22 040 Finns. This chapter has given its name to the University of juhlaliköörille later.

University of Turku, was founded in 1920. Then it formed the Humanities and Faculty of Science. In that year, the Turku Finnish University Society acquired the Market Square on the edge in 1878 completed a handsome Phoenix hotel. The University was originally in these temporary sites are referred to building, as many as 36 years.
Faculty of Medicine was established in 1943 by a nation at war needs.
The late 1940s, the University received a substantial bequest. Nummenmäkeläisen (current Turku), a blacksmith's sons, Johnsson, Swan brothers had prospered goldminers Klondike, Yukon, Canada. The brothers had no heirs, and Karl Fredrik Swan bequeathed property kultalöydöksineen stone houses and Turku University. Donation enabled the University was able to expand a small building in a fermented Phoenix Ryssänmäelle ie Water Linnanmäki. University of gold treasure, among other things, gold watches and dug into the Klondike nugget, the largest of which weighs 240g.

Faculty of Law was founded in 1960. Social Sciences Faculty of Humanities was separated in 1967 and 1974, Faculty of Education began its operations.

Turku was the first private university, small college. It was nationalized in 1974. University of expansion occurred during the years of the 1960s, but growth continues. Basic qualifications is increasing continuously and further enhanced. In recent years, have also become significant training center organized by training, open university teaching and business development.

In 2007, negotiations began at the University of Turku and the Turku School of unification. University Consortium began operations 1.8.2008, and in January 2009, the consortium universities, governments made a decision, the University of Turku and the Turku School of Economics the combination of a new university in Turku, 1.1.2010.

University of Turku and the Turku School of Economics amalgamation born 01/01/2010, a new University of Turku is an internationally competitive research university, whose activities are based on a high level of multi-disciplinary research. University mission is to promote free research and scientific education and to provide research-based higher education.

7 faculties and 11 separate agencies

Turku University has seven faculties: humanities, mathematics and natural sciences, medical, legal science and social sciences and Faculty of Education, and the Turku School of Economics. Faculties in addition to the basic mission of the University faculty outside of the corresponding eleven o'clock an intermediate separate agencies.

Areas of research strength

Molecular life sciences research
Cardiovascular and metabolic disease research
Ecological interactions and ecological genetics research
Learning and education research
Future research
The design of social institutions and mechanisms for research
Research excellence and a recognized, high quality teaching

University of Turku, Academy of Finland, coordinated by six national research centers of excellence and 16 by the Ministry of Education funded by the Graduate School. In addition, the university is involved in dozens of other graduate school activities and participates in numerous other universities, coordinated research activities in schools.

International peer review of the Ministry of Education has chosen the medical faculty of a university education quality unit for the period 2010-2012.

University in Figures

Students in 1920 773 *
Scientific postgraduate students 2 309 *
Adult Students (open and continuing) 17 326 *
Foreign degree students 450
Master's degrees * 2 320
Doctoral degrees 144 *
2 867 scientific publications
Total expenditure was 221 million. EUR *
Turku 3 largest employer, with over 3 000 employees *
* Aggregate, the University of Turku and the Turku School of Economics in the 2009 statistics

University of Turku Strategy
University of Turku Strategy 2010-2012 (pdf)
Regional Development Strategy 2006-2012 (pdf)
University of Turku, profiled a high level of research universities, which utilizes monialaisuuttaan disciplines applying to take the interface located on the scientific breakthroughs. University to combine basic and applied research results produced by the business economic development of innovation and knowledge exploitation. The training emphasizes the responsibility of experts in various fields of lifelong training and the ability to react to changes in a combination of expertise across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Mission Statement

A new University of Turku, which generated the University of Turku and the Turku School of unification, it is internationally competitive research university, whose activities are based on a high level of multi-disciplinary research. University mission is to promote free research and scientific education and to provide research-based higher education.

Turku University in developing a cross-cutting and international basic research and science-based education focusing on the community. Activities are based on already-developed, strong and profile research areas, which are complemented by a selection of items and the development of specific nation-wide tasks. Synergy to be strengthened through cooperation between the subjects, combining local materials and the interfaces of disciplines actively searching for new kinds of research and education combinations. The new University building also has a strong knowledge of business center with Business scientific expertise applied to different asset areas.

University of Turku, teaching is based on scientific research and lifelong learning. University students in the Community adopt a scientific mindset, which emphasizes the desire to create a new, critical and ethical responsibility.

University of Turku is a scientific expert, which are key to the success of the highly skilled staff, motivated students an inspiring and creative work environment. The University is a fair employer whose personnel policy is characterized by openness, skill development and coping at work, take care of. University students are an active part of the university community. The University operates transparently and openly.

University of Turku, stresses the role of citizens as established as the educational and tiedeyliopistona, who is a responsible player in society. Solid working relationships with various international, national and regional environments are an essential part of modern top-level research university. Interactions between the added value generated from new data in, new perspectives and increase overall effectiveness. This will ensure the development of an international university tiedeyliopistona and allows social and technological innovations in production.
Goal Status for 2010-2012

University of Turku is an internationally known and appreciated in its chosen areas of strength nationally and among the top universities in all scientific fields. University education is a top provider of attractive, which is an operational network, together with the universities, public sector research institutes and companies. The University is active in the development of the network.

Toimintakulttuuriltaan University is open, motivating, interactive and international research, learning and working environment that attracts both workers and students. Administrative services for our customers operate, flexible and cost-effectively.

The University is an active player in strategic centers and a center of excellence programs. The university is the development of innovation system, which supports the university inventions into products and the processing of business activity. University of innovation is the development of activity in close collaboration with the Åbo Akademi University.

University in addition to its own strategy to guide the activities of the University of Turku university joint regional development strategy for 2006-2012.

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