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Taideteollinen korkeakoulu
Helinski, Finland


University description (as per official university website)

University of Art and has formed the beginning of 2010 until one of Helsinki School of Economics and University of Technology with the technology, economics and applied arts at the University, the Aalto University.

University of Art and is required to study a bachelor of arts can not perform, MA and Ph.D. in art. Closing bachelor and master's programs in the spring, a doctorate in spring and autumn.

Students is about 1900. Art and Design Helsinki is Finland's international universities. College is a high level of the art industrial research. The basic premise is a research and teaching close contact at all educational levels. Research activities cover both basic research, applied research that. Design, art education, visual culture and audio-visual presentation and digital media are the areas in which research subjects are located.

Teaching, research and artistic activity links with the rest of society, economy and culture sector is active and intense. Involved are the best domestic and foreign universities and poles of excellence, such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Delft, KAIST, Chalmers and Nokia, Kone, Kodak, Toyota, Hyundai, Saab, Panasonic, ABB, Canon, Alessi, Marimekko, Iittala, Fiskars, and Suunto.

Pro Arte Utili!
University of Art and the motto of Pro Arte Utili - useful for art, has lived for over 135 years. Veistokoulusta founded in 1871 has increased by Finland's most international university. It is the largest in the Nordic countries and one of the most prestigious in the world.

Alumni, University of Art Litters
Throughout its history, its university and breeder organizations have affected the conduct of Finnish culture and design direction, and achieved international recognition through their work. Finnish industrial design tip of the names, Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Kaj Franck, Birger Kaipiainen, Erik Bruun, Antti Nurmesniemi, George Kukkapuro, Pentti Sammallahti, George Wiherheimo, Janna Syvänoja, Harri Koskinen, Elina Brotherus and Paola Suhonen are all TaiK grown.

Ateneum Arabianranta
People familiar nickname, Atski, University of received the Railway Square on the edge of Theodor Höijer ylväästä drawn by the building. Ateneum work of art 100 years of industrial training ahjona. Now the house is the State Museum. University of Art and moved to its present office premises Arabian factory property in 1986 and brought together after decades of all university departments in the common address. Arabian Beach project has created an internationally significant arts and media center around the university.

Studies and Research
University of Industrial Arts Education's objective has been since the 1970s, scientific and artistic capabilities as well as deepen their innovative processing of professional practice. Traditional product and environmental design has grown alongside a strong visual communication, new media and elokuvaiteen training. The rapid internationalization of education has opened its doors to foreign universities and businesses, as well as international markets such as China and Japan. Media sector in teaching, research and development, and multidisciplinary graduate schools have become part of university activities.

Education reform and expansion has been accompanied since the 1990s, interdisciplinary, various training programs between universities in the establishment. IDBM, Polis, Medes, and HSCE Visual Journalism has created a later path for further cooperation between universities.

In 1994, the revised examination system distributed the basic and higher education below the basic examination: a three-year bachelor of arts (BA) degree and two-year Master of Arts (MA) degree. The end of 1999 could be made a licentiate degree in arts. The current degree structure is an internationally comparable.

University of Art and has been able to carry out doctoral arts (DA) degree since 1983. The first PhDs were completed in the early 1990s. Today, the University of Art and Design will be completed annually 8-10 New Doctorates.

Tomorrow's history
In 2005, pronounced the new Aalto University source said. Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki School of Economics and University of Technology begin operations on arts, technology, and economic sector as a new Aalto University in 2009. Historic university reform is the most significant changes throughout the history of the University: Aalto University will become the foundation of higher education-based, multi-university under the tip.

TaiK in a nutshell
1871 Veistokoulu start
1885 was named the Central School of Art and Design
1887 Moving Ateneum
1949 was named College of Art and Design
1965 Transition from state-owned
1973 was named University of Art
1983 Doctor of Arts Education begins
1986 Moving Arabianranta
1990 Cumulus organization set up
1994 Establishment of the Media Lab
2000 Media Centre Lume is opened
2003 Aralis Library Center will be completed
2006 TaiK shape six different Division
2007 Decision University of Art and the combination of the University of Technology and Helsinki School of Economics with a new university, the Aalto university
2010 Aalto University University of Arts and begin operations as part of the Aalto University

School names and chancellors (2010 Dean):

Helsinki Veistokoulu 1871-1885

Manufacturer LJKällström 1871
Architect Florentin Granholm 1871-1979

Central School of Art and Design 1886-1949

Master of Ernst Nordström 1879-1915
Architect Werner von Essen 1915-1943
Architect Rafael Blomstedt 1944-48

School of Art and Design 1949-1973
- College of Applied Arts
- Vocational School of Art and Design

Ph.D., Lauri Pimiä 1949-1950
Artist of Bruno Tuukkanen 1950-1959
Architect Markus Visanti 1960-1969
Architect Juhani Pallasmaa 1970-1971

University of Art 1973-2009

Architect Jouko Koskinen 1972-1978
Decorator George Kukkapuro 1978-1980
Interior designer Torsten Valley 1980-1985
Decorator George Sotamaa 1986-2008
Textile artist, designer Helena Hyvönen 2008-2009

Aalto University's Higher College of Arts 2010 - (title of leader Dean)
Textile artist, designer Helena Hyvönen 2010 -

Our Vision
University of Art in 2015, is one of the internationally prestigious universities, and the desired field. School plays a central role in the arts industry in the international arena, which is reflected in a positive way to the national culture, society and economy.

Our Mission
University of Art and knowledge in its field is a dynamic international university that promote creative industries development, national cultural renewal, artistic education and sustainable development based on innovation to support business activity. University of Art and is part of a regional university and higher concentration, which will offer the international level, the conditions for high-quality research, teaching, artistic activity and effective innovation. University cooperates actively with industry, culture and the surrounding community as well as networking with the best international universities and clusters, with its ambitions.

Our Values
Student satisfaction
• teaching quality
• an atmosphere that encourages
• internationalism
• responsibility and freedom

• genuine interaction and teamwork
• fair atmosphere
• equal treatment
• Competence in use

Creative skills
• innovator
• create jobs and businesses
• To promote the role of art
• Application of knowledge

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