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Lapin yliopisto
Rovaniemi, Finland


University description (as per official university website)

Northern behalf - for the world

The European Union's northernmost university is located in Rovaniemi, near the Arctic Circle. University of Lapland is an international teaching and research center, which promotes sustainable development, prosperity and equality, both regionally and globally for research, artistic activities and education through the highest.

Science and taideyliopistomme education and research areas include pedagogy, tourism and business, law, social sciences and industrial arts area. University to train in Finland almost a quarter of lawyers and one third of the art industrial high-skilled talent.
University study focuses on two cross-disciplinary and international areas: the Arctic and the Northern man, society and the environment as well as the interaction of these research and tourism research. Common areas for research in addition to all the faculties and research tekevillä units have their own research profile.

Internationally recognized, and the Arctic north cutting-edge research carried out at the University of the Arctic Centre of the University faculties and co-operation. The University also coordinates more than a hundred arctic research and education institution in the network of the University of the Arctic, the Arctic that supports research, education and cooperation between organizations.

Tourism research is done, especially tourism research subjects and the Tourism Research and Education Institute, which brings together the Lappish tourism know-how between research, training and development organizations.

Northern Science and the Arts

Established in 1979, the University of Lapland is a multidisciplinary and international science and arts university, whose educational and research areas include pedagogy, tourism and business, law, industrial arts area of social sciences as well as northern and Arctic issues. Activities through which it contributes to sustainable development, prosperity and equality, both regionally and globally.

The vast majority of the units located at the University of the Arctic Circle and the town of Rovaniemi near the center of the modern campus, designed by the architect Juhani Katainen.


Faculty of Education
Justice Sciences
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Social Sciences

Other facilities and services

Arctic Centre
University of Lapland, Open University
Lapland University Library
The Language Centre of the University of Lapland
University of Lapland, training and development services
Tourism Research and Education Institute
(University of Lapland, Rovaniemi University of Lapland Vocational College and the Joint Institute)
Administration Unit

Students 2009

4 164 undergraduate students
282 postgraduate students
66 foreign students
227 arrived exchange students
177 university students studying abroad
642 new students
6 961 adult students (Open University, continuing education and the older University)

Staff 2009

Total 646
Professors 66

Examinations 2009

20 PhD
280 Master's degree

Scientific Publications 2009

International and national refereed articles in 1968
Other scientific publications and articles 194

Budget 2010

Budget 58.7 M €

What happened and when?

2006 University of Lapland's third phase was completed, and the arts faculty to change the same campus.
Long-term rector of the University, Professor Esko Riepula retires. Elected as the new rector, Professor, Ph.D., Mauri Ylä-Hannu-Matias Nurmi since 08/01/2006.

2005 University of Lapland, Regional Services was established. Regional services to produce four units: the Regional Development and Innovation Services, the regional research services, Open University as well as training and development services.

2004 Economics and Faculty of Tourism was established. University of Lapland's third promotion was held 27 to 29. May.

2001 School of Education began in the autumn in collaboration with University of Oulu.

2000 New facilities at the Training School (Pohjolankatu 23) and A-wing main campus extension (social body spaces) was introduced 4 September.

1999 The University celebrated its 20th anniversary throughout the year. University of Lapland, the first anniversary celebration was held on 1 March. Meri-Lappi Institute received additional space ns. Customs magazine, which celebrated the opening of the 28 April. University of Lapland's second promotion was held in 3 to 5. June.

1998 Meri-Lappi Institute was founded Kem 1 january in collaboration with University of Oulu. University of Lapland, design and business was incorporated into the new institute.

1997 Northern Environmental and Minority Law Institute (NIEM) was included in the Arctic Centre 1 March.

1996 Rovaniemi, arts and crafts school (Gorge), joined the arts faculty 1 August.
Belong to the University of Oulu in Northern Finland in Rovaniemi Research Unit was transferred to tourism research at the University of Lapland 1 january.

1994 University of Lapland, founded the design and business service from Kemi.

University of Lapland's first promotion was held 4 to 6. June.
Pappilantie Yliopistonkaduksi changed.
University main building was completed in the second stage (A, D and E wings).
Arktikum house was opened on 6 December.

1991 University of Lapland became the University of Lapland 1 january.

1990 Faculty of Arts was founded.

1989 Arctic Centre was established.

1987 University main building was completed in the first step onto the parsonage Rantavitikka.

1985 Northern Environmental and Minority Law Institute (NIEM) was established.

1983 Centre for Continuing Education was established. Language Center was established.

1982 Faculty of Social Sciences was founded.

1979 University of Lapland was established on 1 March.
Department of Education and Justice Studies faculty and the university library was founded.

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