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Helinski, Finland


University description (as per official university website)

Arcada is a state-recognized university of applied sciences in Helsinki, Finland. Arcada was established in 1996 and obtained permanent status by the Ministry of Education in 1998. According to the concession, our mission is to promote the Finland-Swedish language and culture taking the needs of the young Finland-Swedish population into account. Arcada is maintained by the Stiftelsen Arcada Foundation.

Arcada in a nutshell
There are about 170 members of staff and 2700 students at at Arcada. Arcada offers 16 degree programmes, three of which are in English. Arcada also offers specialisation studies, professionally orientated supplemental training and open courses within the frames of Arcada Further Education. We offer education within Sports, Health Care, Social Services, Business Administration, Media and Technology.

Arcada provides an international learning environment. A good 10 per cent of our students are of foreign origin and represent more than 40 nationalities.

We turn out
We turn out Registered Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Midwives, Geriatric Nurses, Emergency Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Sports Instructors, Bachelors of Social Services, Bachelors of Engineering, Bachelors of Media, Bachelors of Hospitality Management and Bachelors of Business Administration.

On the left-hand side you can read more about the bachelor degree programmes offred at Arcada.

Arcada offers education within the following fields:

Energy and Materials Technology
Business, Information Technology and Media
Health and Welfare
Within Arcada we believe in an increasing demand for multi-skilled professionals on the labour market. Co-operation between degree programmes and fields of education gives our students the opportunity to obtain an insight and skills in more than one field, which is facilitated by the fact that all programmes are brought together under one roof.

International Business
Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration
Extent (cr): 210
Duration (years): 3.5
Programme Director: Mr. Andreas Stenius
Programme presentation
The International Business Programme at Arcada is a 3.5 year study programme that prepares students for a career in Finnish and international companies. The programme is designed in co-operation with companies to ensure that both teaching content and methods are always up-to-date and state-of-the-art. Emphasis is on learning by doing rather than theory, and on working in teams.

International faculty and exchange students from several European countries ensure a truly international atmosphere and a wealth of perspectives. Students spend several months on work- placements at companies both in Finland and abroad. Our extensive student exchange programme enables students to study for up to one year abroad at one of our partner institutions.

Student Portrait
Two degrees, many countries and an open mind
In her early teens, 26-year-old Frida Malmberg from Helsinki spent two years in Ireland with her family. When it was time to get an education after upper-secondary school, she felt she wanted to study in English to keep up her language skills. Also, she was looking for an atmosphere with a genuinely international touch. The Degree Programme in International Business at Arcada proved to be the right choice for her.

Frida is a globetrotter who has seen much of the world. After accepting her study place, Frida travelled to Norway to work as an au pair for 17 months before she took up her studies. She especially remembers the first year of study at Arcada with great nostalgia. - There were students from so many different countries in my class, not to mention all the exchange students! With time and international exchange trips we gradually lost that unique class spirit, but the studies were rewarding all along. What I enjoyed most about my studies were the networking, student life and my student exchange stay in Milan, Italy, Frida says without hesitation. - But the studies amounted to more than social contacts. I also enjoyed seeing how separate courses fit together like a puzzle as my studies advanced.

The only thing Frida has occasionally missed is the specialization aspect. - On the one hand, in working life it has been good to have a broad basis. On the other hand, a certain degree of specialization is sometimes required for master level studies at some business schools. Sometimes I miss being a professional in one distinct field. But I suppose I could have selected more courses from a certain field, had I known already during my bachelor studies in what subject I wanted to do my masterīs degree, she smiles.

Frida did her final thesis as a commissioned work for a bank. Right about the time she started working on her thesis, she was recruited to Arcada as Administrative assistant. In this way she has experienced more than one aspect of Arcada, which she has enjoyed. However, Frida knew early on that she wanted to pursue master level studies. A year later, this dream led her to the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Austria. Less than a year later she was Master of Business Administration. - My studies took me less than five years altogether. At least in my case the system of recognition of prior learning has worked well. I also had the opportunity to continue on my bachelor thesis subject for my masterīs thesis, which saved me time and effort, Frida says. Frida's advice to new students of International Business is to enjoy student life and not to miss the opportunity to study abroad and see the world for a while. - Surely you can go abroad after you graduate too. But if you do it through Arcada, there is a huge network you can freely use and the exchange is all arranged for you.

Will Frida stay in Finland for good? Probably not, but for the time being she is happily back working at Arcada. She is a believer in lifelong learning. - I don't have a particular dream job she says. A dream job to me is a versatile one, in which I can grow with my skills and as a person.

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