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Plantijn Hogeschool
Antwerp, Belgium


University description (as per official university website)

The Plantijnhogeschool gives you the enthusiasm to get started. Teachers with a healthy dose of practical experience and a long internship in the field you really learn things. We not only focus on the theory of training, but we prepare for you every step of the job market. We excel in practicality.

Your own qualities to be respected here. We give opportunities to all talents. Everyone is welcome to Plantin. By your team immediately to work, we encourage you to have a strong personality to develop. So we help you grow into a critical adult who is aware of his or her own talents.

We shall also ensure that you feel at home. That you have the room to be yourself and your voice heard. You will also have with us all the necessary amenities for your training to a successful conclusion.
And did you ever ask, of course you can always contact us. There's always someone for you to help you. We provide a warm atmosphere at school.

Most of our buildings are also easily accessible in the center of Antwerp, which is always a pleasant, bustling atmosphere. But if you home from school to work, you can do perfectly. Via the intranet, you always have all the necessary software and your own files available so you can get started there.

The College of the Province of Antwerp (HPA) was created in 1995 from the merger of all the provincial institutes and training Higher Education of the Province of Antwerp on the one hand, and the Antwerp Institute SPM, which belonged to non-denominational free education, on the other.

This created a school of just over 2000 students. In four years grew by more than 2,500 students to. In September 1999 she was renamed Plantijnhogeschool (PH) of the Province of Antwerp.

Until April 30, 2000 was Plantijnhogeschool a provincial department, unincorporated. On May 1, 2000 formed the Autonomous Province Provincial them into business. This would allow the freer and more flexible institution determine its course, and she takes full responsibility for its operation in itself. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors performs its mission in the daily management policy.

That does not mean that the relationship with the Province of Antwerp cut. The 2007-2012 management agreement provides that the County Board Plantijnhogeschool will continue to support and nurture.

The management agreement also calls for a more detailed cooperation with the colleges and the University of Antwerp Antwerp. Plantijnhogeschool AUHA is a member of the Association of Antwerp University and Colleges.


You will get an overview of the education of our college.
Front of the projects currently in progress. Below the rounded education the results of which are included in the operation of the College.

Current projects:

Diversity Policy
Enthusiasm in learning and working (GoLeWe)
Sounding board for Promoting Success
Master in Management Administration
5th European Conference on the First Year Experience (EFYE)
Diversity Policy
The Plantijnhogeschool uses a diversity policy that focuses on both incoming students, improving the flow of students, improved cooperation with the field, as a change in organizational culture. You read all about the underlying philosophy.

Enthusiasm in learning and working (GoLeWe)
We have a wide range of talents needed for our society, economy and sustain prosperity. Flexible talents. People who constantly new knowledge and acquire new skills to the rapid changes to keep up. In this project, seven colleges, two university research centers and five secondary schools in the wide border Flanders - Netherlands. The red thread through the actions is a better alignment between secondary and higher education and between higher education and professional field. "Learning and Working in Goesting" we see as a line of development in which students and workers continued encouragement and support to their capabilities.
This project receives financial support from the European Union.
Related course (s): All Bachelor of Plantijnhogeschool.

Sounding board for Promoting Success
The relevance of our current projects on diversity and Goesting in learning and work to guard called Plantijnhogeschool the Sounding Board to Stimulate Success in life. Together with external actions, we follow and we get feedback from the field and society.

Master in Management Administration
Project on developing a new curriculum called mulitdisciplinair Master in Management Administration.
Duration: October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2011

5th European Conference on the First Year Experience (EFYE)
The AIM of the European First Year Experience (EFYE) Conference is to explore the student experience at Institutions of Higher Education across Europe, with a focus on specifying the Importance of the first year.

Q Placements
"Training placements in foreign enterprises for vocational training students: a European Approach for Quality," or simply "Q-Placement" is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa (Spain). Q Placements is a lever to raise the quality and quantity of international internships for young people undergoing vocational training to increase.

Completed projects:

Continuous learning line Learning Competencies (DoLeLe)
Intensive Programme 2007-2008 WASPOLSS
Continuous learning line Learning Competencies (DoLeLe)
Plantijnhogeschool continuously investing in the success of his students. Therefore the university took the initiative for this project to enhance teaching skills. Competencies help learning new knowledge and skills. They increase the chances of academic success. Student Tutors put them on support activities. Together with project partners in secondary education from the Netherlands and we worked on enhancing learning and a better alignment between secondary and higher education.
Duration: July 2007 - May 2008
This project received financial support from the European Union. It ran in collaboration with the research EduBROn University of Antwerp, with the Hogeschool Zeeland and four secondary schools (in Flanders and the Netherlands).
Related course (s): All Bachelor of Plantijnhogeschool.

Intensive Programme 2007-2008 WASPOLSS
The Plantijnhogeschool together with the Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), University of Porto (Portugal) and the Inholland Rotterdam (Netherlands), a partner in the Intensive Tracking Program New Ways in Social Policy, Legal and Social Services (IP WASPOLSS ).

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