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Hautes Etudes Commerciales
Liege, Belgium


University description (as per official university website)

Located in Liège, at the heart of Europe, Liège University School of Management (HEC-ULg) is the result of a successful synergy between a public university (the University of Liège) and a private college of higher education (HEC - Haute Ecole de Commerce) whose history covers more than a century.

The academic contribution of a university faculty enjoying a long intellectual tradition complemented by the culture and links with the business world typical of a renowned business school make HEC-ULg a Management School of major significance, welcoming some 2,500 students and wide open to various forms of national and international collaboration.

HEC-ULg’s missions are both to improve the managing and economic skills present within companies and organisations and to provide them with managers and entrepreneurs having a first-rate command of modern management concepts, practices and tools. HEC-ULg thus develops undergraduate and postgraduate training as well as research activities, while promoting those human values, behaviours and attitudes that are essential in managers: a global view of the international environment, a sense of responsibility, team spirit, ethics, value creation, solidarity, initiative and creativity.

HEC-ULg particularly emphasizes entrepreneurship and innovation management. Using active teaching methods involving the students as actors of their own education largely contributes to it.

HEC-ULg’s international vision is expressed through its numerous research activities in the fields of management and economics, the many fruitful contacts and partnerships it has with companies and universities worldwide as well as the ever increasing internationalisation of its course programmes and teaching staff.

HEC-ULg’s ambition is to back up its status as an international school by developing its strong points and by further increasing its quality requirements. Join us to achieve it.

HEC-ULg in a nutshell

Liège University School of Management (HEC-ULg) was created in 2005 by the merger of HEC Liège and the Economics and Management Departments (Ecole d’Administration des Affaires) of the University of Liège. The Management School is integrated into the University of Liège while keeping its specific and innovative working mode that implies management delegation on a large scale. This turns it into a pioneer in the French speaking Community teaching system.

Its objectives
Creating a high-level management school in teaching and research, together with achieving a high international profile, which makes it possible for the School to play an active part in the Euregio university environment.

Preserving the most attractive specific assets of both current Schools by getting the most of their complementary features. In this respect, the values to be particularly promoted are :

a training combining high-level scientific and methodological bases, opening up to PhD, among others, as well as strong operational skills,
a training contributing to the development of the behaviour and attitudes to be expected from future company managers (initiative, creativity, sense of responsibility, team spirit),
an important educational supervision,
strong links with the business world (internships, visiting professors) and an international outlook (language practice, compulsory internships abroad, classes in English),
versatile management modes enabling the School to adapt to its environment.
Assigning the School a key role in the economic development of the Liège area by developing a centre of excellence in the field of financial management, HRM, marketing and general management and by offering novel training courses, notably in the fields of entrepreneurship, logistics, new information and communication technologies, and management of biotechnologies.

Stimulating pure and applied research programmes in management sciences; giving the School the necessary means to train, recruit and keep Belgian and foreign professors-researchers with a high scientific level.

More generally, the new School will have to meet the eligibility criteria as defined by international accreditation systems (EQUIS, for instance): quality of the curriculum, scientific research and production activities, international character, autonomous management, etc.

Its characteristics and its programmes
HEC-ULg currently has some 2,500 students, over 150 faculty staff (professors, lecturers; assistants, and researchers), about a hundred visiting professors and 50 administrative staff. This involves international recognition at European level, within the “Bologna” framework for higher education.

Entrepreneurship, innovation, interactive educational methods and international partnerships are concepts underlying the various subject combinations the students are offered as from this month of September 2005.

Three new Bachelor programmes (3 years) will allow direct access to the Masters (2 years) :

Bachelor in Economics and in Management Sciences
Bachelor in Management Engineer, giving the choice between two options : Modelling or Technology.
Executive Education
Liège University School of Management (HEC-ULg) offers companies and organisations tailor-made training sessions (individually or in groups) as well as consultancy missions in every field of management.

The School offers specialized continuing education in night or weekend classes ("staggered timetable") : a complementary Master in Financial Risk Management (Analysis, Control and Auditing or Finance option), a complementary Master in Tax Law (organized with the Law Faculty of the University of Liege), a Master in Management Sciences and for bachelors, a preparatory year to the Master in Management Sciences.
For those students who do not hold a university degree yet, the School offers a special Master degree in Environmental Management, in Analysis, Control and Auditing, in Finance, in Fiscal Law or in Management Sciences.

Among the new courses implemented, a Complementary Master in Entrepreneurship (HEC-ULg Entrepreneurs) is organised in cooperation with the University of Hasselt. The ‘HEC-ULg Entrepreneurs’ course programme is open to the young graduates of the scientific university streams and to the graduates in management and/or with a university degree and international equivalents. It consists mainly in high level field missions.

Academic Departments

The U.E.R. (Teaching and Research Units) group together the teaching body in each main subject matter:

Finance and Law
Each UER is responsible for organizing the education programme in its own domain as well as for planning study days, colloquia or conferences about topics in line with its operating field (coordinating and harmonizing role ).

Each of them also develops activities and provides specific expert services in various fields : company management, applied research and post-graduate training courses.

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