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Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
Graz, Austria


University description (as per official university website)

After completion of all academic achievements (including the educational professional training and practical teaching training) for the first stage of study of a subject you fill in the appropriate log sheet (it may miss a maximum of 3 certificates). Print out the log sheet and submit the documents (any recognition decisions) in the coordination of teacher training a (competent clerk). Only after you signed the protocol sheet, together with side dishes made from it can have, on the first stage of study will be issued your diploma certificate.

Performance Scholarship
Submitting applications for student teachers
You can apply for a performance scholarship if you meet the tender conditions of a faculty, which are both subject teachers and the educational and scientific and professional training school placements into account.

If your subjects in different faculties may be located, then you have to give when submitting known to the faculty you want to make the request.

The application must use this form (available in the tender) and the required documents to the Coordination Center for teacher training take place.

Exception: UF Catholic religion - here is the application in the Office of the Dean of the Catholic Theological Faculty of the then available to form!
Universitytätsweite tender for the merit scholarships:
1st Assessment period and deadline
Assessment period for the academic year 2001009: 10/01/2009 to 09/30/2010
Application deadline: Contracts will be awarded in September 2010
2nd Procurement Principles
Students with merit scholarships to American citizenship (or according to gender. StudFG § 4), a regular study and operate with the study requirements have rendered outstanding services to the study, application of which will be awarded to. A performance of the tuition fee scholarship may in accordance with § 91 para 1 of the Universities Act 2002 for two terms do not fall below the amount and not exceed € 1.500,00.
The award is made in the context of private sector management by the Dean / the Dean of Studies. A legal claim on a performance scholarship does not exist.
The award is not dependent on the social need of the candidate / the candidate.
3rd Conditions
The proof of excellent academic performance can be provided by the students of the diploma, teacher training, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree only by:
compliance with the eligibility period (this is the legally required period of study plus one additional semester) of the relevant study section or studying, an extension of the term entitlement is only taking into account any important reasons (§ § 18, 19 ) carried StudFG
a grade point average used to assess the professional examinations, class tests and research papers according to the study plan of not less than 2.0
to fulfill the particular tender conditions of the various faculties
4th Special tender conditions of the various departments:
Catholic Theological Faculty (UF Catholic religion)
Humanities Faculty (UF Bosnian Croatian / Serbian, French, English, Italian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, German, History, Social and Political Education, Greek, Latin, exercise and sport psychology and philosophy)
Natural Sciences (UF biology and environmental science, chemistry, mathematics, physics, geography)

Promoting Scholarship
Find the university-wide tender for the promotion of scholarships. The request must be in the dean's office of their respective teaching subject in which you write your thesis done.

1st Procurement Principles
Promotion grants serve to promote non-completion of scientific papers (diploma or master theses and dissertations) cause an ordinary student studies, the specific costs (eg study abroad, extensive literature search, empirical studies). Full-time students are eligible to apply with Austrian citizenship, assimilated foreigners, stateless persons and refugees.

According to § 24 Statute section "Women Plan" announced in bulletin No. 13 i, 6.4.2005 women are particularly encouraged to apply.

A research scholarship may fall below 700 € and not exceed € 3600. The award is made in the context of private sector management. A legal claim to a research scholarship does not exist. The award is independent of the social needs of the candidate's.

The legal basis for it in the Student Support Act 1992 contained in § § 2-5 (beneficiary of persons), § § 18 and 19 (claim duration, extension reasons) and § § 63-67 (tendering and award of support grants).

2nd Application deadlines and requirements
Applications may during the period

10th May to 7 June 2010
11th to 29 October 2010

be filed in the responsible deanery.

The following minimum requirements must be met:
Starting / execution / addressing an ongoing scientific work.
The scientific work must be eligible according to content and method.
Adherence to life following the StudFG taking into account any important reasons in the respective studies.
The grant holder has in obtaining the grant funding, the obligation to reporting can about the appropriate use of funds (§ 67 para 3 StudFG).
The note of any penalties for delay in reporting can not or should not appropriate use of resources has to be confirmed in writing.
In general, the proofs required
The appropriate form is (on the respective Dean's office or on the webpage of the Deanery can be found).
Copies of all Bakkalaureats-/Bachelor-, diploma or proof of successful study Magister-/Masterprüfungszeugnisse or services that appear in any degree or diploma.
Current study sheet (print out UNIGRAZonline).
Substantive representation (description) of the planned work.
Financial statements and financial plan (communication, in which places at the same time applied for funding was made or in what amount a subsidy).
Submission of at least one report of a university professor / a university teacher - usually the supervisor / Supervisor - (for applications to the Faculty of Law of two opinions of lecturers / university teachers) as to whether The student on the basis of previous academic achievements and / his proposals for the implementation of the work is expected to be in a position to carry out the work with above-average success.
With excess of the term entitlement acc. § § 18, 19 StudFG (eg because of maternity leave, illness, military or civil service, foreign residence) appropriate evidence.
3rd Ausschreibebedingungen at individual faculties
It is authorized for the award of scholarships to the appropriate faculty body responsible, "Ausschreibebedingungen" for their faculty to adopt, in which may be enlarged upon in accordance with statutory requirements and the general provisions contained in these regulations the following points:
Form and content of the application,
eligible expenses and expenses that are not promoted,
Payment of the grant in installments (according to § 67 para 3 StudFG)
Form, content and deadlines set for them by the scholarship / scholarships to be provided by the report,
Deadlines in the case of penalties for failure to comply with the requirement and not appropriate use of funds.
The individual Ausschreibebedingungen the faculties in addition to the general rules presented here on the webpage of the relevant Deanery publish a notice.

4th Understanding on the award of a scholarship promotion
Applicants must be notified immediately of the decision on their applications by the Office of the Dean of the faculty.

5th Recoverable, the promotion of scholarship
If the order to submit a report on the appropriate use of the grant amount by the student is not met within the deadline set by the appropriate faculty and / or is not an appropriate use of the funds will be granted funding will be reclaimed and possibly granted not yet paid some amounts withheld.

6th Information
For inquiries please contact the relevant deanery.

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