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FH Oberosterreich
Hagenberg, Austria


University description (as per official university website)

Teaching and Learning with joy - Researchers with curiosity

We teach and do research at university level with a strong practical focus and commitment to the highest quality.

In teaching, we provide our students with a comprehensive support and encourage engagement and self-confidence. Innovative teaching and learning and dynamic development of curriculum distinguish us.

Our research and development aimed at the challenges of the future. We create them with active. As a competent partner, we develop solutions and promote knowledge.

We lay claim to leadership in selected topics of expertise:

Computer science, communications and media - Campus Hagenberg
Health and Social Affairs - Campus Linz
Management - Campus Steyr
Engineering and Environmental Sciences - Campus Wels
Through regional and global networking with business, society, public institutions, research and education institutions we create in education, innovation and knowledge, value and sustainability. We are an integral part of the economic and educational site of Upper Austria and take important impetus for growth and employment. Commitment and competence of our staff, students and graduates are the basis of our success. GF Dr. Gerald Reisinger FH Oberösterreich Management GmbH

Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Operation

The University of Applied Sciences is the largest college organization of all states. At four sites in the central region of Upper Austria is the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Ltd. core business of the company perceived the: hands-university education. Integration into the European educational space is accomplished by conversion to the Bachelor / Master.
The development of courses and increasing student numbers necessitated the expansion of buildings and other infrastructure. The province of Upper Austria has invested in recent years some € 90 million in the expansion of the four locations and other infrastructural expansions are planned. In addition to lecture rooms are modern and best equipped laboratories and high-tech equipment.

4 Faculties
In the academic year 2008/2009, 4,300 students study at the four faculties of the FH of Upper Austria. Each faculty has a unique profile with specialization. The individual sites focus on the following topics:

Faculty of computer science, communications and media

In the online performance marketing many different areas of knowledge to be applied. As production manager, I need this very broad basic knowledge, which has given me in the FH Hagenberg.
Katharina Resch,
FH-graduate "Media Technology and Design, Hagenberg
Explore your talents!

The internationally renowned IT stronghold Hagenberg is located approximately 20 km northeast of Linz, the capital of Upper Austria and European Capital of Culture 2009th The Faculty of computer science, communications and media in addition to IT companies and academic institutions part of the Software Park Hagenberg, business, research and education in software uniquely combines and as the most dynamic and successful technology centers in Austria and Europe made a name has one himself.

Since 1993, there are of Applied Sciences Hagenberg. Currently about 1,300 students learning opportunities to use the extensive on modern, top-equipped campus. The focus of our internationally recognized programs of study information technology is a variety of applications: biology, medicine, media, security, mobile communications, business, e-learning, vehicle and consumer electronics for many more.
Students benefit from the consequent practical relevance in terms of projects, internships and study abroad as well as from the strong involvement in the FH-intensive research and contacts with companies, research institutes and universities at home and abroad. This opens up many exciting career paths for graduates in the IT industry of the future - in Austria as "global players" Google, Microsoft and many others.

Faculty of Health and Social Services

My expectations have been fully met. With the main themes of economics, law and personal development are in fact treated exactly those core areas, which create a very good basis for my goal - to hold a senior position in public service - to achieve.
Mark Hart,
5th Semester, management of public services - City of Steyregg
An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest
(Benjamin Franklin, 1706 - 1790)

The famous American inventor, author and politician Benjamin Franklin was obviously good at arithmetic. Because knowledge is actually become a crucial resource in modern society. Franklin might recommend in good conscience now studying at the FH OÖ Campus Linz - as the best form of investment for your time, your commitment, your willingness to learn.

In our offer teaching and research rests on three pillars:

Social and Health Services
Nonprofit and Public Management
Medical Technologies
Within these pillars of study and research projects will be further developed and redesigned. So we can develop a clear profile and both our graduates and our academic achievements place successfully in the economy and society. With the issues of health and social services, we operate in areas with excellent future perspectives arising from the ever-growing need for professional expertise, technical and management solutions.

"People in Focus" is for us both content and action-scale.

Faculty of Management

The practical part of the FH degree course I was irritated at that time the most. The project work and the internship have paid for me: I like the job started is easy.
DI (FH) Manuel Hofer,
Leader Production & Procurement Tirol Milch
They seek a career in Management? You want to sound technical but practical study and social skills in the same study appropriate? Then a FH degree from the Faculty of Management of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Steyr is just right for you! Qualify and much more with our studies for top positions in manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing, controlling, finance. Practical - international - the future: so makes studying fun!

Bachelor's degree:

Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management
Global Sales Management
International Logistics Management
Marketing and Electronic Business
Production and Management
Health Process Management
Master's Programs:

Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management
International Marketing Management
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management

Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Sciences

We know we have a growing skills shortage in the technical field, so is the positive development at the FH Campus Wels very welcome. Austria can win the competition costs, but the talent competition!
Dr. Christoph Leitl,
President of Commerce Austria
Catfish: Career with technology and the environment
You are looking for a practical course with good job prospects? They seek a career in the technical, the technical-economic and infrastructural or in the field of environmental technology to? Then a study at the School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences in Wels right!

The job prospects with a technical studies are still very good! 9 Bachelor's and Master's studies in the seven most important future topics will be offered in Wels. practical approach (eg internship), English and social skills play in any study of a major role. Click here for the Welser Study

High quality training
Among all FH study courses Welser, the studies of over 500 personnel clerks in the FH-ranking of the "industry magazine already several times to the leading technical and environmental studies chosen in Austria.

Top Equipment
The FH-Wels Campus is one with its new building and the renovated building, FH (total investment: 50 million €) and the modern, fully equipped technical colleges.

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